South Sudan: Cultural heritages are not evils but source of wealth

Posted: February 5, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Garang Aleu Gak, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Garang Aleu Abraham, Juba, South Sudan

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February 5, 2017 (SSB) — Since time missionaries crossed the threshold of African boundaries with their approaches of rulings, being; religion, mainly Christianity, power by gun and slave trade, wars and boundaries demarcation, many African countries dropped their traditions for a love of trend and fashion.

According to many writers of an ancient tradition, Mark was the first missionary to Africa. Early Christian writers Clement and Eusebius both report that Mark preached in Alexandria, Egypt; Eusebius notes that he was martyred there.

However, Religion was a driving force during slavery epochs, and Christianity formed a major part of this, although the assertion of Evangelization was one of the justifications for enslaving Africans.

Historical reports show that Christianity and Islam played significant roles in enslavement of African people, in the northern part (Arab-controlled)Trans-Saharan slave trade helped in facilitating slave trading on the continent during period of voyages’, European Christians were witnessing  many convoys loaded with Africans slaves heading to the Middle East and then later on to Europe and America.

Some African like me are still wondering, how book of life (bible) which always empathize on sympathy, love of others like one self, forgiveness, faith and righteousness were kept together in the same package with colonial power strategy, slaves trade, tyranny and discrimination.

The objective of all these including evangelism was to confuse Africans, take away their cultures by calling them Evils, divide them into groups rather than kingdoms and installed hatred between tribes and sections.

Not only African in the continent are left without cultures, victims of the slave trade who constructed all states of America, cities in Europe and farm workers were brain washed and littered in the islands they are seriously divide in to small groups called countries without any traditions then just drug and music.

loathing of cultures and heritages sites by religion groups continue to affect historical locations like recent destruction of UNESCO World Heritage site of Timbuktu in Mali by Islamic group, this routine exercises are discouraging African from developing their own civilizations to achieve a world standard and attract more tourists.

Instated of other beautiful and educational images those were declared evil by enemies of cultures, the same missionaries who preach hatred on taboo are coming back to watch Gorillas of Congo forest, plains of Maasai Mara in Kenya to the Serengeti in Tanzania, the elephant of Okavango River delta in Botswana and any other animal kind of image that could describe African closer to mammal.

Important of cultural legacies in china

Currently, the world is working hard to improve standard of traditions and cultures for tourist attractions.

In china, around 70,000 tourist visits only one section of Great Wall in a day apart from other heritages like Forbidden City,  Zhoukoudian,  Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and  Ming Dynasty Tombs among other locations, this generates billion of RMB a day, apart from economical achievements.

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