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By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State


Mary Ayong Malual

February 7, 2017 (SSB) —- On January 4 2016, four women from Baidit took off to collect wild fruits in the bushes of Palep village of Angakuei area. At 10 Am, they were attacked by Murle armed men who left two of them dead and two others lying in critical conditions at Bor state hospital. A 67 year Mary Ayong Malual sustains 7 spear wounds on her ribs, back and throat. She explains the incident to Mach Samuel Peter at or state Hospital on Tuesday.

“The raiders came with hundred of goats. Some of them dress like women. Others put on breast holders with their hair plaited like women. In front of me they spear the chairlady of Baidit women association Nyariak Long dead on spot, when I try to run, one of them speared me through the ribs and enthusiast my neck with spear, they remove my shoes and a phone on my neck. I fall down unconscious. They also spear my neck four times, my back twice and it was a group of over 30 Murle armed men,” 67 year old Mary Ayong Malual explains in bed at Bor state hospital.



By Roger Alfred Yoron Modi, Juba, South Sudan

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February 7, 2017 (SSB) — The National Dialogue announced by President Salva Kiir as an initiative to “end violent conflicts in South Sudan, reconstitute national consensus, and save the country from disintegration and usher in a new era of peace, stability and prosperity” is misleading and not within the framework of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan ARCISS as is being purported.

Though this may sound surprising to some if not most, President Kiir has no authority to form any committee under Article 101 (j) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan TCRSS, the Article he cited in the Republican Order NO.27/2016 for the formation of the National Dialogue Steering Committee.

Under the terms of ARCISS, which ought to prevail over the TCRSS, the power to nominate, appoint and establish independent Commissions, interim and ad hoc Commissions and Committees shall and can only be exercised under:

  1. Chapter One, Article 8 (1) read together with Article 8 (1) (3) which require the President to act in consultation with the First Vice President in order to reach at mutual understanding and agreement. Or
  2. Chapter One, Article 9 (1) (3) read together with Article 9 (1) (3) (2) which give the Council of Ministers, with the agreement of two-thirds (67%) and a quorum of at least twenty-three (23) of its Members present, the authority to decide in the event of a deadlock.

Even if the government would argue that the required consultation was conducted, the fact that the President’s Order has been based on the Article101 (j) simply makes it (the Order) inconsistent with the ARCISS. In other words, a body formed based on the TRCSS, violating the very letter and spirit of the ARCISS, cannot be within the framework of the ARCISS.


By Jongkuch Jo Jongkuch, Bor, South Sudan

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February 7, 2017 (SSB) — Yes peace can be our triumph when we are all unites; I’m urging all the politicians and all youths to keep us out of war in South Sudan. We should take example of the speech by Martin Luther, “The Quest for Peace and Justice” during the Nobel Lecture.

It is necessary to love peace and sacrifice for it and we must concentrate not merely on the negative expulsion of war but on the positive affirmation of peace in our country, South Sudan.

We must see that peace represents our superiority as young nation South Sudan, peace is the only superior way to discords war. South Sudanese must transform the dynamics of power struggle from the negative arms groups.


The institution in my pocket. The misconception of owning a company in South Sudan

By Longar Mathiec Wol, Nairobi, Kenya


February 7, 2017 (SSB) — The word company in any part of the world might carry the same meaning, but when it comes to south Sudan the meaning of company popularly known locally as chirka might be different for some of the reasons not known by the public but to the company owners and the country. In south Sudan people think having accompany is being rich which is completely a misconception. Company is not a money laundering machine but to legally allow you to operate.

Therefore, what exactly is the real meaning of the company from other part of the world? Well, company is a word from companion, or group of two or more people with the same idea or ideas coming together to register business name, own and run it. People sometimes call a company as enterprise or firm. But all these names have one goals and objectives, which is the delivering of goods and services to the consumers or people. Therefore, let look at the definition of the company and how people perceive the word company in south Sudan.


By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan


February 7, 2017 (SSB) — As you followed the other parts of this article, this part four is all about the ways people get curses from the evil spirits forces. Man believes in things made by handcrafts, and the thought was either in village or in town, one may become the most powerful, foreseeing, and proclaims the unseen events to happen. The causes of curse among South Sudanese in generals, and the consequences of elimination of lives were far rooted in witchcrafts. It was believed that bad wishes do occurred in several ways. The curses came as a result of shams, and worshipping of idols.

 You may heard South Sudanese named themselves after Christian naming, but believers of those days were church goers, even until today, issues of salvation, born again, sanctification, justification, forgiveness of our sins through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross are all seen less- to be believe among South Sudanese Churches because the Church had made itself as a traditional church routine whereby people share witchcrafts and church spiritualties together outside and inside the church, and there is no problem.


Killing goes before birth

Posted: February 7, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems., Wantonly Taara

By Wantonly Taara

Killing goes before birth,

wars stands tall,

This is what Mummy told,

My tiny bones she would hold

Guiding me to modesty,


By Madhieu Thiep Madhieu, Juba, South Sudan


electrical power

February 7, 2017 (SSB) —- It is my great obligation to have this opportunity to share my piece of writing in relevant to the aforementioned issue that had dismayed and profusely discomforted me beyond description or explanation.  The core main of my article is none other than lack of government power supply in our national capital and other main cities in the country. Juba being seat of our central government has never been supplied with government hydro electric power for quiet along time.

 Majority of our civil population in the city and other towns resorted to using personal generators in their households as the only means of accessing electricity for their own commercial or private purposes. Government offices and other vital institutions operate with the help of local generators which make the city noisy causing embarrassment to international visitors.