Why is our embassy in Kenya being maligned for the disappearance of Dong Luak and Aggrey Idri?

Posted: February 10, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Kerubino kocrup, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Kerubino kocrup, Nairobi, Kenya


February 10, 2017 (SSB) — I call upon all South Sudanese across the world to dismiss SPLA- IO propaganda against the South Sudan Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya regarding the disappearance of Dong Samuel Luak and Aggrey Idri Ezbon. For the past two weeks, SPLA- IO remnants and their International organization’s cohorts have been fabricating malicious allegations that it is the South Sudan embassy responsible for the kidnapping of activists, Dong Samuel and Aggrey Idri claimed to be allied to the opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar.

I would wish to assure the public that the South Sudan Embassy in Kenya under the stewardship of our humble ambassador Chol Mawut has nothing to do with the whereabouts of the two activists.  Now it is known that the friends and relatives of the above mentioned victims have already filed a case at the Nairobi Milimani courts against suspects who have no connections with the South Sudan Embassy in Nairobi or even the Government whatsoever.

Just where does South Sudan Embassy come in here? Since the outbreak of the civil war in 2013, Riek Machar operated in the Nairobi, South Sudan embassy where he was safe and sound even protected against the wish of many of our locals. Even during this time, at no point did the Kenyan security apparatus collude with the South Sudan security to arrest, deport or harm Dr. Machar or his cohorts and staunch supporters let alone kidnap or extradite anyone of them.

The script is however different for James Gadet, a former spokesman of the SPLA- IO, who was arrested and extradited by Kenyan government, due to his own inflammatory statements that he made against the Kenyan commander of the peacekeeping forces in Juba, South Sudan, Gen. Kimani Ondiek. As a matter of fact, Kenyan commander was dismissed unlawfully and unconstitutionally by the UN’s Secretary Gen. Mr Ban Ki Moon who claimed that he had terribly failed to protect the civilians during the July fighting at J1 –State House.

That was a bad lie! The issue of the dismissal of the Kenyan General had more to do with some white (USA) aid workers that were harassed in a city hotel in juba but had nothing to do with the security of our own locals. Kenyans saw this as a serious violation to sovereignty of the Republic of Kenya and therefore, H. E, President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta had to withdraw or recall Kenyan’s forces that were part and parcel of Peacekeeping forces in South Sudan.

Someone tell me, was it the government of South Sudan that came to Kenya and arrest James James Gadet Dak and extradited him? I want SPLA- IO remnants in Nairobi to be realistic and logical while airing their statements. According the law of the land, it is very important to have facts rights or substantial evidences that can stand trial in a court of law.

Last year, H. E, President Salva Kiir Mayardit called for a National Dialogue that was meant to bring all the rebels, discontents and dissenting voices to the fold and to sit down to dialogue about the causes of war and solve them peacefully and amicably. In our country, dialogue is seen as an internal process that can help guide and facilitate the path in the subsequent discussions in South Sudan, it could be a very constructive step.

This means that the results of the dialogue cannot be conceived as the national will, as the solution to the South Sudanese’s problems, however successful it proves to be. The war is not among the factions sitting in the board room; it is with factions outside board rooms. This National dialogue is well able to bridge between the factions the board rooms as well as the nationals in towns and villages across the nation.

In conflict situations, as a leader, you must identity with the person who is farthest from you. That is why our president Gen. Kiir Mayardit went to Yei yesterday to preach the gospel of National Dialogue which brings everybody on board and this is the only way our country returns to peace, reconciliation and stability.

Quoting our late hero, Dr. john Garang de Mabior’’ the Bible says if you have a hundred sheep and one of them gets lost, you have to leave the 99 and go in search of the lost one. We all have a course to gather all our people under one roof because there is more strength in the 100 than in the 99. That is why the year 2002 was declared a year of National Dialogue, Reconciliation, peace and Unity among the Southerners.

It was the year when Dr, Garang and Dr. Riek Machar united to end the inter-tribal wars. Dr. Garang said once “If you know any group, any individual that should be included in the reconciliation, dialogue, peace and unity process, then let us know so that we can include him/ her in our baggage of ammunition against the enemy”

In conclusion, our President, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit has called upon those carrying arms and have continued fighting in South Sudan to overcome differences, listen to the voices of the wisdom and deny those who are seeking diffuse of regionalism, chauvinism, sectarianism and tribalism trends and who seek to let us down the chance to National dialogue. Especially some of the former political detainees who are in exile and Riek Machar who is suffering from a political pariah and international ostracism.

You can reach the author via his email: Kerubino kocrup <kerubino2006@yahoo.com>

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