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By SSB Staff Writer


Thomas Cirilo, SPLA deputy chief of staff for logistics, resigns from the SPLA.jpg

February 14, 2017 (SSB) — According to unverified report from The Upper Nile Times website, President Kiir is said to have compared Thomas Cirillo to Riek Machar, saying he will return just like Riek Machar defected and then returned in 2002 and 2016.

“They all went and came back during the war. Gen Thomas Cirilo will still come back” President Kiir reportedly said.

The president is further alleged to have accused leaders of other communities “of not participating in the war to liberate South Sudan and instead involve in ‘running from Jalaba and to SPLA and back”’.

“There are communities who didn’t fight the war. Some were hiding in Ethiopia others were hiding in Congo and Uganda when the rest of us were fighting Jalaba. And when they know that we are winning, they came.”



By Madhieu Thiep Madhieu, Juba, South Sudan

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February 14, 2017 (SSB) —- During our independent from Khartoum oppressive regime in 2011, the people of South Sudan were overwhelmingly happier about the birth of their own sovereign nation which they thought would be free from all forms of miseries. Citizens countrywide celebrated and welcomed the historic victory with joy and great expectations, that service would be closer to them at affordable cost. But that hope seemed to have yielded fruits for the first few years of our independent, because our South Sudanese pound was more valuable and prove stronger in the region.

 Life was so much simple those days especially for people who lack job to earn living. Survival was easily tackled without serious struggle or hardship. Markets were full of items and the prices remain manageable compare to today where prices of goods keep on skyrocketing hour after an hour and day by day. Today, Scarcity of commodities in the market and higher cost of trading have negatively affected the livelihood of ordinary people of South Sudan who heavily rely on low government pay or micro businesses.