The conspiracy and looming coup against Governor Madhang Majok of Gok State

Posted: February 20, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Puorich Marial Daljang

The White Coup and Naked Conspiracy against the Governor of Gok State will take our new State back into the hands of Disgruntle Leaders who do not Worth Trust.

By Puorich Marial Daljang, Nairobi, Kenya

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February 18, 2017 (SSB) — Taking a minute of Silence, I sincerely owed million salutations to our heroes of Gok Community alive and dead who never betrayed Dr. John Garang in the Course of struggle during those days.

To those who died in action, you deserve million appreciations and may your soul rest in peace and to those who are alive, you also deserve your portion though you are the Centre of “Chaos” and “Instability” in Gok State.

Throwing light on the looming coup against the innocent Governor of Gok State, I predicted the Political crisis that will befall H.E the Governor Madhang in one of my conversation with our Community’s members in Nairobi and this was briefly after appointing his first Cabinet.

One of my suspicions was the fact that one cannot hang a robe on his/her neck and called an enemy to trigger it knowing that he/she will never compromised you.

The reverse is true when I see the Hardliners on the Governor’s Cabinet list surrounding him and I was wondering why the Governor blindly appointed some of the disgruntle leaders who will be working day and night for his downfall? People who are ambitious to take power by crook means, people who were never interested in Madhang Majok becoming a leader since then. You are surrounded by enemies Mr. Governor!

Is the Governor not the true member of Gok Community? I am confident that he is the true son of Majok Meen Liol from Waliol Sub-Section of Jooth Mayar Community of Gok Community and whose father was martyred by Arabs. With such Confident in him and his determination to bring peace and unity to our community, can we all shout against the enemies of peace whose motto is to lead without plans or any genuine agenda to lead our people to prosperity?

Can we all shout against Hon. Daniel Awet to stop being the elder whose objective is to recommend the appointment and removal of any Governor and leave our people to determine their future?

All the controversies surrounding the current Governor are coming directly from the two camps; the first one is the cabinet camp which is full of enemies. There are Ministers in his Government who pretends to be working for the Government yet their agenda is wrong, and there are Loyalist the Men of Yes whose agenda is to make the Governor happy and win some favors.

Those are not the Ministers we want Mr. Governor and they are not fit in your team and I kindly beg to suggest to you to appoint the Ministers who are not just loyal to you but also the Cabinet who will be defending the Government in the time of Political crisis.

The second Camp is the Juba Camp; Juba is believed to be the centre of “Political Power” and every State’s Oppositions who do not have base in their respective States run to Juba to sharpen their knives.

They sharpen their knives by giving unexplained gossips to the appointing authorities and it is not just a mere gossiping but a gossip blended with Political interest.  Some of the Political deals in Juba do not work and some work as in the case of Madhang Majok whose Political deal works sometimes back and he did his Political dealings without gossip against any one. We are all witness of his Political Accounts in Juba.

In any Political set up like the case of our Governor, you cannot just seek to lead people without considering the capabilities of the potential enemies in any leadership. One of the Qualities of a leader is to be ready to face the enemies whose aim is to bring you down and to forgive when there is an equal understanding.

When I see the Governor’s enemies in his cabinet, He was working under the pretext of forgiveness and that is exactly the good quality of a leader. The Governor was able to conquer his enemies with love and forgiveness and it is too painful not to see corporation in return and protecting the Governor’s legacy.

All the sacked Ministers, All the wrong Candidates on the wrong queue who want to topple the Governor are currently residing in Juba and who at the same time do not meet any required standard to be the Governors of Gok State and Daniel Awet Akot is the witness of this move.  Gok Community is not sleeping because you will only destroy Madhang Majok in Juba and not in Cueibet.

If one succeeds in toppling him, then you will only be seeing the destruction of Gok Community because we all know that you are the agents of destruction. All our weapons on Social media will be heavily used against any trader who might be running the black games coated with darkness!

I want the re- structuring of the current Government of Madhang Majok both in the Executive arm of Government and the Legislative arm of Government.

If we need stability and strong Government of Gok State currently as a matter of urgency, I would suggest seeing the following people on board both on the active list and on the reserve list:

  1. Amon Wantok and Machuor Marial Wuol (Abiriu County)
  2. Maker Mathiang Maluk and Achien Manguek Nhiak. (Pagor County)
  3. William Manyuon Wantok and Gabriel Akot Chirong. (Tiap Tiap County)
  4. Matur Alambeny and Ustaz Kongor Deng Kongor. (Duony County)
  5. Meen Chut Pech and Peter Mabor Dheeng. (Malou Pech County)
  6. Kachuol Run Arol and Dau Dut Jok. (Cueibet County)
  7. Santino Mayek Deng and Mabil Mabil. (Chitcok County)
  8. Aguer Dut Ayol and Mario Dongrin Bol (Jooth Mayar County)
  9. Lueth Lat and Bol Aremich (Ngap County)

I would also want to recommend the replacement of the current Speaker of GSLA with an alternative competent person from the same constituency or any other constituency of Gok State.

Those are the people in my view will stabilize our State and promote peace and unity among the different communities in our state. At the same time, they will also be Finger pointing at the faces of the enemies of progress.

It is my personal opinion and it should not and never be mis-interpreted in different understandings because I am not a sycophant of the Governor Nor do I need any favor from him but I must remain the lover of peace and prosperity of our people.

This is why I am connected to the Governor in one way or another because he is the man of peace.

Twist my Article at your own risk!

The author is the current student of Political Science at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and can be reach at

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

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