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Telar and Rin aside: let’s treat the Prince accordingly! A respond to lamentation on the fall of Roman Empire! A question of loose lips!

By Sunday de John, Kampala, Uganda,


Artwork by Deng Forbes

March 5, 2017 (SSB) — “It is a responsibility of any son or daughter of Eastern Lakes State to speak the truth to the people about issues that concerns their livelihood”. “This is a revolutionary duty that must be honored and effected upon at all times”. Thank you Prince for permitting us to say the truth. Verbatim, that was the latest expression made by Prince Ater Rin Tueny when he was expressing his sentiments on the social media following the recent reshuffle of the government of Eastern Lakes State.

He was so much aggrieved by the President’s decision to remove Hon. Rin Tueny and as a result, he blasted at specific quarters, particularly his own uncle, Chief of General Staff and his deputy. Whether the government of Eastern Lakes State was a family property or not remains mind-boggling but with the outrage manifested in the Prince writing, inferencing that it was family’s wouldn’t be a lie.

The article as well explored with revelation on how a meeting was conducted for the whole day in Telar’s residence and the then attendees to the meeting were amongst others, Amb. Telar Deng, Hon. Dhieu Wël, Hon. Bor Wutchok, and Hon. Matur Chut. The latter two are beneficiaries of the decrees issued subsequent to the reshuffle. The chief conspirators according to him were his two uncles, Hon. Dhieu and Amb. Telar. That Dhieu Wël was in Juba for that purpose, remove his father from power.


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March 5, 2017 (SSB) — This is what we are going to do during our national dialogue which is looming according to my opinions if we really wants South Sudan back to where it’s was. But first, please allow me and take your time to read carefully over and over again.

We are proud that the South Sudanese National Dialogue experience has received such unprecedented international sympathy and appreciation. This prompts us to persevere in this approach and adopt it as a strategic option for the management of our political, economic, social and cultural affairs.