Telar and Rin aside: A respond to the loud lamentation on the fall of the Roman Empire!

Posted: March 5, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Sunday de John

Telar and Rin aside: let’s treat the Prince accordingly! A respond to lamentation on the fall of Roman Empire! A question of loose lips!

By Sunday de John, Kampala, Uganda,


Artwork by Deng Forbes

March 5, 2017 (SSB) — “It is a responsibility of any son or daughter of Eastern Lakes State to speak the truth to the people about issues that concerns their livelihood”. “This is a revolutionary duty that must be honored and effected upon at all times”. Thank you Prince for permitting us to say the truth. Verbatim, that was the latest expression made by Prince Ater Rin Tueny when he was expressing his sentiments on the social media following the recent reshuffle of the government of Eastern Lakes State.

He was so much aggrieved by the President’s decision to remove Hon. Rin Tueny and as a result, he blasted at specific quarters, particularly his own uncle, Chief of General Staff and his deputy. Whether the government of Eastern Lakes State was a family property or not remains mind-boggling but with the outrage manifested in the Prince writing, inferencing that it was family’s wouldn’t be a lie.

The article as well explored with revelation on how a meeting was conducted for the whole day in Telar’s residence and the then attendees to the meeting were amongst others, Amb. Telar Deng, Hon. Dhieu Wël, Hon. Bor Wutchok, and Hon. Matur Chut. The latter two are beneficiaries of the decrees issued subsequent to the reshuffle. The chief conspirators according to him were his two uncles, Hon. Dhieu and Amb. Telar. That Dhieu Wël was in Juba for that purpose, remove his father from power.

He further alleged that all his statements were truth from his J1 informants and that he was reliably informed about the conspiracy. To me, it seems, the informants are consummate liars and the informed has a notch above all in lying.

Purporting that Hon. Bor Wutchok was in Telar’s compound for a meeting on February 25th, is adequate to render null all the claims made by Prince Ater against his uncle and others. If it has rained on the prince politically, he ought to accept that change is inevitable. His political machination of Telar wants to remove Dr. Ayet Tiel is a wild guess. It holds no significant value.

However, and in actual sense, the notion was political and the prince has actually permitted us to say the truth about what went wrong and what not. In the first place, mistaking leadership of Eastern Lakes State for a Kingdom is wrong and the prince ought to be corrected on this now and permanently that Hon. Rin Tueny was our governor not our king and that leadership and democracy are not all about his negative inferences.

Watching from afar, on many occasions, he had stood as his father’s political superintendent but that looks rather unconventional and too unacceptable. So, fighting political wars with interest of establishing a Kingdom preceded by egoism are but manifestation of inherent lunacy from an upcoming youngster.

He should also note with commitment that state leadership is not on sale. It is free and thus Hon. Telar won’t gain a coin in selling his brother’s position. Moreover, it is also true that Hon. Bor Wutchok had paid not even a single coin for buying off the ex-governor.

The prince should understand that, as Hon. Rin had not paid for it, it is equally acceptable that nobody would ever pay for it. In fact, leadership is not paid for, it is acquired through hard work and discipline.

In essence, leadership reshuffle is a routine happenstance that must be honored. Hon. Rin honored it by stepping down and congratulating his colleague and perhaps he shall recalcitrantly come back like many other recycled political figures and a good example is Hon. Matur Chut.

Having Hon. Rin been removed from state leadership does stop him from getting into power now or later and thus must not be a reason why a lengthy piece be published in the name of conspiracy. Whether it is a decision of Hon. Rin, (which I think is not) to allow his truth deficit son to preside over and fight for his political wars begs answers.

His constant lying to strangers that he is a prince should be at least attenuated. What should be considered as true by those he has lied to is that, we do not have Kingdom in Yirol and Ater is a prince of his personal illusions and delusions. His arguments are offensive not only to those he referred to as conspirators but to all people of Eastern Lakes State. Positioning himself where he doesn’t belongs to is depicting a notion that he was our leader by proxy and so one must be infuriated by that ego.

In fact, through his lenses of egoism, the Prince perceives his fight for non-existing kingdom and many of his chit-chats as realities for life. Nonetheless, he didn’t realise that he wrote a bunch of rubbish. Writing rubbish in the public domain in the name of the family is awkward. Sons and daughters of Yirol that he called for mass action against Amb. Telar should now imply the vigilance because there is something amidst, a Kingdom is being established without people’s knowledge.

His writing is telling. From his nonsense, a lot of sense must be made out of it. When he mentioned that the empire was destroyed from within, it sounded realistic. The emperor, empress and prince are the destroyers. Looking for a scapegoat elsewhere is lack of sanity.  If the Prince runs for any Tom and Jerry to demand the explanations as to why the emperor is being critiqued, then his contribution remains negative ultimately.

The prince recent writing has caused furor and the consequential outcome is the public uproar. He has created misgivings. So, he ought to wake up and listen to the voice of truth on why the empire failed. I say, Lurk not. Open your ears and hear the truth. Perhaps that is what has been itching you. You may ask as to how did the emperor caused his downfall, that is what is ringing in your mind, isn’t it? Stop looking for scapegoats. Leave Telar Deng and the rest alone, add me to the list of your informants and get the truth right here in this space.

However, you know the truth but you seem to be having difficulty acknowledging it, or else you need somebody to reiterate it so as to share the blame. Dear Prince, haven’t you scrutinised the article written by Mualana Tong Kot Kuocnin Kuer on the breach of the Rule of law in Eastern Lakes state?

If so or if not so, why then are you not making a conclusion that something went wrong? Haven’t you heard the outcry in the recent past? It is the violation of the rule of law that has prompted the outcry in our state. Many times a noise has been made and in fact President Salva Kiir listens. Issues to do with the rule of law were wanting indeed in our state, and the President was aware.

There are numerous evidence that point to it as indicators of that. One such is a report dated September 16, 2016, titled: “Interference of Executive with Judicial Affairs in Eastern Lakes State, Yirol”. Addressed to the Chief Justice, judiciary of South Sudan. The report has hinted on many parameters and precisely on how the Governor was tempering with the rule of law prompting the legal fraternity in that state to seek for alternatives or else withdrawal would be effected accordingly.

Amongst the contraventions are, interference with a suite against International Medical Corps, a Non-governmental organisation in Awerial, release of the three convicts namely, Maluach Aleth Chok, Jongror Adut Mading and Lorri Akok Anhiem, the murderers of late Apuoch Adut, and formation of committees widely over the state that exhorts money from people through fines upto over 25,000 South Sudanese pounds even when cases are insignificantly unfit for attracting fines, yet competent courts exist.

Other reasons have also been cited including death of six people, one being late Pokic Madit Maker whose case had been widely circulated and whose father, family members and even distant relatives are searching for the lost justice and are for that now and later.  A torture chamber has also been mentioned, that is Baburzeed. Illegal extraction of resources has been cited. These, together with old records have filed up and should be considered as vital reasons of why Hon. Rin was removed.

Had President Salva Kiir Mayardit made explanations on why he removed the Prince’s father, the conspiracy theory would have rotted in the Prince’s throat. Ego shouldn’t just prompt one to broadly lie in the expense of his own kin and kith.

Turning the innocent population of Yirol to a wrong direction wouldn’t be accepted. Prince sentiments aren’t our concern but Yirol is entirely our concern. You cannot fix us against Hon. Telar, he has not decided to take away our leader, instead President Salva Kiir Mayardit did that for reasons he best knew. It is the President Salva Kiir that is the appointing authority.

What I have realize is that, Prince’s lips are so loose. He bloviates at will, blow his own whistle loud and clear and even for a negative purpose. The length of his tongue has surpassed the limit for truth telling. Therefore, he should be educated to know the truth and that lengthy tongue resized.

The Prince sounded like his father was removed after winning elections, nay! Again, I beg to differ. That is a mere ego. Election subjects leaders to scrutiny and hence broken families such as that one of Sultan Madit Maker Gum who was badly tortured, deprived of his wealth as his 208 cows were destroyed, son extra judicially murdered and Jueljok Aruopiny whose 200 plus cows were destroyed, sent for military training at old age and other families whose sons were extra judicially murdered, one such was Mahoijak could have as well refused to cast their votes to the prince-hood of Ater.

The Liberation struggle that is being turned into a reason of looting the weak has had its negative impact on some families.

The family of Maker Gum that has been subjected to suffering has had unsung heroes. Although dead, they are known liberators. I had seen Makur Maker with my own eyes, Majok Maker was killed few hours after he left us in Geng-Geng so as to go and confront the enemy. Mayen Amuom Gum too is perceived as a deformed person but had bullet not lodged in his head, plus many of his other brothers who perished in frontline, I say frontline, Madit wouldn’t have been a recurrent victim of lawlessness.

Not to dwell so much on death of Pokic Madit, I rest my case on this by asking the paramount Chief Madit Maker that it is imperative to seek for justice through right channels and a joint criminal case against ex Commissioner Diardit Bol and his then boss be opened such that justice is restored in Yirol. While he seeks for justice, he should acknowledge that Pan Deng Dak have no hand in the death of his son. They are innocent as the case rest with those in authority.

It is also true that those whose cows were taken, 1000 plus on developmental plan in what was known as forceful cows’ recruitment (Awechliel in Ciec and Aliab and Ithiaab in Atuot) would have as well voted against the empire.

Those cows, I even had 2 among them had never been used for anything beneficial to the public, not even a public toilet was constructed with the returns from the sales of those numerous cows. Where they have gone is a myth that the Prince can properly explain. Pointing his fingers towards Hon. Telar Deng, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, Gen. Mangar Buong Aluenge, Hon. Mabor Achol Kuer, Hon. Bor Wutchok is a mere expression of frustration but the Prince knows the truth. There is no assumption on this, it is truth and only truth.

I hope the Prince would say that Hon. Telar was the one misdirecting the emperor? Not so. The actions have the owner who believes in intimidation and not power of reason. Not to shy away from the truth, land grabbing is quite a true thing. Which land has the emperor failed to grab? Do I need to go petty? No, that is the truth.

There are so many dissenting voices subjected to subjugation and there are as well silent voices as a matter of respect but all can jointly say the truth if need be. The Prince may say, I jumped into the family’s matter but I stand to give no room to his lies. A consummate liar deserves no respect. He wants the public to say the truth. I have said it with some reserved points.

The prince should begin to learn about the rule of law, in case he happens to take the throne. More details on this would be available on demand.

I hope this finds you well, yours truly, Mr. TEETOTALER!

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  2. I’m also in disagreement with Ater pointing his finger on others. We did not just exist yesterday, we have all been here and we know that the family were having an inside problem since then. Telar do not entertain such behaviours of looting resources everywhere for living, that’s why he become victims of any circumstances surrounding removable of his father.

    Why should he be panic? Doesn’t he knows that even those whom their fathers have never been looting resources are still alive?

    I even blame you Sunday De John for calling Ater Prince, you’ve honored him in way or another and that you’re still his friend on the other side of the coin. He will be our friend in general if he dropped his idea and listen to the people.


  3. Malith Alier says:

    I agree with prince, what brought your dad in snatches him away and you have to live with.


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