What are the roles and importance of the state government in South Sudan?

Posted: March 27, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Mading Majur, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Mading Abraham Majur, Juba, South Sudan

28 governors swearing in ceremony in Juba

The swearing in ceremony of 28 governors in Juba, South Sudan, 29 Dec 2015

March 27, 2017 (SSB) — For my understanding, the role and important of the state government is the soul of the state; it implements the will of the people and to protect the people against conditions of insecurity. If state is regarded as the first conditions of educated life, it is due to the existence of a government to maintain law and order and make good life for citizens ‘possible the government is the machinery that terminates the conditions of anarchy that citizens are living in.

Government is another name for administration if we deeply analyze the view of those nihilists within and outside South Sudan government’ who wants to put an end our country. But we may make a note of of the fact that even they desire of our administration itself in some form is not universally recognized by the worldwide that as long as there are assorted of interests in this society of ours’ where our government needed some mechanism to bring about and maintain workable arrangement to keep the people of this country together.

Without proper administration, I think the people of South Sudan would be like a disorganized mass of all time disconnected atoms.

The government should well thought-out and enforces law so as to maintain the conditions of peace and security in the country. What is really needed by the citizens, is that if there is no government to maintain law and order than government must ensure that there is lawlessness which is taking South Sudan to an end (Bluntschli) as Leacock says, the mere existence of settled obedience superior force is all that is required.

Any form of despotism or tyranny which fulfils these conditions can establish a political situation just much as does’’ our government authority does not rest on all-purpose acquiescence?  We no longer appreciate the views of Plato and Aristotle that a small state is better than a big state but the small state like South Sudan have been tending to segregate and put down the lid of her inhabitants, narrow the horizon of the views and dwarf in some degrees of the proportion of people ideas.

The state is a better entity that includes all citizens of a country but this government of ours has just covers only some few individual tribes who execute the government functions on behalf of all entire citizens, hence, South Sudanese citizens may have criticism against this government but not against their own situation.

We may agitate for changing but others term it as tribal and far-reaching differences that came into being happened but personage have right to challenge if government failed in giving due and effective protection to three natural rights of the individuals relating to their life, freedom, liberty and prosperity.

However, the public opinion that South Sudanese writers contribute cannot maintain liberty and transparency in small proportions if our government only insisting the impediment to progress on this assortment situation.

Mading Abraham Majur, the author, can be reached via majur20155@gmail.com

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