My Rebuttal to Emmanuel Ariech Deng’s pugnacious screed on PaanLuel Wël

Posted: April 20, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Achier Manyuat John, Juba, South Sudan


April 20, 2017 (SSb) — First and foremost, I will not negatively rebuttal my Charlatan brother Emmanuel Ariech Deng’s diatribe false, plain joints of riddles and his illogical argument against me blatantly are nothing but a bunch of grapes meant to mislead the public about me as “a gossiper, a shenanigan, and a bravado of South Sudan”. Let me put it out clear that I did not intend to rebut your mischievous, frivolous and vexatious article as posted on your website neither will I allow you to go without giving you a proper dose of facts, which you seem to demand.

Most of your gratuitous personal attacks towards my family and me are totally biased and absurdly misplaced far from realities. However, the more I kept reading what this clearly misplaced, unmatched and incompetent ‘critique’ wrote on his website, the more some of my friends and readers motivated me to respond to your wicked riddles of trying to maliciously harm me socially.

Your dizzy screed full of fabricated and concocted lies is nothing as you seem to be envious of me making you try to tarnish my name and paint me as an evil person in the eyes of others, which doesn’t give a true reflection of my stalwart good reputation as is. I have fully diagnosed the gist of your dense article against me, and I will respond logically as opposed to your empty malignant attacks and inept psychoanalytic words.

Ariech Deng, a peddler, and slanderer with nugatory conundrum directed towards me with malicious intentions to hurt the innocent socially, which I happen to fall a victim in his daily slanderous and libel talks. I felt there would be no reasonable basis for debunking them; I would rather allow the floor open for the readers to adjudicate for themselves which of the argument carry the most weight.

Secondly, my brother Emmanuel Ariech wants to reduce me to his level of shoddy reputation which he is currently in especially, at the level of Gogerial state intellectuals in order to be seen as birds of same feathers flying in the same direction. As the saying goes and I’m quoting it to you, that, “when you fight with a pig you both get dirty but the pig likes it”. I’m not going to revile you negatively as you’d done to me simply because I still hold high respect for you as an elder brother but, I will not allow your half-baked article go unanswered to avoid misconstrue perception from other readers given that you are a learned fellow.

I can habituate all the attacks from anyone else if at all there are some elements points towards me, but the one that amused me the most is that of one self-proclaimed South Sudanese international writer Emmanuel Ariech Deng, who has reputed himself to bastion of freedom of speech in media with an intellectual quack solely focusing on tarnishing every innocent person’s name.

I happen to have fallen a victim of his unrefined and tainted “glaring lies” on negative pursuits in order to mislead the public through this respected website of PaanLuel Wël with your irksome article titled, Achier is the Champion of Shenanigans and false Bravados of South Sudan is cowardly, malicious and it attacks me with a dull substantiation of your facts which I termed previously as a total blackmail in this site of cognitive fraternity.

Your mental impotence can be easily apprehended by the readers on this respected PaanLuel Wël’s website through your flagrant and empty pillory which went as far as reaching my dad, trying to discredit the effort of a respected man, our father Manyuat Aken, who has managed to brought us up with a required informal education within him, and further took us to school to enable us acquire formal education which I strongly believe his effort has gone in vain without expected result from us. Just to let you know, I hold the highest respect for your father our great Sultan Deng’ Marialdit Ariech Wol and the entire family as a whole,  but honestly speaking, Emmanuel Ariech, you’re really a disgrace to your respected family lineage of Areich Wol in our community.

The coached and flimsy reviles towards me in peculiar terms is driven by your well-known personal character of envy and jealousy toward your own brothers and even your friends and the people around you. You have branded me as a wealthy man which I have construed as a blessing from you and if at all the Almighty God could hear your call for me to be a wealthy man, I’d be more than grateful but not at this hustling level of mind.

 Charlatan Ariech’s mediocre and sanctimonious chatting behavior has made him move out from three institutions former place of his work that is, Anti-Corruption Commission, Ministry of Interior, Department of Immigration and Passport which I strongly believe that he is no longer in service otherwise, the wicked Ariech should not have been fiercely attacking media, the forest that feeds him.

Charlatan Ariech’s unscrupulous, dubious records and longevity in office, the president has made former Chief Administrator in Office of President, Molana Mayen Wol Jong, who had happened to be a close relative to him, blocked him from the Presidency back in 2014. Department of Medical unit, which has made Charlatan Ariech be so desperate and too negative to each and every space on this earth. I will reserve myself not to expand further on this because, I still value you (Ariech) as an elder brother who deserves my respect culturally but, I strongly advise you to respect others if want to be accorded with respect to everyone else.

Charlatan Emmanuel Ariech is fighting with a reality of his personal antagonistic and anti-social behavior that has made him attain an age estimate of forty-eight (48) years without family responsibility which is a fundamental role of every man on earth as spelled out in the Bible’s book of Genesis 1:28.

Emmanuel Ariech Deng is very bitter with the first family as witnessed in his incoherent verbiage titled, Nepotism or Mediocracy: The Appointment of Gen. Gregory Vasili as a Gogerial state Governor by his in-law president Kiir all these vicious and vacuous seemed as personal attacks on an innocent man (Gregory.) Like me, it happened without reasonable ground and I invite readers to go through his above-quoted article on this website to weigh the relevance and substance of his negative and direct personal article against the then newly appointed Governor of Gogerial State. All this happened because of Charlatan Ariech’s obsession to attack every person around him. In a nutshell, Ariech is addicted in tittle-tattling others.

Thirdly, in regards to my academic credentials, you have already elucidated that I’m a lecturer at Kampala University-Juba branch. I’ll leave it to the Kampala University Administration to inform you about my academic services ratings and its students whom I have taught as well to provide you with proof if need be. The bible says in the book of Proverbs 27:2, that “Let other people praise you even strangers; never do it yourself”.

I will not allow you to drag me into a war of words to validate my academic might which you had tried to water down in your unintelligent article. Although I know that I can talk far from you academically. It sounds lampooning to me because I did all my primary, secondary and university level education in reputable institutions both in Uganda and Kenya respectively.

If I may ask for facts concerning your primary and secondary level of education brother Ariech if it is not a bunch of grapes claimed to be credible academic papers which were acquired in Yambio County through payment of sums of old Sudanese pounds to buy your way out to the private University in East Africa. I dare you to challenge my assertion on your questionable academic papers.

Writing an article doesn’t qualify you to be a learned person as you claim to the best chief of pseudo-intellectual with your robotic regurgitator on me. In my view, education goes beyond creating positive impacts in the society, and I have tried my level best to take the path of lecturing in some of the private universities in Juba as one way of giving back to the society as opposed to you who always spends most his time on Juba streets gossiping and labeling others with empty blatant lies.

Last but not least, I want to rest my case by acknowledging that I condemn your unrefined and tainted article with direct personal attacks on Hon. Governor, Gen.Gregory Deng Kuac, which I believe is the cause of our rift. It is because your articulation was not based on issues, which are affecting innocent Gogerians, but on the personality of Governor Gregory.

I also find it immaterial for you to allude that his appointment was based on his relationship with the president of the Republic of South Sudan. Gen. Gregory Deng has a right to be appointed to any public office in the Republic of South Sudan as long as he is of sound mind and has with him the capacity to deliver services to the people of South Sudan. Let me put clear you and readers that, I am not speaking on behalf of president neither Gen. Gregory Deng Kuach. My comment was based on the unprofessional part of charlatan’s article.

Thank you all.

The author is a lecturer at Kampala University-South Sudan branch, Faculty of Business and Economic and holds a Masters degree in Banking and Finance from Moi University – Kenya. You can reach him via his email address:

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

  1. Peter Makuach Manyuat says:

    Is that the right way you two brothers have chosen to settle your grievances? I hope it should not be so. We, the younger ones do not need to follow you in such a manner. Try a better way of solving your points of disagreement.


  2. its very sad that your wea attacked in such cruel manner by such apoor critic,very poor of him.


  3. Kur Wel Kur says:

    I didn’t know you’re this close, brothers to be exact! Another advice for you, my brothers: remember, words never die.


  4. Master P says:

    Why watch your dirty linen in public? If a donkey kicks you and you kick a donkey then you are both donkeys. You have exposed a lot including how poor your language is. Now we know that University of Nairobi is producing master graduates that are unable to articulate well.


    • David says:

      Stop being a negative ass hole,you should mind your fucking business,secondly if you think your knowledge of the English language is better then use it ,dumb fool,go back to your mother’s womb and start a fresh Brains aren’t everything. In fact, in your case they’re nothing. Any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidentalKeep talking – someday you’ll say something intelligent – To Master P.

      To Achier jhon that’s a good way to tackle the issue ,the guy is frustrated in life so just ignore him ,He’s the kind of a man you’d use as a blueprint to build an have brilliant English ignore these fools .thank you.


  5. Akoon Madut Akech says:

    Dear Brothers Emmanuel Areich and John Achier Manyuat,

    I have never had a thought that one day such two of Gogrial state academician giants could go hard on each other in public eyes like this.there are other better ways of resolving any misunderstanding or disagreement between the two of you than this.Thank you Emmanuel for withdrawing from such unethical debate.


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