Achier Manyuat John: The champion of shenanigans and false bravados of South Sudan

Posted: April 13, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba –South Sudan


April 13, 2017 (SSB) —- A wonderful place is always full of wonders “says the English idiom. Therefore, South Sudan a country of no shame, has allowed pretenders to smuggle their way onto the top of the stage and started playing the  helter-skelter rhapsodies to prove themselves qualified to the audience for whatever they do at due circles.

Notwithstanding John in his protracted recusal to refrain from barbaric and unconventional stratagem, it is my right and time for me (the victim) of his continued pathological tarnishing of innocent personalities to response to him in an intellectual approach. In an attempt to depreciate him and have him adjust his lengthy tongue over peoples’ reputation, he must be exposed to feel the consequences of big mouthing culture.

When I wrote an opinion piece early January 2017 about the fiasco of Gogrial Governor appointment, John was the first to meddle his nose into the matter with the Facebook Comments that reads “This article is bad and I condemn it”, I thought he could go further to compose the encountering article and divert the readers’ mind in believing what I wrote as factual as it was.

However, I waited in vain and he went head to capitalize on the story using a dirty maneuvering along with his pathetic syndicates at the closest personal company and vicinity.

Without going over all of Achier’s shenanigans that led to this writing piece of warning, it is healthy to say that while he was trying out his usual ways of acquiring wealth or making money, he actually made things much more flagrant than he should have refrained from dragging me- the untouchable writer (in international category) into questioning each other’s character which has never been my priority in this growing writing profession.

So, dear community of readership, do not be surprised of what has become of me but that is the only option left to avenge and compelled to discipline this big mouth bragger whom I have endured his negative utterances for quite long, with him not sparing little of my inbuilt compassion.

There is also something to consider as well. The innocent traditional elder Manyuat Aken thought he had successfully transformed his sons into modern world; however, he had just significantly wasted his resources on a bunch of dingbats who have persistently lied over their own previous lies in lieu of resorting to reformation. They called this kind of behaviors an immense qualification, experience and money generating.

I felt a pity on those students he teaches at Kampala University-Juba branch and wondered of what intellectual thoughts being imparted into them by an elephant in a classroom if not a monster in a lecture hall.

Let us wait with anticipation to read the rebuttal of his claimed philosophical coherency in writing- from the said master degree holder-Achier Manyuat John. If the duncery of spreading a black lie regarding PhD candidacy doesn’t stop while current qualification remains practically in doubt, then it is so surprising and counterintuitive.

So now, the readers will have a reasonable chance to judge the exchange of academic blows between a basic degree holder-Emmanuel Ariech and a master degree holder submerged by PhD Student-Achier Manyuat. But in the meantime, Manyuat John closest friends, in-laws and the cliques have still the gutsy to assist if John deserves to continue with the same bizarre or change course to tautology from this unjust status quo.

The publically sung prodigal and despicable academic achievement is just a botch of hardcopies that could be hardly proven to the watching adjudicators in both (writing and oral presentation) practicalities. As seen in this light, John’s systematic education history has remained unclear to me and many others in the serial trio of Yei, Kampala and Nairobi cities.

The guy in profuse physical fitness and shoddy body movement is an unrealistic draconian, who is yet to shamefully face the realities of living the life of pathological lying, fake claims and women-type gossiping invested in the constant miasma of shenanigans and false bravados in our impoverished generation.

In his blatant efforts to confuse and convince the quorums he hilariously gossips to and pathetically lies to, the dunderhead drastically failed to anchor any accommodation of these ill-intentioned tarnishing of other peoples’ names and characters, all emanating from Manyuat John in his invisible dirty business.

To reserve some brotherhoods, mind your business Mr.John and leave me alone because I do not condone some nonsenses tainted with palpable pre-occupation strongly smeared in blackmailing of others and barbaric manners prohibited in the latest world of twenty-first century where judgment of exceptional (s) come from others not a trumpeting duty of oneself.

To remind my profound readers and fans in case Achier risks to show up in this famous blog, I would this time elevate the level of articulation to cast some smiles at the faces of fans as you enjoy reading the second article insinuated with the Hollywood Comedian English to describe and make Achier understand that, there are unsung heroes or heroines in South Sudan too.

To rest my pen, hiring of someone else to write for you the (master degree holder) would be a laughing stock and a crime of plagiarism. Kind Regards and welcome to the podium.

The writer is a cognoscente and holds a Bachelor Degree in (Bsc-IT) Kampala Int’l University-Uganda. Extensive writer to this blog. Reach him via

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

  1. Machar Joseph says:

    Hahahaha! Ustaz! The guy is a real preteder & gossiper. I knew him NBI!


  2. Kur Wel Kur says:

    My dear brother: Emmanuel, let this piece be your last regardless of any rebuttal. With your articulation in writing, you deserve a platform to entertain, to educate, and to elevate the multitudes. So, my younger brother, be bold to make a difference by steering away from these types of debates.

    Yrs. Kur Wel Kur


  3. Deng Santino says:

    Emmanuel! We have known u for along time, as one of the highest integrity. Let this guy not full you into this kind of debate. The advice of Mr. Kur Wel Kur is enough and I concured with him. If u compose again even a hundred words the guy will be a gone case. Please! Do not write again i beg u Ustaz!


  4. Emmanuel Ariech says:

    @ Kur Wel Kur & Deng Santino!
    I will take note of your golden concerns while vigilant of what decision Mr.Achier Will take. I am fully prepared to respond but not prepared to rebut if it is cheap writings. Many thanks for your intervention!

    Emmanuel Ariech


    • Kur Wel Kur says:

      Thanks, brother.


    • Awer Gabriel says:

      On behave of Manyuat Akeen Achuil ,i would like to educate this self calmed writer Emmanuel Ariech that my great father Manyuat Akeen Achuil is most adorable and respected man in our community of which you have no ground to talk about is great decision to educate us and we are well brought up with good manners and responsible behaviors,coming to my brother side is great man which you Emmanuel Ariech you known, Achier john took his time for studies and build strongest foundation in education , he finished primary and high school in Uganda and records are there in all institutions so if you have doubts unlike which I have no clear information about your education background,Achier John has taken millions times to build is great reputation and responsible man of your generation only wrong misdeeds like you in community with aim of destroying someone reputation but never ever things of that because the world knows the truth we hold high respect in our community,and according to me I met you in Kampala street always labelling people education background of which your level of Education is questionable from s3 certificate to private Univsity knows as Kampala international Univsity with forged certificate of south Sudan in yambio ,Emmanuel Ariech learn to be responsible man in fact you are aged enough to educate us with good reasoning than showing us bad path,stop roaming in all streets since Kampala to juba with that bag of yours full of wrong ideas,I will stop here and my advice for you is that stop this behavior because it doesn’t suit your age and reforms .thanks


  5. You need to stop that since there is nothing you get out from brothers. Reconciliation is important if there is a problem.


  6. Manyang M. David says:

    You just agree that you are defeated Mr. ACHIER! Given your qualification, you are not supposed to say ” I am not going to rebuttal” rather, I am not going to rebut or alternatively, “I am not going to write a rebuttal” then call him Mr. Charlatanic Emmmanuel Ariech not Mr.charlatan Emmanuel Ariech!. You also wrote a hell of shits on your facebook page! Please! Quit it without more damage on you.


    • Thanks you manyang ,your comment has impressed to rebuttal AriechDeng’s pugnacious article.Now the floor is open your commentators to adjudictate for yourselves.


    • Thanks you, my brother manyang for your concern.your comment has impressed me to debuk Charatan Emmanuel Ariech Deng’s pugnacious and misplaced article against me. I had also questioned his dubious academic background with his pseudo-intellectual quack.He fighting with the realties of his personal behaviour.thanks you once more.


  7. […] Achier Manyuat John: The champion of shenanigans and false bravados of South Sudan […]


  8. mr emma i last saw you in kampala , afew years back in the company of opinion leaders that used to enjoy black tea , bananas and all lavish life styles around kampala hotels i would like to cast the degree of words attacking the personality of john achier to apersonal vendatta u may have on john ,you words only showcase hatred ,anger,backwardness that dont quallify the quality of your character, you focus would be acritic but not moron kind of because if john made any untrue statements against you that infringe on your rights i would advice you too either resort to courts of law or reconsider inquiring from him because i suppose those are allegations unless you have clear evidence with i suppose u dont have in otherwards aclever man wuold have tabled the evidence in is article to add on john achier is one of the few south sudanese that i took chance to look through there academic credentials , this aman attended PLE-uganda with 1st grade, he attended UCE-scoring 1st grade he also acquired UACE with four principal passes. in otherwards hate can never be held its either released or destroyed.. be proud of john him!! is one of your own.
    emmma dont be like apoor worksman who blames is tools.

    kaweesa hope mulangira
    democratic party, uyd leader in mukono north
    Whatsapp +256779902434


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