No Evacuation order by Governor Gregory Deng of Gogrial state

Posted: April 20, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

By Madol Madol Aguer, Press Secretary

Gogrial state

April 20, 2017 (SSB) — The office of the governor of Gogrial state do hereby releasing this press statement to inform  the state citizens and the friends of the state that the allegation leveled by some disgruntle youth who forged and use the name of Agouk Kuei youth association’s name is baseless, groundless and unfortunate misconduct.

No evaluation of Aguok community being issue by the honorable governor of the state to leave Ameth and Malual Awien river side instead the governor have ordered the law enforcement agencies who are stationed there because of the previous conflict between Apuk and Aguok not to allow whoever with gun and is not an army or organizes forces personnel in the area.

The governor has asked the stationed police to shot whoever does not compile with this order as measures of curving the conflict and anybody changing this order mean is the cause of the conflict between the sisterly communities and can be deal with because this conflict must come into an end.

Therefore, if the letter published on 19/04/2017 in the dawn newspaper was written by Aguok kuei youth association in Juba, which the office of the governor do not believe to be from the right youth of Aguok community, then there is no future for Gogrial state youth in Juba and this is very unfortunate to see the leaders of tomorrow changing the meaning of the governor order which meant to reduce conflict being taken negatively.

The office of the governor of Gogrial state is also disputing the allegations level on Hon. Gregory Deng Kuaac  that the governor have dismiss the civil servants, the allegation  bear no ground, rumor and grapevine. This untrue and I can term it as baseless, groundless and unfortunate allegation mean to jeopardize the unity of Gogrial state.

Therefore the office of the governor is releasing this statement to inform the general public and those critics that there is no anyone being dismissed as civil servant in the state unless if those persons fall under ministerial portfolio, therefore, this is the misleading statement from enemies of peace to the governor and is to be disregarded immediately because there is no reason for the dismissal of the civil servants.

Since the critics are criticizing the governor without proper reason/ aimlessly, the office of the governor also dismissed the nepotism criticism that the governor was appointed because he is the brother-in-law to the president, General Gregory did not rose to the highest military ranks because of president but because of his ability and capability in the military operations and he was not criticizes on that, why and what is the problem if he is appointed as governor since he is even qualified for other positions leave alone governorship.

Those critics should know that his appointment was people’s request, demand and many communities of Gogrial state recommended him to the president that lead to his appointment.

The office of the governor wishes to ask those critics to constrictively criticize on something that may benefit the state because no one is 101% prefect. If there is weakness in the office of the governor that weakness could be an opportunities if presented constrictively and can improve the governor as a person and Gogrial in general. But those with destructive criticism are enemies of the peace and Hon. Gregory will have no time for those barking because of their personal interests.

In nutshell, the community of Aguok and Aguok kuei youth association wherever they are base do not have any differences with the office of the governor nor the state government. Therefore, these disgruntle group who are used by enemies of peace, and those politicians which their agenda is instability of the state must stop using the future leaders of this great nation.

Madol Madol Aguer, Press secretary

Office of the governor, Gogrial State; 0922202023

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