Mama Rebecca Nyandeng should accept to join the National Dialogue Committee

Posted: April 26, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Reech Mayen

By Samuel Reech Mayen, Juba, South Sudan

Mama Nyandeng Crying after the warring parties failed to sign the final peace accord

Mama Nyandeng Crying after the warring parties failed to sign the final peace accord

April 26, 2017 (SSB) — Sincerely speaking, there are good reasons why Honourable Nyandeng De Mabior can reject the presidential surprise decree appointing her into the National Dialogue Committee. One of the reasons is if she has not been consulted by H.E the President. However, there are heavier reasons as to why she should accept the unexpected appointment.

Firstly, it’s a noble indication of honouring, recognizing and trusting the positive influence she can play in reviving peace in the country. Already, the members of the National Dialogue committee are icons who have served this nation in one way or another. H.E Abel Alier, Joseph Laggu and the rests are people of high integrity who have only been resorted to rescue the dying trust amongst the citizens. Appointing Mama Nyandeng to join them in resuscitating hope is a good move in recognizing Garangs’ roles in the national building.

Secondly, President Kiir has unilaterally decided to drop grudges he has against Mama Nyandeng, Gospel according to Matthew quotes Jesus as saying ‘reconcile with your enemy before you make any offering to God.’ In this case, Kiir has decided to use National Dialogue as a mean of pacifying his relation with Mama Nyandeng. Since the President has freed his mind from the stress of political differences, with the same spirit of altruism, Mama Rebecca is also expected to accept reconciliation for the betterment of the country.

Thirdly, the role of the National Dialogue is not meant to elongate Kiir’s rule. It’s rather a short cut towards creating conducive atmosphere after which South Sudanese will decide who to trust for the supreme office of the country. Moreover, citizens badly warn peace and reconciliation so as to revive their economic activities.

If Mama Rebecca joins the National Dialogue and it succeeds, the credit shall automatically go to the members of this noble committee and of course the government for initiating the program. But if the objectives fail, the blame will purely rest on the government for the selected members cannot let down the country– this is undeniable fact.

Fourthly, Mama Nyandeng is a politician. Political matters are approached politically. As a leader, she can not back away from speaking to the citizens of the nation she sacrificed her time and energies to fight for its liberation. Moreover, she lost numerous relatives for liberation and she should do what is in her disposal so that the fruits of the huge sacrifice are realized.

Politicians are influential public speakers and they enjoy associating with their citizens no matter who asks them to do the talk. In logical sense, influential leaders are asset to a nation as long as their influences are used beneficially. Thus it’s time for these traits in her to be exploited for peace purposes.

Fifthly, having taken fairly neutral role and stayed outside the country in the course of the current conflict, Mama Nyandeng had enough time to meditate on the national matters. Therefore, she has clear views of how peace can be achieved through Dialogue. She knows the important of inclusive Dialogue for she has engaged her mind and tried to approach regional leaders on how to address South Sudan conflict. Peace cannot be achieved if some leaders are excluded from the Dialogue. Mama Rebecca will thus push for the inclusive dialogue.

Sixthly, Mama Nyandeng is a mother of this nation.  Citizens expect from her the love and care of a mother who can do anything to save her child. In the current state of South Sudan affairs, people are in despair, uncertainty and hopelessness. Though she may have justifiable reasons to reject the appointment, those women under the trees in the bushes of Upper Nile want her to revive peace for them to go back to their cattle-barns.

Those SPLA soldiers who have never gone back to see their parents since the beginning of the war believe Nyandengdit has something positive to offer for the country. Those starving kids in the streets of the towns across the country have faith in her that she can rescue lives.

Seventhly, the current conflict has created distrust, suspicions and widened the gaps between the communities of South Sudan. Each community stands with their leaders. This makes politicians who come from other communities to be viewed with contempt and hatred. Mama Nyandeng is not exceptional in this case.

But this noble role of rebuilding trust amongst the populace will return her into the national podium. If she participates, her reputation which is being tarnished by individuals with selfish interest will be revived.

However, prior to all, our President is expected to sit, discuss it over with Mama Rebecca Nyandeng and assure her of reputational protections. A lot of trashes have been uttered against her but if this appointment is genuine, thus President Kiir needs to tell those chaotic supporters to stop these delusional accusations against her.

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