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By Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii (PhD), Juba, South Sudan

After this greedy and suspicious orders of Devaluation of currency and Nationalization of jobs market by the novices of the government of South Sudan, this beautiful and precious South Sudanese Pound will turn into a Zim Dollar!

April 26, 2017 (SSB) —- When we choose the path of corruption looting public funds like no man business was it USD dollar driving us? When we choose war the most expensive business in expenses of lucrative business of peace which is less costly did USD dollar signed us that deal

It wasn’t USD Dollar preventing us to cultivate our fertile land in order to get the produce but instead we were playing cards, Dominos and gossiping only waiting for food and drinks from where we did not sweat. It wasn’t USD dollar that prevents us /our leaders in services delivery like hospitals, schools, roads, water and electricity when there was enough of from 2005 up to 2013 before December crises.

As if that was not enough, was it USD dollar that keeps increasing prices at slightest increase of dollar and ignoring of price reduction when the USD dollar rate lowers but instead luck of monitoring mechanism from the concern authorities

It wasn’t USD dollar preventing our people from being shopkeepers instead of Durfarians, Somalians, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Ugandans and Chinese etc who need only hard currency back home and hence the price of commodities is directly proportional to their demand of dollar which explains its exponential   rise

It wasn’t USD dollar that silence the minister of finance  and the president or the parliament in addressing the root cause of economic crises and the remedies to it, when hundred thousand if not millions sees sun rises and falls on empty stomachs, cursing why in the first place did the offer their loves ones up to 2.5 millions in that long struggle of 21 years and above all voted overwhelmingly for separation to be the first class citizens in their own country but instead they  become  the first class citizens in their own graves  in their own Country brought about by their own sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.

Yes change has come for us and our government, to change our ways of doing business that brought us thus far, if only we can desist from evils as people and choose the rightful path for instance it may take government less expenses in addressing the root cause of hiking prices than deploying hundred of tanks because in the first place what is happening to the citizens is not the war that need bullet  to be remove from the stomach but instead need the bolus of food  to descend along the GIT tract in order to address  the hunger

In conclusion, our real problem is when we failed to learn from what we had laid by ourselves that brought us successfully to our desired destiny as the saying goes ‘’lay the bed and sleep on it’’ but instead of blaming the speechless paper known as USD dollar for our very fault, yes it had brought us to a point where the word change cannot be change but accept the change as it is so that we come out transformed as change people for a better change

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