South Sudan should not squander the $106 million loan from the World Bank and IMF

Posted: April 27, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Awuol Gabriel Arok, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

“A hunter is rewarded according to his bravery”

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan



April 27, 2017 (SSB) — Irrefutably, an empty stomach is the house of abnormality, the current economic war-hit has infused thorny vessels into the heart of many South Sudanese to the scope of toning down their best known moral fiber; sharing is almost becoming nonconforming affair among the South Sudanese, families responsibilities are deficient distorted and surprisingly a lot of strange behaviors have sprang up, things like open robberies, direct cheating and massive aggressiveness are currently the present day hobbies.

Though swallowed up in a smoke of hardship people of South Sudan are eyeballing positive promises from the Finance Minister Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, since his appointment into the country money docket he had authorized series of optimistic orders and directives, though his colossal efforts have been consumed up by the huge economic gap that has been blasted open by the country’s conflict and public malpractices. Hon. Dhieu is still the only hope for our economic recovery.

Those who love history of transformation can peek into Hon. Dhieu Dau’s diary of reformatory records and advancement within the Ministry of Finance and in the Economic corridors. Without vacillation and doubt the country economic breathing pores are almost blocked and the country ability to breathe and walk is lying on anyone who will find the king’s ring and act according to the king wish.

There was once a young man who was very poor, his father had a very small farm and he had not been to school. So he decided one day to leave the village, because a man who sits under a tree for too long will have the birds’ jumbles on his head.

He wandered from town to town, and at the end of his wandering he came to a place where the king’s bell-ringer was going around making an announcement “The King of this town has lost a valuable ring, and has promised a rich reward to anyone who can bring it back.” It so happened that on this day the young man’s bad luck came to an end; he found the king’s ring lying in the dust just at some yards away from his feet.

Overtaken by joy, he Happily ran off to the king’s palace to claim his reward, but as he tried to enter the beautiful and heavy guarded palace the gate-keeper said, “no one may pass this gate unless he talk better to me “Then the young man said, “I have no money at all, but I have found the King’s ring, so you must let me pass”  The gate-keeper replied, “what use is the king’s ring to you if the king never knows that you found it? Give me something, or you will not enter” Then the young man said, “Truly, I have no money at all, but if you let me pass I promise you half of the reward the king will give me” The gate-keeper was happy at that and he let him in.

The young man crossed the yard, but as he arrived at the King’s house the door-keeper barred his way again and demanded his share of his reward as well. The young man explained again to him that he had no money, but promised him also a half of the reward.

When the King saw that the ring had been found, he was very happy and said to the young man, “what do you want as a reward? Choose, and it shall be yours.”

Then the young man quickly answered, “All I want is one hundred strokes of the cane.” The King was very surprised at this strange answer, and said, “Why should I punish you when you have done no wrong?”  But when the young man told his story thing went according to the news, the King called the gate-keeper and the door-keeper and said to them, “Is it true that this young man has promised you each half of his reward?”  The gate-keeper and the door-keeper were afraid, and all they were able to say was “Yes sir! Yes sir!

Then the King laughed and said, “Every day is for the crook, but one day is for the deceived, “the reward the young man has asked for is one hundred strokes of the cane, so each of you is going to receive his share of 50 strokes as he promised” with that he had them whipped until they crawled home with their bleeding buttocks.

Then he returned to the young man and said, “Well, you have received your reward for finding my ring, now I am going to reward you for catching out my crooked servants” And he sent him home with rich gifts.

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