Tonj South Community in Nairobi Kenya Mourned Mayik Deng Mayik

Posted: April 28, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

Press statement by Uru Agei Dut, Nairobi, Kenya

April 28, 2017 (SSB) — Tonj South community in Nairobi Kenya under the leadership of Mathew Dhal Gor Dhal, mourned Mayik Deng Mayik. He was sick and unfortunately he passed away this Thursday while under medications in Coptic hospital, Nairobi Kenya.

Mayik Deng Mayik departure came about after short illness that he was treating in Cairo, Egypt and recently to Nairobi, Kenya under referral that was said to be in simple condition according to cardiovascular of Nairobi hospital Dr. Adwork.

In every physician statements, Mayik Deng Mayik, doesn’t have any suffering. He just lack blood and in case of any remedy done, he may just walk fine, as he was to resumes his wellness and occupation he was assigned to as a secretary in the office of commissioner of Tonj South County.

We the community members of central Tonj in Nairobi Kenya, hereby pass our message of condolences to good people of entire Tonj South County particularly the close relatives, friends, in-laws, commissioners for such event that affect us all. In togetherness, we join the family of Mayik Deng Mayik in prayers today most especially when we remember our different labels of interactions with Mayik Deng Mayik.

He was a patriotic youth that love seeing prosperity in the Country that was fought and won whole heartly, South Sudan, a trend that, enable him a position in the school of social sciences at Juba University. Those who were with in the dreams career said, he was admirer of liberty in South Sudan, especially the work of late William Deng Nhial a SANU leader.

Word of thanks and appreciations be to the leadership of Tonj South County under Mathew Dhal Gor Dhal as well as Emmanuel Akook Malek for good administrations at this trying moment in South Sudan. Thanks also be to our sisters for the supervisory roles the play in hospital. Thanks also be to commissioner of Tonj South as well as Tonj mayor for togetherness in many phones calls. We remind united in prayers in support of our brother Mayik Deng Mayik as well as his family. Our collective condolences be to his family members. May God rest in peace, Amen.

Uru Agei Dut on behalves of Tonj South Community Association in Nairobi Kenya, he can be contacted via,

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