Juba Eye: Sunnyman, Sevena and AMac are talented musicians of South Sudan

Posted: May 27, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Ngueny Bior, Juba, South Sudan


Sunnyman Soars Into heights of Music industry: The Originality Fuels His Music

May 26, 2017 (SSB) —  Dear Readers, a useless and a drowning man’s attempt to save his dear life was seen floating on the social media guru, FACEBOOK when Juba eye released articles with non-existent gossips on the trios: Sunnyman, Sevena and Amac Don. This’s a total and a shameful desperation for attention; Juba eye’s malicious gossips on the trios are acts of character assassination. The Juba eye is trying so hard to garner for itself some few followers.

So, my great readers of this magnificent Website, there’s no need for me to address each point in the disgraceful and baseless articles. I will just dive into the hearts of the possible suspects who made the talented Sunnyman, Sevena and Amac Don the focal points of Juba eye. With these ill-mannered articles, three possible suspects came to light.

Suspect 1: The trusted source as Juba eye claimed could be one of the fallen competitors in the South Sudanese music industry. Just in a span of two years, the trios have crippled many musicians, the wannabes. These crawling and trailing artists could be the ones spreading lies to soil the amazing vocal giants. These jealous, untalented freaks can’t even swallow their prides and ask the kings (Sunnyman, Sevena and Amac Don) for help. So, they resort to the troglodytic gossips; and then a fame-hungry page picked them (lies, rumours and gossips) up without the slightest of hesitation and doubt. It’s the highest shame, Juba eye!

Suspect 2: could be one of the ungrateful sons whose fathers are looting national resources in Juba.  Your fathers and uncles with their mediocre minds, assassinated the best brains, thinking their dim lights would get the attention of the world; however, without geniuses to save their stupid and corrupted souls, your ungrateful fathers’ permanent place is hell with nothing else that works. Your fathers coil in the face of excellence like a scared millipede; twelve years later without any development and peace, they coy like shy small babies and so do you. Like fathers like sons. So, you notice these trios doing great and thriving in excellence of their talents, you fade into the background to back-stab them with venom of your baseless gossips.

Idiots, you have a lot to gossip in Juba: No roads, no schools, no hospitals, no large scale farming and the economy is in an intensive care. Man, shame on you with your ungrateful uncles who are sticking their heads in the national resources without checking their rear views. You’re not good at anything so leave these musicians alone; they’re carrying heavy roles of teaching Dinka’s kids in Australia and wherever South Sudanese are, the usefulness of one’s own mother tongue.

Suspect 3: could be Juba eye manufacturing unfounded lies and gossips by itself and for its own benefit. Then a writer with unseasoned writing skills wrote the articles. This disgraceful and evil writer is now sitting in the dark corner, shivering with an anxiety of clicking to check how many people have liked his degrading articles. Facebook’s LIKES have become like black diamonds. Many, among which Juba eye isn’t exceptional are killing or twisting situations to harvest LIKES and SHARES from their followers.  In Juba eye’s own words, the desperation for LIKES and new followers is unmistakably obvious when this call-to-action appears at the bottom of every desperate article: “Please follow and like us on: twitter, Facebook and G+1.”

For your information Knuckleheads, spreading lies, insults, rumours and gossips about someone on internet is cyber-bullying. It’s a serious crime, but to you in Juba, a city where criminals are financed to make deals on behalf of their illiterate uncles and fathers, cyber-bullying isn’t a crime. If you want to go into this path, path of tarnishing other people’s characters, then expect the worse. In your useless article about Sunnyman, you wrote that Sunnyman can’t afford his own accommodation, but I tell now that he can pay a black hat hacker to deface your stupid website.

However, he can’t waste his precious time to go after a scavenger. He’s a role model; he has thousands of fans through his hard work. Unlike you who acquired fans by sinking your fangs into others’ necks, sucking bloods of the talented and innocent people like vampires.

To finish with article, I would like to show you and readers how leaders behave. These trios are leaders because these are some of their responses to your childish accusations:

Sunnyman Wech Kelei wrote this on his Facebook page:

“Hello bro Biorman Bar

Didn’t you know bra? hahahahah they finally got me all this time i thought i won’t worth it as south Sudanese Musician, man i use to dream of when they gonna to put me on Juba eye or Hot in Juba  plus i was told just to win an award in south Sudan i have to sent money to them i understand the boys down here in Australia  sent money to bribe judges to win

Congratulation to Mony Akol Yin”

Amac Don had to this on his Facebook page:

“M Y    C O M F O R T    Z O N E should never be your ultimate Nightmare 🤗. Blessings means being humble and thrilling at the same time…”

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