President-elect: Message of Appreciation for Twic East Community in Canada

Posted: May 31, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Letters, Press Release

Twic East Community in the USA

Twic East Community in the USA

May 30, 2017 (SSB) — I would like to take this great moment of celebratory to register my vote of thanks and appreciations to Twic East Community in general and in particular my supporters for their hard works to secure a landslide victory in an election that took place on May 20, 2017, Calgary Canada.

It becomes clearer that “landslide victory” was decisive and inclusive trust given to me by the people of Twic East Community in Canada to lead their exceptional community full with unique values and strengths. Given the trust accorded to me, the ball is on my court to ensure that your trusts and confident are guarded and guided to the best of your expectations.

It means listening, respecting and working together to translate my platform campaign into community’s programs to engage everyone for the good of our community.  It would also means steering a community toward common interests by protecting community from externally forces of revengeful and smearing campaign directed against Twic community integrity back home and Diasporas.

Indeed, I am indebted to all of you for giving me an opportunity to lead your community and I pledged that I will remain your servant; protector and defender as I always stance guard for Twic Community’s respect and reputation.

I would also want to take this moment to thanks other contestants for taking up the challenge of competing for the leadership position. I have a great respect for all of you for running a healthy and friendly campaign which enriched democracy and ensured Twic community’s values. These values are exhibited everywhere!

Example, when President of South Sudan divided the nation in 28 states, it was Twic community in Juba that conducted a fair and transparent election that led to nomination of current Jongeli State governor. That example and many other are unique values of Twic community that were displayed during our election campaigned.

My fellow brothers and sisters, elections; by its nature produce winners and losers. Today is my day and tomorrow will be yours. Let remains loyal to our community.  We are all Twic community members and your participations and ideas will still make a difference in our community.

You are all potential leaders and I would encourage each and every one of you to keep up the momentum. I am very certain that when time comes you will serve this community. It was a great opportunity to share the podium with you. Let put behind the election era and move forward our community to the next level where each and every one of you was hoping and aiming for!

On the same token, I wanted to thanks electoral committee and City’s representatives for their tireless works. You have shown strong leadership integrity which will be built upon by our community in future elections.

I would like to acknowledge the overwhelming congratulatory messages that I received from Twic East Communities leadership around the world. Thank you! I will repeat that I will work with all of you closely to make a difference in our community.

I wanted to be consistent as much as possible that 90% of my work will be in Canada because a diaspora success is a key to development back home. For more details about my platform campaign, please read it here:

I would like to give thanks to my family; my wife Madam Asunta Ashor (Nyanbany) and my children; Ayak and Anok for allowing me to serve their beloved Twic East Community. I am glad that they are on board.

I would like to make a point that celebrating an election victory is a moral boost to mark the beginning of real journey of what I was elected for! I look forward to work with all of you and thanks for giving me an opportunity to lead your community!

Stay blessed,

Deng De Tiordit De Deng

President-Elect, Twic Community Association of Canada

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  1. Daniel Yuot says:

    Congratulations Deng De Tioordit for your successful landslide winning the presidency of our Kongor Community in Canada. I was quite sure that you will make it.
    Daniel Yuot Ajangdit De Yuot.


  2. You are my inspiration, I have ffew web logs and sometimes run out from post


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