The Role of Women in National Dialogue and Nation Building in South Sudan

Posted: June 5, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Kocrup Makuach, Nairobi, Kenya

Bedsheet Making: A lucrative business for the struggling refugee women in Nakuru, Kenya

Bedsheet Making: A lucrative business for the struggling refugee women in Nakuru, Kenya

June 5, 2017 (SSB) — It’s worrying to realize that the recently promulgated South Sudan National Dialogue by H. Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit, seems to have denied women the 25% representation as constituently granted by the constitution.  Our constitution clearly recognizes the place of women in national matter as this and as such the National dialogue team in my opinion falls below per in so far as realizing that particular right.

Since the inception of SPLM/ A, women fought tirelessly and relentlessly to liberate our country from the yoke of Arab monolith state. The huge contributions of women in terms logistical support and man power were clearly witnessed during the war that culminated to the referendum and hence the birth of our new nation South Sudan.

It remains fondly recorded in our history the role of the (Katif-abanat) battalions in which preponderance of them were killed in action in frontline. SPLM/A had a good number of women senior commanders who led this battalions, notably, our late heroine, Ager Gum and her fellow women who took up arms against the oppressive Khartoum’s regime.

During the plebiscite in the Sudan, women voted overwhelmingly which resulted to the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan. I believe that the hope of any nation and the key to it,s victories squirrely lies in the hands of women. It is on the side of a woman, sister, or companion that each one of us finds a burst of honor and dignity.

The greatest Kingdoms especially those recorded in the Bible were founded by the efforts of women. Case in Point, the ruler ship of King David in the bible verses that of King Saul. It is the women that went about praising Him (King David) of killing tens of thousands yet he had only slain hundreds. That sent about ripples of fear to other Kingdoms and thus winning over them.

The role of women in any nation cannot be under estimated. I therefore wish to appeal to our President, Salva Kiir and the entire National Dialogue steering committee to consider women’s roles there in. This has the potential to put to an end this vicious war through their noble contributions so that our country can realize peace and stability.

During the outbreak of December violence in 2013, women were mostly affected in the conflict because the vast majority of them were indiscriminately killed and raped along the roads. Could our society be any less perverse that this when it systematically places burdens on women, keeps them away from anything that is supposed to be serious and of consequence, and excludes them from anything other than the most petty and minor activities.

I believe that it’s about time we involve our women in all the battles we wage against the various shackles of neocolonial society in order to build a new society. They ought to be involved – at all levels in conceiving projects, making decisions, and implementing them.  We must consider them in organizing the life of the nation as a whole. The final goal of this great undertaking is to build a free and prosperous society in which women will be equal to men in all spheres.

The question of women’s equality must be in the minds of all decision makers, at all times, and in all the different phases of conceiving and executing plans for development. Conceiving a development project without the participation of women is like using only four fingers when you have ten. It’s simply an invitation to failure!

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