Paul Malong, Dutku Beny, Mathiang-Anyoor and the Collapse of Konkoc Conference

Posted: June 8, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Elbow Chuol, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Elbow Chuol, Kampala, Uganda

paul malong

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

June 8, 2017 (SSB) — Six men were seen hurriedly moving through Juba-parliamentary road. Three B6s stopped by and a cloud of gathering people chant through the gate of J1 in hurry. Ateny Wek Ateny the mouthpiece of J1 in his unfamiliar baggy suit looking whimsical quickly removed his sunglass to identify the unwanted quests among the honorable invited Konkoc consultation delegate.

The conference’s main delegate were widely selected from the most important institutions of Greater Bar el Gazel region. The leaders of Dutku Beny (Warrap), representative of Gelweng (Lakes State), and the uppermost Mathiananyoor elites from Aweil top the consultation committee. Other Dinka sub-clans were chosen bizarrely based on merit and loyalty. Interest groups like Jieng Council of Elders were not all invited; the conference was aggressively very exclusive.

The two days Konkoc conference in J1 which took place from (16th to 17th of May) collapsed because the whole theatre failed to adopt or rather embrace the spirit of inclusiveness.  Akol Koor turned into Koor (bear) as some of the powerful sons of Dinka sub clan of Rek (where Malong comes from) begins to mysteriously fade like mist or may be “swallow up by J1 Koor (bear)”.

Despite the massive engagement from sub-clans of Jieng to calms the situation down. If history didn’t recorded anything about entrenched traumatic interest, the likes of late George Athor and Keribuno Kuanyin would had died a natural death not killed. There is no Konkoc in military rule and that is why the last month’s Konkoc conference unexpectedly collapsed.

For those who are not aware Dutku Beny, Mathiananyoor and Gelweng are the most powerful terrorist militias in the entire South Sudan purposely sponsored by the Juba regime. They were the military power house behind Malong’s raise to fame.

Juba’s forced demanding of Malong to go to Germany for medical checkup as opposed to Jordan is the next widely circulating news in Juba weeks ago. Do not forget that Paul Malong’s currently whereabouts remains unknown-speculators claims that the man is inaudibly enjoying his forceful retirement at his home in Tongping. He wasn’t seen anywhere during the last month’s 18th of May celebration-an indication that the Konkoc consultation dramatically was fruitless and severely shaken by unknown forces of different groups with fantasized categorized interests.

For the past 12 years (2005-2016), South Sudanese are used to celebrate 16th of May as the day the SPLM/A was founded by the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior and his colleagues, some are still much alive but contributing nothing to the nation’s proper establishment.

But something strangely begun to takes place of recent. Salva Kiir continues to skips the day from 16th to 18th for the last 6 years not explaining the peculiar circumstance behind this development. Since many South Sudanese are not aware let me tell you the truth. Face it, 18th of May 1983 was the day the current Juba regime leader, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit joined the movement.

Gradually it is an alteration of history as South Sudanese are terrified of Kiir through his decrees. May 16th is aggressively changed to 18th of May and the guardian to the historic party, SPLM/A comrades are doing nothing but jumping up praising the unexpected Salva Kiir leadership. Some of us are yet to realized Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the man who led South Sudanese into an independence South Sudan will never change our country for better rather shrinking it for worse.

They wouldn’t dared questioned anything even when the most historic events in our nation are being changed regularly. Sorry I never joined in celebrations of the day for my own personal reasons. Salva Kiir held the nation hostage because of his personal grudges with late SPLM/A founder, Dr. John Garang de Mabior. A legacy he wish to destroy on all account no matter what it take. You people still don’t understand the motive of an entrenched traumatic interest.

During the celebration of May 18th the day the SPLM/A was founded by Salva Kiir, the terrified public just looked at awe like North Korean generals horrified by Kim Jung’s aggressive demand for loyalty. No one want to see the truth because all eyes are wreaked by fear-fear from nothing. Most interestingly, former SPLA Chief of staff is nowhere to be seen on 18th of May, the new SPLM/A day.

I am just letting you know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I don’t remember when the May 16th was celebrated in South Sudan without being shift to 18th of May the day Salva Kiir joined the liberation movement. Though I agreed, history is written by winners, this is a bizarre way of rewriting it.

Konkoc conference didn’t end up well rather very humiliating on the side of the delusional Malong’s choirs. I heard a lot of people were singing some unfamiliar songs concerning the Malong’s return to Juba. They thought their uncrowded king will be appease, the most persistence questions now is-when was the last time you indeed see Malong?

The expectation out of Konkoc conference was to be inclusive, accommodating Gen. Malong Awan into the system to meet his aggressive refusal to relinquished power. Rather the man was stripped off all even the little he have; Mathiananyoor. There was nothing out of Konkoc conference but fruitless.

Forget Malong he is gone!

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