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By Adol Akuei, Eldoret, Kenya


Sabina Dario Lokolong, deputy minister for humanitarian affairs and disaster management, Nov 2011

June 9, 2017 (SSB) — Have you ever asked yourself why you are you? I mean why you were created a woman? Is it a lucky score or not? What do you have that qualifies you as a better woman? Not a bitter one. Well nature has a lot of definitions to that. I too have a different mind. Call me critic if you want but it’s a little of curiosity. I have pondered over this topic or rather issue personally for so long. I witnessed the worst part of it. I know you are asking yourself what I mean. You will understand. You will either agree or disagree with my ‘jargons’ at the end. Many people keep wondering what this thing, “womanhood” truly means. Many keep moving their limbs up and down in the streets calling themselves with these nasty names eti ladies…’ Ladies’.

That is void. It has even lost its initial meaning. The intended meaning of the creator. They just boozed themselves off. Dressing in the most fabulous raiment. Criss crossing marks in their face in the name of make ups. Lips made red and fluidic. I suppose they read on fluid mosaic model. Read on the DNA damage methodologies. Or they should be called ‘make up fluid model’. All in the name to look belle. That is not the proof. To believe that you are a woman.  Cladded in names that umbrella them but with less ‘weight’. Should I call it glory? Glory sometimes means weight. Let it bother you not rather.

 I know you are wondering what this man is talking about. Take a deep breathe a little bit lol. I will come to you. Call me a traitor, blasphemous guy but I don’t care. By end of this post, you will believe the truth concealed underneath. You will align with me. Okay, let’s come to the point, what is a woman in reality? I am one of the guys who have lost faith in the womanhood and I need to redefine it in my own concept. Yeah I tell you in my conscience. If the concept is wrong then the ideology is wrong and will be discharging a corrupt message into your damn brains.

Boggle it up inside there. I believe I have a right concept because I did a study before making my presentation. It’s not a debate. Don’t misquote me there. It’s also not an attitude or rather an aptitude. It’s not an experience. Call it a lesson. May be that sounds better to your ear pinna. To avoid boring you up with filthy statements that seem to make no sense to you, lets tackle this thing. Let’s call a spade a spade but not a spoon.

What is a woman? How is a woman supposed to be? What is a woman supposed to do? What capacity does womanhood upholds most in the society? Answering all this questions will give a vivid view of what I am talking about. Identity has been lost. Women don’t know who they are anymore. They have equated themselves with their counterparts, ‘men’. They think they can do better what a man can do. They think they can override what man can. You are a simpleton kind of mind you woman. I don’t mean to devalue you. Just want you to know you better. Yes, the real you without compromise. Not me knowing you but yourself rather. Stop juxtapositions.

Call me a chauvinist. Call me patriarchy. I don’t deny but gather up your souls and listen first before you blurt out that damn word….chauvinist. You think you are fighting for your rights but it’s some kind of demeanor to your own nature. Yes to your nature not nurture. I say it to your face. You don’t know your source and yet you claim to have guts, guts to fight this male that knows himself before you. Hang me for it I say. Simple man but very radical. You will not understand it better unless you go slowly with me.Stop crushing your molar teeth and turning your face green at me.You will not know anything about it. Follow me slowly but keenly.

Currently, a girl is born, born as a female creature. Grew up as a female creature with all the necessities. And claim to die as a man. Is it possible? I despise it with a big no. It’s not true. Nature is nature and it’s admit no lie. Yes I can agree to some extend because she might get acquainted to male charisma but still won’t define her as a full man. Now if you are a believer just go back to your bible, not a devotional book. We are all not from the same religion but we belong to one God. Whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, pagan or a Christian, there is God. Believe it or not. And he created heaven and earth. I know the other religion might have a different thought here. Not only them but also the scientist cannot lack a word to say about the origin of earth. They have theories explaining that but with limitations.

I wonder if God ever had any limitation in His works of creation. If anything then you are a living error. Assess yourself. Unless we dig deep into the ancient times history about how this being call woman came to existence, we will never understand it squarely. That’s why it’s always good you have to read your holy books, I mean bibles every day. It provides answers to everything happening on this planet. I know critics won’t agree here but that’s a bitter truth. All stories found there have a meaning. Something to explain in our life.so and so, we will scribble some concepts from there to trace our true genealogy of this issue, womanhood. If we don’t get it well, I mean the history, in fact we will fail to appreciate what it holds, (the womanhood), that is the value and what it has lost, that is how it had been misinterpreted and our entire questions will be void of answers.

A woman is a man with womb. Follow up the story. Otherwise you will be left in suspense. During those times, when God created earth, it’s still that time that woman came forth. After God had created everything and was awesome in his eyes, he made a decision to create human creature. A creature that will be in charge of everything below the sky. It was a wise decision or what do you think? Let’s go on. He created the first man called Adam; put him in the beautiful Garden of Eden. A garden which contained all kinds of fruits. A garden which I believe doesn’t exist in our todays “farms” as we called them. I was told that there was a forbidden fruit there. Call it a tree of knowledge.

I still wonder if that tree or rather fruit is still there to date. A garden with four rivers. Well watered. It was beautiful in fact. I think it was also even the paradise itself by then. Full of greener pastures. Find out these rivers but I believe there is a river called Gihon, a river that qualify me to be a part and parcel of the garden as my president, yes my freedom fighter the late Dr. John Garang once put it. Okay that lot is enough to make you have a view or rather a clear picture about what I am talking about. I mean the geographical location of Adam. Or is it relocation? Its work anyway, anyhow. What happen next after this dude called Adam came to existence?

Follow me with your bible in one hand. God said,” it’s not good for this man to be a lone”. In other words, the man had got all the opportunities to enjoy but there is something missing. Something making him lonely. No single. It’s lonely. Because people cannot differentiate the two words. Singleness and loneliness. May be I will tell you next time the difference. I now want to clear the air or rather break the ice. Take a deep breathe once again my reader. God finally created a woman out of man’s rib after making him had a deep sleep. The woman was purposely to help the man. The man called her “a bone of my bone, a flesh of my flesh”. May be that explains why a man leaves his parent and cling to his wife and become single. That is not my aim rather of writing this.

Remember those questions I asked at first. We are coming to them soon. The biblical story is done. It supposed to give us a lesson. It’s the true source of our judgment. A holy source, call it that way rather. A lesson that will answer our questions about who a true woman is. About a true womanhood. Let me ameliorate my thoughts about the topic a little bit. You are waiting to be answered I know. Know this fact first. I am never straight. That means you have to be keen and analyze my words by heart so that you get the message. I mean you get your answers right.

First, from that biblical allusion, a woman is not beauty as most of us think. A woman is not lackadaisical as most of us think. A woman is not rooted from our societal beliefs and custom as most of us think. A woman is not an object of derision as most of us think. A woman is not what you form in your mind and calls it wife. Name them. Whatever nouns or adjectives you can use to describe them with contempt. That is not her. I know you women have read a lot of books and watch many movies and attend many seminars just to know yourselves better. You didn’t visit the most resource person. Yes and that is why you are still failing.

Failing terribly in your hood. Failing also in your marriage. Visit your bible or Quran and confirm it yourself there. Your identity I mean. I know a Muslim is now scratching his or her head because it might be a different story there. All the same its one. You can see or should I say feel what I am saying. You will believe am not a chauvinist by the time you read the last word. Let’s go through these nuggets that depict a true womanhood from the true source…our creator. And it’s because we don’t know it that’s why we remain in an abyss of confusion. Even when we marry them. We don’t understand them neither do they understand us. We keep battling with them to get the true identity. True image about who are who and what should one do.

A woman is a helper. Let me commence from there. She is supposed to help the man achieve his visions and dreams. She is supposed to assist the man become the real him. She is a helper. Is that enough? No its not. Modern woman are not into that anymore. Remember the main purpose why God created this woman was to help a man take charge and have dominion over the earth or rather conquer it. You remember that. I believe so. Women have reversed the statement and would want men to help them achieve whatever they want. Look, a woman coming with her own interest and would want the man to fulfill them instead of helping the man first. That is creating two visions. What next? A division is the result. A woman is very inquisitive to find out what this “man” admires. Not me. Your man that you claim to have a crown over you as a subject to your life formula.

They talked of the subject of the formula in Mathematics. I believe so. Do your calculations and call him so,” the subject of the formula”. Not subject of problems. Ask him how he view happiness and how it should be done. Stop putting your damn demands first in order to help him. That’s not womanhood. In other words a woman should put her interest last. That’s why when you educate a woman you educate a society unlike to educating a man. Men put their interest first. To be a true a woman, know this fact that you were created to be a helper. Help your man become what he wants. Help him. I understand your man is supposed to cultivate you but help him do so. You will be the best lady, in fact the crème de la crème woman with true personality from the word genesis. Not a Nairobi kind of a woman. Full of demands but less to assist. I loathe that with venom.

Another fact you should know about a woman is encouragement. Yea a woman should be an encourager. Enthusiastic in fact. Advisor to her man.Though they are weak at a times, they have the best words ever to sooth a man. Yes the best words that would make man bold, resilient and vehement not apathetic. For your information, an arrogant man is well brainwash by a woman who has realized this enigma in her life. I mean this quality of encouraging. There is power in words believe me you and you have all kind of words that best suit you as a woman before you do the job. Argue with me but that’s your role though you need affection. It’s all comes from whatever knowledge that you have spilled into your man. And this way they call you a mother. Caring mother in fact. I was told that you people came from Venus not earth. Venus is a beautiful planet endow with care and encouragement. That’s a lips smacking character you should have. Should be in born in fact. Not adapted from the damn environment.

 Look at them the current hypocritical women. Yeah in our generation. Start analyzing them from beings girls, dating them and marrying them. It’s all woebegone. A catastrophe indeed. Offside you can call it. They are all interwoven in a slain and damn crooked technology and that make them redefine their womanhood. You are lost and dubbed you nitwit. Go back to history. I know you are seated there on that couch sofa set in that well-built house with tiles asking yourself what kind of a woman this dude man wants. I don’t want you but the woman I want is all in the head. Yes my head. Grasp something and bother not yourself to know me.

You will be surprised. I am not married but I will marry when I want. Don’t ask me why. May be I won’t. I know why. That’s not what I am putting across here. To exquisite myself. Let it not bamboozled you up. It has nothing to do with you. That is personality. Go on with the story.  Critics said that instead of a woman encouraging a man, she is demeaning his values. Telling him awkward statement,” you cannot make it. You are just a failure”. Okay, if you think you are more powerful than him, encourage him positively in your beliefs. He will be better. Stop criticizing him for nothing. You are making a goon out of him. What you will do to him will make you great because that is helping. In so doing, you are following up your purpose of creation. Ladies take charge, we are forging ahead. With a higher momentum. A momentum of womanhood reloaded.

A woman is a receiver as Dr. Myles Munroe put it. I totally agree with him. They are receivers by design. Whatever that you give to woman, she receives it and multiply. For instant, you give them a sperm they receive and multiply it to give you children. You give them a house they receive it, multiply and give you back a home. That’s good of them anyway but there is a challenge here too. The so called modern women are not receivers. Instead they say they are givers. Givers of what? You know it better. A woman claims to be the provider of everything and makes the man low. It’s funny too that some woman don’t appreciate what they are given. They just return it with insults. That is not womanhood my sister. If it’s not pleasing, receive and multiply it to something better. There you will be in the track. This quality makes them to be loved. They were created simply to be loved. Not hated. That is why Adam was grateful at the sight of Eve. He loved her.

This thing fascinates me a lot. Incubation. Do you know it? Take for instance a case where a bird lay eggs, sit on them for sometimes and break them to bring forth kids. That’s how woman is. She is an incubator. She incubates everything you give her. She incubates you children. Is that not worthy of them? It’s a great thing to appreciate. That gives you a full structure about the womanhood.

With all this in mind, if someone calls you a woman, you must know what he means and this is all the confirmation you need to have. Add on your own wisdom and you will make it a perfect match. I will leave you with this words of John Maison to ponder over as you appreciate your nature and vow to move ahead with a better kind of life…”you draw nothing out of the bank of life except what you had deposited in it. If you continue to do what is right, what is wrong and who is wrong will eventually leave your life. Right is right even if everyone is against it and wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it”.

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