Shedding the crocodile tears will not solve our problems than worsening it

Posted: June 15, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Awut Mayom Agok, Rumbek, South Sudan

rumbek youth union

RUMBEK YOUTH UNION, swearing in ceremony

June 15, 2017 (SSB) — It is so sad to see the change makers in such a mess. Who do we have to blame for this unusual death in Western Lakes State? Should we blame the central government, State Government, or the local community?  In my personal point of view, both the central government, state Government and the local community of Western Lakes State are equally responsible for the current state of our community.

It is the duty of the community leaders and elders to advice the young ones the best way to live in peaceful coexistence but rather, they have turned their supposed teaching to be the mean of acquiring resources. It is a sole duty of a citizen to bring necessary to his or her own community but where are we?

And what are we doing? We are just there on social media shedding crocodile tears, posting all sorts of inhumane acts, writing fake condolences, exaggerating family, and communal issues on social media without providing any solution. Sons and Daughters of Agaar Community, learned or illiterate, today I challenge your level of intellectuality, we are pretending to have a changed life but it is not true even the most hardest live of illiterate generation of our grandfathers and our fathers was worth living than living a life today.

We praised ourselves so much for these number of cows we own and the number of wives we have but it is all useless in this situation. It is because of these ugly animals that these young energetic generation is finishing in no time. Us who call ourselves educated are worse than those so called Gelweng because we are aware of the truth and we are not willing to speak it out.

Our community would not have been in such a mess today had we been truthful to each other. Instead of creating an environment to teach our communities about peaceful coexistence, we are busy diving the community among the political lines and use poor civilians as tools to gain political interests.

The state government too is not doing its part instead use this public service offices as just accommodation lounges. What can’t a state government do without orders from the central government? When one is given a responsibility, what matters most is not your relationship with who gave you the powers but who you were given the powers to serve. I feel so offended when I see our leaders just protecting their positions instead of protecting the society to which they were entitled to serve.

Central government is having the upper hand in all this mess. Central government give responsibility to people they never supervise. It was even better when local chiefs were governing their communities. Today the rule of law is dead, it was first murdered by the government then local community buried it on spot. I am sick of this.

 Where do civilians get these guns from? 

Today, I challenge Mr. President. The country is in your hands, if you are the president of the nation? Why do civilians have guns in their hands?  This is the major source of inciting violence among the citizens. If the disarmament is done countrywide, who then will the civilians need the weapons to fight with? But don’t tell me it is because of the rebels then what is the use of having the national security? What are all those military barracks created for?

This is not a duty of civilians to protect themselves from the government rivals but a sole duty of the government to protect the civilians against any harm. Civilians have this right to be protected.

To both entities, the government at the national level, state level and the local community, know your roles and rights. Our country is in such a messy state today because we the citizens are not aware of our rights and the government too is not fulfilling its responsibilities toward the citizens.

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