The Historical Homes by Virtue (Pan-Dan)

Posted: June 19, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Junub Sudan, Poems.

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng

The appreciation is dedicated to Japan,

And the challenge & hopes to South Sudan.

Initiated by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,

And purportedly supported by his wife Akie.


The Abe-Initiative Program Execution by Jica,

Whereas the beneficiary scholars from Africa.

The diligent, systematic processes was organized by Kuwabara,

And unconvincingly missed by a committed participant in Atalabara.



Kobe Institute of Computing is global and wonderful,

Unknowingly applauded by parents from Wunkuel

It is an explicit advance academic from Kobe City,

Attempting to upgrade the students from Juba City.


The scholarship interest is to foster future connections with Japan,

And more so, for effective industrialization of ICT in South Sudan.

It is about unlimited support from the esteemed people of Tokyo,

To their funny guys, the pending Freedom Bridge in Lologo.


I still remembered the day I sat on the bench marked Seventy-two,

Just like my birth date of December 25th, Nineteen Eighty-two.

This development prompted friends to pronoun Scenic Kitano,

As we eye-blink the outcome with the traditional food Kombo.



Abe business innovation of (African Business Education-Initiative) from the East,

Just like Obama leadership of (Young African Leaders Initiative) from the West.

Unlike the pseudo-code of human right eradication with Al Bashiir-North,

Not forgetting the cholera, insecurity and famine of SalvaKiir-South.



The discerning and transparent hero,

Is the team leader KuwabaraTomohiro.

The writer of the poem is Ariech,

Who is currently out of a reach.

“The Pan-Dan Poem”

  1. Yosiaki says:

    Thank you for acknowledging Japan(JICA) contributions to your country!


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