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An appeal for a peaceful and fair democratic process in Kenya

By Agou Anyieth Kur, Edmonton, Canada

kiir election

June 2015 elections

August 7, 2017 (SSB) — As you go into the August general election, I want to draw your attention to something that might not be too obvious in all the current hustle and bustle towards the general election. This concept of mine as given away by the title of this article is that contrary to the zero-sum narrative coming from your political class and the media, I implore you to view the forthcoming general election as a win-win contest and a celebration of your democratic journey and self-governance: Madaraka, as it is popularly known in your country.

“Siasa Mbaya”

In the East African region and other parts of the world, you have seen the suffering, destruction, and death caused by Siasa Mbaya, to use the famous phrase by Mzee Daniel Arap Moi, the former president of Kenya. But what exactly is Siasa Mbaya? If it will help, let me disclose right away that, I, the author of this article, I am from South Sudan. That must have rung a bell in your head even if you haven’t been keenly following the political happenings across the region and around the globe in the past few years.


By Khurthii Manyuat, Beijing, China

hate speech

August 7, 2017 (SSB) — Sometimes we hunt our own souls in the forest, we ambush vulnerable members of our community along the highways, and furthermore, we deployed food poisoning strategies in the cities. All are done because South Sudan got married to Mrs. War a half century ago and gave birth to first born named hatred. Mrs. War is in hurry and she wants us to leave earth as fast as possible.

The argument of leaving and not leaving caused our home to be concentratedly polluted with violence and we got drunk in that unfavorable atmosphere, blamed all including home furniture.

Last week there was an attack on the road and two cases of foods poisoning in both Wau and Juba. The quest is, have we fully review this deliberate decision of migrating to graves? I believe Even God might be there at his palace pondering for how yesterday pitiful human shortly turned to the most dangerous one.                                                                                                       (more…)