Nationalism in uncomfortable circumstances in South Sudan

Posted: September 14, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Dut Kuot Akok, Juba, South Sudan 

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September 14, 2017 (SSB) — Nationalism according to Merriam Webster refer to devolution to one’s nation’s interests, ethnic, cultural and physical boundaries, inspires imperialism and colonialism. It encompasses loyalty and devolution to nation especially a sense of national consciousness, exalting one’s nation above others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture, development, and interest as opposed to what is going on as of now in the republic of South Sudan.

The above definition is totally opposite in regard to the current turmoil in south Sudan which is characterized by political madness among the ruling elites who seems to have buried the spirit of nationalism among the people of south Sudan due to the fact that our leaders who struggle whole heartily to emancipate us from the genocidal Islamic regime have in return seems to have forgotten the reasons they struggle for more than 21 or 40 years since 1955.

Their absolutism behaviors and actions had left every citizen in south Sudan with tasteless questions as to why did they waste their time and energy if they know that we will not be free at last as they used to preach it during the liberation days. They (citizens) are forced to regret their decision every day, and with all these man-made regrets unfolding. However, the spirit of nationalism needs to be instilled into the young generation.

South Sudan as anew born nation as we claimed, our government should emphasize the spirit of nationalism in order to ensure that vital state histories are remembered by the coming generations. To create and adjust from all points, young generation should have a solid and unbendable inner spirit.

It is vital to have inside you the inner spirit which is a strong soul of nationalism to enable us to realize an inclusive and united south Sudan, it is more important to come together as young people and unite ourselves by showing love toward our country and prove the current absolutism generation wrong later in the history that their generation is different from ours since the future of this nation is ours.

We should not insist that we need to compete with other countries and pursue progress while we are lacking nationalistic spirit, we need to enrich our value with moral and ethical excellence in all aspects and contribute as an independent-minded people who love their country and support all her developmental activities regardless of the would be encountered circumstances.

Therefore, in the context of achieving excellence, various aspects should first be taken into consideration at the most basic level in order to achieve national development agenda welfare and development of society. South Sudan as a nation, diversity in the formation of the government should be considered with absolute civil right and liberty especially in matters involving the interests of the society members.

When we talk about the development of the society, we do mean that the process of forming everything in the state, the history, and background of every society should be given priority. This is because the process takes a long period of time to create a nation that could be labeled as an inclusive nation.

This process also involves a commitment to continue from generation to another generation, the old generation who struggle during the liberation of our people should play their part by putting the motion of development and unity in place and there after the new generation will come and bridge the legacy and achievement that has been pioneered by the old generation.

It should be a new generation of trust and responsibility to oversee the efforts and hard work that has been championed by the aging generation.

Accordingly, it is a crucial matter for all south Sudanese and especially the new generation to appreciate the meaning of independence. appreciating the meaning of independence is not just about appreciating the sacrifices of our heroes and heroines that led to the current independence but what is more important is to maintain the independence that will be enjoyed by the generations to come.

Therefore, in the process of defending country’s independence, the setting up of communities should be given priority in order to establish a national vision for the people and an inclusive nation that address our grievances will exist in South Sudan.

Thus it is not easy to construct an inclusive nation as there are many factors to consider and many challenges to be encountered as of now. Notwithstanding, it directly requires a comprehensive strategy and an integrated approach for realizing the dream of an inclusive state to act as a platform for bringing unity and peaceful coexistence among the people of south Sudan.

Nevertheless, the Holistic involvement of society to measure the success as a matter of solidarity and integration between the people of South Sudan and in particular young generation is crucial for the stability and prosperity of our nation.

The basic elements that need to be addressed in order to build an inclusive nation we are all satisfied of include, nurturing nationalism among our people no matter how young or old, big or small, rich or poor they might be.

Again, it requires a comprehensive approach to all community members and especially youth to appreciate the spirit in their souls and form a strong identity and strong nationalistic spirit to shield the sovereignty of our nation. It is by doing so that we would all be proud of our nation and show our unwavering love toward her.

It covers aspects of fidelity and zeal to defend the country, our willingness as citizens to sacrifice for the nation to maintain a direct admirable reaction that reflects the height of patriotism and nationalism. In this context, our politicians should not be perceived that citizens patriotism is mere to defend the country on the front line, but it covers all aspect of community life including the economy, education and other fields.

Further, nationalism is a primordial attachment to our country, a sentiment of belonging and sense of identity and strong spirit of love for the home land. it reflects the spirit of desire and the ability to fight for change especially in the dignity, equitable and equal distribution of public wealth not to be exploited by minorities as of now as well as our contributions toward our national sovereignty.

Therefore, this spirit can be achieved if we unite together as brothers and sisters bound by common identity in appreciating the meaning of freedom. And as such, people should not just celebrate the sacrifices of our heroes and heroines who pawn theirs lives for the sake of our liberty.

But, we need to maintain and encourage a sense of togetherness and independence and comply with various methods and means especially in services provided to the destitute and dedications to contribute to national development, social welfare, peace and harmony in our country.

And in context of fulfilling the meaning of independence, all our citizens regardless of their tribes, race, section, religion or political affiliation should participate actively in the realization of our vision and aspirations of our country in an effort to establish an inclusive nation that is united, strong, superior and viable.

And because of this, the fertilizing spirit of nationalism should be exposed to the people of south Sudan. Also, adolescent identity formation, excellence glory, and distinction in the spirit of nationalism are decisive to the achievement of the formation of an inclusive nation in the future.

In the event that we see nowadays, the level of nationalism among the people of south Sudan and especially among the youth is in an uncomfortable circumstance. This is on the account that there are few elements driving our nation to the unknown destination for theirs individual selfish gain.

These few elements have spoiled our expectations we voted overwhelmingly for the separation of this milk and honey nation in July 2011. We are in uncomfortable circumstance for the reason that, what we were expecting was the provision of basic social services such as, affordable food to our population, clean drinking water, access to standard schools and health services, modern infrastructures, electricity and many others.

We were not expecting unjust and senseless war of interests and positions after independence since we all knows the negatives consequences of war.

Moreover, nationalism is the state of psyche, feeling of gathering and living in characterized land range, talking atypical religion, dialect and having writing in which the goals of the country should be communicate according to ”Guibernan”.

Therefore, we need to develop and take nationalism as our guiding principle we stand and shield behind regardless of our differences as tribes or sections. We all need to enroll ourselves in social gathering together with the worth and enthusiastic and noteworthiness jointly.

The emotions of enrolment and fitting together as citizens of one country are basic normal for nationalism which can enable as to follow sentiments of national pride. We need to put our differences aside and unite as brothers and sisters which I am sure can take us thousands miles of success as well as enable us rise above tribalism, nepotism, clannish and sectionalism.

It is by doing so that we can be able to prove to these doubting Thomas and hijackers that we are united for the prosperity of our nation, we need to come out collectively and show them that they are the problem and backwardness of south Sudan.

We as young generation need to come together with intention of building a united country we will all be satisfy of in spite of major challenges and problems ahead which are hotly debate among our current aging generation who see our unity as impossible and far-reaching.

More importantly, our government should give space to youth in some essential activities because the ideas and opinions of the youth need to be consider. This can make young people feel more appreciated and feel more confident and spirit to contribute fruitful activities for the development of our country.

They should know that, young people play active role if the opportunity given align with the goals of the nation. And to promote that, the enthusiastic values in our current generation should be based on nationalism first. Because it is an interpretation ahead of youth instructions, they need to be taught nationalism with objectives of creating generation that know theirs nation birthplace, sacrifices encountered and the way forward.

It is by imparting these qualities that the young generation can know what the nation need from them and not what they need from her. And to my fellow youth, it is our turn to clear up the messes of this absolutism generation and prosper our nation to gain back her reputation among the standing nation of the world.

It is not too late for us if we take nationalism as our everything and discard tribal and clans identities being nurtured among us by the aging generation with sole purpose of accumulating our resources in the darkness as of now. Know that all big achievements start from discipline actions, discipline in which we see ourselves as friends and not enemies in order to enable us to do rights things and place us in the right direction towards the achievement of our goals.

For us to be nationalists, first we need to learn and be tolerant and work with spirit of togetherness by helping one another, respect and have common understanding and consensus.

Finally, as youth and at the same time the future of this nation, we need to double our efforts and work for the prosperity of our country although there are some iron walls and monsters ahead that could not make it possible for us to contribute.

And despite that, we should still trek this painful and intimidating journey until we realize an inclusive nation we all see ourselves in her undiscriminating mirror. For us to achieve that, we need to come out collectively and say enough to tribalism and let make our national pride, interaction among ourselves and our national belonging to be our cardinal guiding principle of our unity.

Our unity and spirit of nationalism is our unwavering strength regardless of our tribes, race, clans, section, religion or our political affiliation.

Dut Kuot Akok, the writer, has a Bachelor degree in rural development from University of Juba, and is currently pursuing his post graduate (honor) degree in the same college in the University of Juba. He can be reached via his email address:

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

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