Gok youth community condemns the annexation of Lual, Diing and Geer of Ciec

Posted: September 15, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

Condemnation statement on the annexation of Lual, Diing and Geer sections of Gok Community

Why mocking the president, they shud be arrested

September 15, 2017 (SSB) — With due respect, the Youth of Gok Community of Malek County are with certainty vested in courage and all terms possible condemning the recent statement titled: “Declaration of Administrative Road map” authored by amongst others the prime individuals of our society namely, Hon. Gordon Matot Tut, Dr. Brigadier Achol Marial Deng, Hon. Col. Santo Mading Domic.

In their declaration, the trio have tempered with the bond of Gok Community, cutting it at the core disrespectfully and intentionally as a means of fulfilling their agenda of anarchy promotion. The former two of the listed three aren’t from Gok Community whatsoever although they are part of our major society, the Ador. What prompted them to be the lead authors of the said document begs questions.

Had they not been respected leaders, we would have referred to them as agents of discord, which at some point can be of significant relevance. Before furtherance of our condemnation of their declaration, it is our interest that the history is revisited. Gok community is a combination of Dot and Ding sections of the former Amer-Achier and Lang-Matot administrative areas.

However, these sections for time immemorial had coexisted. History tells us that Lual and Diing sections became part and parcel of Malek Administrative area from between 1821 and 1883, a time that could be dated back to Turko-Egyptian rule. These historical facts ought not to be tempered with.

Why would politicians who are totally from a different administrative area desire to infiltrate into the affairs of the sisterly administrative area contemptuously? Is Hon. Gordon Matot Tut this low? We thought he represents Yirol East of former six payams. We didn’t know he was a mere representative of the defunct Pan-Machiec section.

A man highly placed in the society, trusted and empowered to represent Ciec Community has with no shame resorted to sowing of the seeds of discord. We need our harmony to remain permanently and for this reason, Hon. Gordon should distance himself from the mess he has created so that we can re-piece this torn fabric.

Joined by an interested group spearheaded by both Dr. Achol Marial and Hon. Santo Mading Domic, the mess spreaders have with little self-respect been moving from office to office broadcasting their disharmony plans. We condemn that anarchy code-named family re-union. We don’t want it.

Are these respected elders robbing us of our potential part of the society? It is imperative to acknowledge that Lual, Diing and Geer are permanent part of Gok community and must not be robbed. We reject humans’ robbery and even cattle rustling is outlawed and so must the humans’ too.

It must be understood from its true gist that we are not just condemning the declaration, rather we are doing it for a reason. Of these many reasons, the constitutional crisis is the worst of all and it is for this reason that Hon. Gordon Matot Tut, Dr. Achol Marial Deng, and Hon. Santo Mading Domic must be cautioned.

Their action is invoking constitutional crisis. If what they are architecting is allowed to happen as per their desire, likely many such situations all over South Sudan and Yirol, in particular, will pop up leading to the undesired mess. We must not create the crisis.

In a special way, we need to address our elder brother Santo Domic Chol that what he is perpetrating jointly with the duo from Paleu Section of Ajhak community is unhealthy. It is a sellout and for this reason, we caution him to revert from unethical politics of clans.

He is a statesman, that has served in different capacities at Lakes state level, initially as a Commissioner, then as Security Advisor and eventually as Deputy Governor all in the name of Gok community that he is being cunningly towed away from.

We cherish his current position as the Deputy Spokesperson of our mighty army the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA). In that capacity, his role is crucial as he is substantially adding value to the army and of course to the peace process. It is the vitality of his current position that we urge him not to lower himself to the level of appending his signatures on divisive documents. He shouldn’t be part of hate-mongering.

He is our son; we love him but we hate what he is doing. Teaming up with those that want to broaden their political bases is unacceptable and he ought to revert or cease from doing it.

The least we can say for now is that the matter be left at the disposal of Gok community and interference from the sisterly areas, including those working hard to lure the section of our society should desist. They need to give us space. Documents purported to the e brainchild of Lual, Diing and Geer are a making of haters and should be rejected timely.

In conclusion, we demand that Hon. Gordon Matot Tut, should stop perpetrating crimes such as community incitements or else, he should opt out of public seat and continue with the case of Pan-Machiec. He needs to harmonize the communities by conforming with the principles of the National Dialogue. He must not deviate from current events.

He shouldn’t lay the foundation of hatred. He ought to be exemplary. We have higher reverence for him than what he is currently doing. Meddling into the affairs of one’s subjects is akin to destruction of one’s family.

Stop destroying your family Hon. Gordon. We finally want our authorities to handle the matter sincerely. Never get influenced by political goons fishing in unclean waters. We have high respect for all.

Wishing Gok community the everlasting harmony.

Concerned young men (Gok Youth)

Gok Youth Development Association is a youth body headquartered at Malek County of Eastern Lakes state with a branch in Juba.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

  1. Makur majier says:

    Hopefully, what is written always take the greater part of learning in progress. Work of mind solve the heaviest filthy and hazardous situations as we the youths of Gok communities it’s our turn to bring whatever to past, present and ahead like physically we have seen the signatures of our opposite members and our beloved son Santo mading as well and their handwritings on that document are like waves which scares the fishermen and within short duration of times it just calm to silent as the world haven’t created from its existence. All in all, those two guys whom I don’t even want to attempt to write their names, simple questions are always mistaken, what are their statures in the nation? What I know is only that 99% of their internal conflict which can’t even make their own levels of living homes normally and successfully cooperated. As we won’t be convinced of their brotherhoods and seperations at their initial point unless the old documents with their grandfather’s signatures are brought then, it’s contervousaly and continuously move for us to be sentimentality and watchfully to the revelation of this genesis.


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