Reunion of the two Sudans: A desperate call from unpatriotic South Sudanese

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By Deu Lueth Ader, Changchun City, China

John Garang

John Garang’s prophecy

September 29, 2017 (SSB) —- I have been so unfriendly and astonishing about the views some people express on the difficulties our Country is going through. It is now an appropriate time to throw-up some of the reservations I have accumulated all along to my dear readers. In retrospective to the miserable life, the South Sudanese had lived, in the past and currently; some group among our civil population whom I branded above as desperate unpatriotic South Sudanese gave up and remorsefully begun to lament on why they had voted for the succession of South Sudan! Incongruity, all difficulties that are being faced by the Country are undeniable but shouldn’t be a disqualification of what was done for 21 years to obtain it.

Disqualification of sovereignty means capitulation to the former oppressor and which I doubt whether would be so acceptable to some rational thinking folks whatsoever. Many of you had suffered from the searing period of the struggle and which has culminated in the independence of South Sudan; it was through your sacrifices whether physically in the battlefields or through any other contribution you offered that made it possible to have your today’s country (South Sudan).

For, those who had physically involved in fighting for the cause of the liberation are undoubtedly suffering but the favorable advice to them is to suffer in a dignified silence because their names are inscribed on a solid tone where they will be remembered throughout in South Sudan and never wish for going back to Arabs’ bondage. And for those who never experienced such a suffering, please just succumb to an honorable suffering. Because should the people of South Sudan respond to your call that two Sudans are better amalgamated, do you know how long will it take you again to achieve what had taken south Sudanese almost 70 years to achieve it? Do you know how many lives will be perished should you attempt to do so.…think twice as patience is a good virtue.

. This would bring me to the conclusion that our challenges are addressable irrespective of how desperate you are, as mentioned above; some of you may agree that any country that has just emerged out of the war most often faces the same challenges and as time goes on, it rectifies all the messes and the life continues amicably and the country begins to thrive towards sustainable development. People have been deluded by their disenchantment and that to wish for the reunion with the Sudan, thereby forgetting the tyranny, derision and the vehement mistreatment some of them had experienced those days.

Some argue despondently that it was unfortunate to vote for the separation, but those who have been lamenting to have erroneously decided their destiny are de facto driven by frustration – it is far avertable to end conflicts in the country unless the hatred is condemned and promote the benevolence, coherence & brotherhood and brush aside all sorts of grudges among the people for the betterment of our beloved South Sudan.

Paradoxically; those whose tendencies are towards the reunification of the two Sudans are oblivion on how terribly and cruelly the Northerners are, having known our neighbors (Arabs) are not so friendly to be dealt with in a longer term, yes they are smart in terms of ploy and conspiracy against their foes but more ruthless against non-Muslims, so should you allow yourselves to be driven away from the right track then be ready for being a subservient to the Arab’s rule forever.

 South Sudan is not the first Country to suffer from all these sorts of abnormalities; Kenya went through tremendous challenges when it obtained her political independence in 1963. This has been in the political, social and economic fields. At independence, Kenya lacked the necessary capital to undertake the major development projects. The government was faced with the difficult task of devising ways and means of bringing about rapid social and economic development so as to solve the three major problems: poverty, disease, and ignorance facing the nation.

The Kenya nowadays is one of the flourishing economies in Africa and East Africa in particular; it runs its own affairs of without recourse to any. Thus; these main problems which had initially plagued the progress of Kenya are the exact issues of our country, the current war rests on these three problems. Are south Sudanese incapable in rectifying poverty, disease, and ignorance by utilizing the available resources our country is blessed with? … I am quite sure we can.

Similarly, Indian was facing the same problems of nation-building. A significant contribution of Indian national movement had been to forge India’s unity cutting across class, caste, ethnic and religious divides. It was achieved as a struggle against colonialism. After 1947, when the British had left India there was a resurfacing of tensions inherent in the Indian society.

The foremost was the challenge of religious communalism. The national movement’s attempt at uniting Hindus and Muslims in face of the higher challenge of colonialism was undermined even when the major movements like Non-cooperation and Civil Disobedience Movements were withdrawn. In the post-colonial phase with the growing social and economic insecurity, communalism reared its ugly head again. Partition stimulated a wave of communal unrest.

The challenge was to address the problem of communal tension and its violent aftermath. Following the successful settlement of all the challenges mentioned herein, Indian has amazingly managed to catch-up with the world and evidenced in its position it holds currently as a member among the most recognized world’s nuclear powers, this and many other developments experienced by Indian would have virtually been impossible had it failed to phase-out the mentioning challenges.

In summary, South Sudan will certainly move somewhere, later on, owing to its abundant resources, that will enable it to achieve whatever possible for the welfare and prosperity of its people. A frustration shouldn’t be given room to determine the projection of the bright future that people are yearning for.

Finally, a change will not come to South Sudan through the barrels of guns but through dialogue, all the communities are almost joining the fray at the moment in South Sudan but that will further lengthen the expected peace. It is through peace that the democracy will be achieved; it is through peace that the missing trust among the communities and political forces will be restored.

These two alternatives to take arm against your own people and the preference of the abolition of south Sudanese sovereignty and resurrection of the gone unity with the old enemy is completely contributing to the total obliteration of the people of South Sudan from existence.

Deu Lueth Ader, holds a BSc. Degree in Public Administration from the University of Juba and again obtained a Post-graduate Diploma in Public Administration in the same University and now pursuing his MSc. Degree in Educational Management at Northeast Normal University/ China. The author works for the National Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, RSS/ Juba.  The ideas expressed in this article are author’s concerns and have nothing to do with any political affiliation, and can be reached via or alternatively

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from, plus a concise biography of yourself.

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