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Gok State Limbo: The Torturing of MPs under the detention of Security Forces is an alarming Bell for the Anarchy in Our Lovely State.

By Puorich Marial Daljang, Nairobi, Kenya

president salva kiir

October 1, 2017 (SSB) — When you look back at the history of Gok Community under the Paramountcy of Arol Kachuol drawing it down to the time of Hon. Mathen Riak, John Lat Makoi, Kongor Deng Kongor, Mayom Malek Dielich, Wel Machiek Majoor and Madhang Majok twice as Acting Commissioner and the Current Governor, you will simply notice why the time of the current Government armed with Security Forces, Monthly Salaries and all the logistics support is different with the traditional leadership under Sultan Arol Kachuol?

This is a question of thought but first, let me highlights the manner in which the MPs were arrested and how the security forces are instructed to handle them in the detention.

What triggered the detention of MPs?

One month ago or so, it is a normal routine for the Speaker to call and chair the meeting in the assembly and it is within this framework that allowed the Speaker to convene a meeting in the assembly and it happened that the following MPs boycotted the session:

  1. Ayen Meen Adoor.
  2. Malek Machuot.
  3. Manyiel Mading Manyiel.
  4. Gordon Ater Machar.
  5. Simon Mayor Marial.


By Makwei Achol Thiong, Hunan University, China


Juba, South Sudan

September 30, 2017 (SSB) — My argument in this article is not about how far we have developed, but rather how we want our cities to look in 10, 20 or 50 years to come!

Urbanization is not just the population in the city; it’s about enhancing civilization and bringing about more economic and social progress. Agriculture is not a dominant source of income for the urban dwellers. To meet the demands of these city dwellers, you need a PROPER CITY PLAN. Do we have a master plan for Juba city? How about Bor, Wau, Rumbek, Malakal, Torit, Yambio, Aweil, Yei, Bentiu, Abyei, among others? Is it being implemented? I guess some do but others don’t.

I haven’t visited most of these cities but I have been to Juba (the latest is 12 days ago), Yei (in 2007, I guess much has changed since then), Malakal (2012) and Bor where I live. I worked for Bor Municipal Council for three and half years (April 2013 – Sept 2016). We were very lucky to have inherited a planned town council done at the time of Eng. John Amuor Kuol, former Jonglei state Minister of Physical Infrastructure. There are well-surveyed roads, blocks and quarters. In each block, at least there are open spaces for a school, health unit and recreation.


By Deu Lueth Ader, Changchun City, China

John Garang

John Garang’s prophecy

September 29, 2017 (SSB) —- I have been so unfriendly and astonishing about the views some people express on the difficulties our Country is going through. It is now an appropriate time to throw-up some of the reservations I have accumulated all along to my dear readers. In retrospective to the miserable life, the South Sudanese had lived, in the past and currently; some group among our civil population whom I branded above as desperate unpatriotic South Sudanese gave up and remorsefully begun to lament on why they had voted for the succession of South Sudan! Incongruity, all difficulties that are being faced by the Country are undeniable but shouldn’t be a disqualification of what was done for 21 years to obtain it.

Disqualification of sovereignty means capitulation to the former oppressor and which I doubt whether would be so acceptable to some rational thinking folks whatsoever. Many of you had suffered from the searing period of the struggle and which has culminated in the independence of South Sudan; it was through your sacrifices whether physically in the battlefields or through any other contribution you offered that made it possible to have your today’s country (South Sudan).