The detention and torturing of MPs in Gok State is unprecedented in South Sudan

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Gok State Limbo: The Torturing of MPs under the detention of Security Forces is an alarming Bell for the Anarchy in Our Lovely State.

By Puorich Marial Daljang, Nairobi, Kenya

president salva kiir

October 1, 2017 (SSB) — When you look back at the history of Gok Community under the Paramountcy of Arol Kachuol drawing it down to the time of Hon. Mathen Riak, John Lat Makoi, Kongor Deng Kongor, Mayom Malek Dielich, Wel Machiek Majoor and Madhang Majok twice as Acting Commissioner and the Current Governor, you will simply notice why the time of the current Government armed with Security Forces, Monthly Salaries and all the logistics support is different with the traditional leadership under Sultan Arol Kachuol?

This is a question of thought but first, let me highlights the manner in which the MPs were arrested and how the security forces are instructed to handle them in the detention.

What triggered the detention of MPs?

One month ago or so, it is a normal routine for the Speaker to call and chair the meeting in the assembly and it is within this framework that allowed the Speaker to convene a meeting in the assembly and it happened that the following MPs boycotted the session:

  1. Ayen Meen Adoor.
  2. Malek Machuot.
  3. Manyiel Mading Manyiel.
  4. Gordon Ater Machar.
  5. Simon Mayor Marial.

The investigation revealed to me by the genuine source as the basis of their reasons of boycotting the meeting was that the Speaker Hon. Umjuma Philips made possible recommendations to the governor so that the MPs who are said to be contrary to any opinion in the assembly should be removed.

Following that meeting, the Speaker along with the help of His Excellency the Governor ordered an arrest warrant and instructed the security forces to detain the five (5) MPs and the fake charges brought against them was that they were found doing a secret meeting outside Parliament as explained by the Speaker when asked by an Eye Radio a month ago.

Was this secret meeting a Coup Plot against the Governor or Speaker?

Was is it an incitement meeting for the civilians conflict in the State?

I have no idea only God knows.

First and foremost, I was one of the people who suspected that secret meeting and this has contributed to my patience of not writing an article for some time because writing an article requires thorough investigation so that truth can be established.

The conflict between Ayiel, Waat, Pagok, Kongor, Reruot and Panyar which has left more than 70 dead and more than 100 injured has raised an eyebrow and question every move of each and every member of the warring clans regardless of your status in the society.

The writer want to inform the Community that the detention is not related to an incitement or any of that nature and this is demonstrated by the fact that the five MPs are not all from the warring clans but they represent the different constituencies some of which are not part of the conflict as in the case of Abiriu and Malou Pech.

The detention is purely the interest of the Governor and his Speaker and we, therefore, stand not to be misled by the recent conflict among our people.

The Survival of MPs in the Detention:

The manner in which the MPs are treated in the detention is marked by torture, denial of food, denial of family access, removal of Cell Phones and the worse of all torturing the woman MP in the detention.

On the first day of their detention, the security officers under the instruction of the State Government made a horrible track down in what is described by the locals as similar to the track down of Osama Bin Laden the murderer of all time!

The MPs were apprehended with their hands tighten behind their backs just the same way Criminals are apprehended.

Currently, the Government is claiming to have taken the detained Law Makers to Wau for further detention without trial to examine the crime they have committed.

Another information emerged is that the said MPs are located in the Military Barack between Cueibet and Tonj and their life is in critical condition!

When we say No against an incitement and more bloodshed of our people, then the State Government do not have a right to say YES to an incitement by discriminatory detaining the innocent MPs.

You cannot detain the Community representatives in such behavior and expect a prevailing peace in the State, this is exactly an incitement, it is an acceptable and a flame of fire against peace in the state.

The Position of SPLM Secretariats in the State:

I love SPLM like nobody’s Business and I have my own reasons why I fall in love with SPLM.

No matter what people say about it, still SPLM shall be reborn and shine once more.

One Scholar said, Politics is played by rules and if the rules change, then we must also change how we play.

From the Lay Man’s perspective, SPLM is described as a Democratic party and Yes, I do believe it is true but the rules of playing the principles of democracy within my Party have changed.

These changes came into effect when the leaders decided to strangle the principles by appointing leaders into Offices at random picks and this has significantly affected the Democratic leadership of the SPLM.

The State Secretariats is headed by the appointed Youth in the name of Gabriel Akot Chirong who is also serving as Political Advisor to the Governor.

This is the man I trusted and I personally congratulated him on His appointment as the SPLM Secretary and as the Political Advise as well and whom I lose trust currently as messes are circulating around him in the state.

The effect of the appointment is vested in too much loyalty to the appointing Authority against the supreme will of the people if you are elected.

The game is no longer a fight for the people but a fight in depending on positions we occupy in the Government and this is what the current SPLM State Secretary is doing. He is no longer fighting for the SPLM but he took his fight against those who might be eyeing for his seat.

How does the Secretary advise the Governor?

Why should the SPLM Secretary be like staring at the State’s sponsored crisis when he holds the two Powerful positions in the State?

What is his position on the detention and torturing of MPs under Security forces?

Does the SPLM Secretary ever think of an election or what are his dreams in the SPLM Office?

Indeed, these are my thoughts and we all know the consequences of ill advises against people.

In Conclusion:

Raising an alarm bell against an Anarchy as earlier as possible is a foundation of democracy and freedom in Gok State and me, therefore, called upon the Human Rights Watch to urgently move in before dark days are cast in our new State. The MPs must be brought to the court of law so that the crime they have committed shall be determined.

The writer is an Aspiring Economist at the University of Nairobi and can be reached on, or +254713073411, +254707171043

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from, plus a concise biography of yourself.

  1. James Bol Bol says:

    Anyway, the tribal conflicts that are happening in Greater Lake have deep root causes .
    And it is the responsibility of the state Governor to act according to the way he/she seem to bring peace and reconciliation against those who wants to make an illegal plot against the government.

    And it is not healthy to torture MPs without proper investigation made to identified their guilty of a crime.


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