South Sudan: The concept of state governance and socioeconomic progress

Posted: October 28, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Matiop Alier, USA

President Kiir and Ambassador Nikki Halley

October 28, 2017 —The concept of state governance and socioeconomic progress, which, for the most part of our human political history, has always been preferably thorny and at the same time, wrought with mischaracterizations of facts, including many sacrifices, the vendetta of citizenry bills of rights or freedom, had been a curse for others and a blessing for many of global world citizens.

But a state from onset of her developmental progress or program of action, with group of seasoned men and women of high quality and substance coupled with the common good and understanding at the stool of leadership, but most importantly, with their country at heart, as exemplified in many political settings of the Western Society, shall, eventually triumph over those drawbacks and by pulling out their citizens from shackles of jaws of uncompromising poverty not only into a viable nation states but inter alia some sustainable republics.

It is, in political theory, also objectively right to say many of their kinds of such statesmen and state players, over the years, have furthermore, come and left the same temple of state politics, with nothing, but with a rich legacy of devotion ….as they had morbidly committed themselves to those simple ideals of their fatherlands, and republics; the very foundations set forth with by their predecessors, but not all for the sake of her patriotic appeals and national zeal.

There are some, to this day, who still come into her political temple, because it gives them the opportunity to display their particular politics of interests and perhaps, to advance their own pockets and the vulgar of their thick-walled pulps of their brains with little adventurous political progress in state political arena.  Little, at the end, did we know they have the interest of our people at heart but that is the irony of state politics.

Before very long, such a group of men as rightfully expected, have sorely withered asunder in this real cutthroat whirlwinds of political change and manslaughter machination of politics of state progress. Therefore, these men, in my humble opinion, are politicians only by the chance of some circumstance which offered itself when making a choice of career.

Or rather by the former leadership of the movement, which was not only based on factual merits afforded them by their wits and strengths, but through favoritism, and other God knows unscrupulous means, such as the ongoing colossal daytime betrayals of Bor youths at suburban place of Juba—Shierkat, nonetheless to say, by their very own brothers, those whose, because of economic difficulties in our republic, have meted out a gullible lifestyles bereft of personal ethics.

Such leaders are nothing than a pack of morons, who, God prohibits, swirled a half-hearted game of tribalism in their favor. So, who has been going after the youth of Bor Dinka in our national capital? Or has the leadership of National Security been after the youth of Bor Dinka: Why and what for? Convince me! But this is my position and I stand to be right!

However, our people have always said: “It is a greed who has astray asunder but our grains are just ripened!” In a nutshell, the difficulties of our country shall, with passing time, end one day, but the stories of people turning over their community watchdogs to national security, just for those who really know to be short and brief, shall vividly remain in our minds and for posterity.

This simple fact of the matter is not a disposition of justice, and so, the adherents of their bellies have won over the community wellbeing. In short, job seeking is the cause!

Now, on the other hand, a country, however, not to be bogged down by deep mistaken belief and according to this class of the former noblemen, is not just a mere kind of parabola of a looting machine; instead it is, by their virtue of their wit and nobility, the very zealous political game both in a practicality and in a political theory of which they exult, just as much as a sportsman could’ve exulted in the exercise of his muscular prowess in the field of sport.

And so, the sociopolitical progress of their countries, further down the line to this group of men and women, does not only depend on lining up of one’s pocket, but it’s measured by standard of livelihood of one’s own country ordinary citizen including his daily bread, or rather the quantity of enough grain to feed the agronomic society of their men and women.

It was this simple noble cause, which inspired many of our former and later generations of men and women, from the previous unpaid members of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/SPLA), who did not only come from different walks of life to liberate the country, which we have badly worked harder and harder every single day to see to it that it is taken over by foreign powers, but they sacrificed their lot all for a greater good and just for all in their future homeland.

But then again, one thing we, despite the ensuing chaos of unwarranted colossal civil war and state conflict, must always remember: Our very brothers west of the Nile, for time immemorial and since the days of Molana Abel Alier Kuai or even perhaps into years leading to the massacre of Bor Dinka chiefdom’s leaders and influential elders in 1967, have, at our neediest hour, always come to our rescue and sacrificed the best of their sons just to make sure that we see the Sun of tomorrow.

So, why would our brothers turn a state security apparatus against us, unless one has to believe in this baby version of theory; essentially manufactured social media maniacs and passed on along to other adventurous tongues for more misinformation, dispensation and finally, mischaracterization of facts, without filtering source of information surrounding the imprisonment of our brothers!

There is also another class of men, who, without shame and guilt, not only masquerade as compatriots and patriotic citizens, but they come into a state political temple to make an offering of their brain pulp in the hope of assuming a profitable return, and majority of our so-called rebel groups or oppositions fall within the realm of those, who, on the contrary, had gone at length to sell their republic on cheap price in international capitalist market.

These men are politicians only by the chance of some circumstances, which, I am afraid to say, apportioned to them by choice of career of their peers and age-fellows! And if people were to be sent to gallows for the sacrifice of their republic than they might have been captains of that business only. However, the men of likes of Minister Michael Makuei Lueth, not only are they statesmen with clean records, but theirs, unlike ours mired with self-ennoblement and greed, has always taken the burdensomeness of defending their country from international merchant of exploitations, who, to this day, know no boundary of every state from their economic sphere of influence.

And so, this point begs yet but the most probable of many questions than answers, whether the state collapse and especially, the aftermath of December 15th, 2013 economic crisis in our nascent country, had, indeed, turned what was once a vibrant bludgeoning people of Bor into dimwits and a bunch of worthless lots, whose sole objective is to subsist on the coffers of our republic on expense of their very own people and blood by unscrupulous methods, remain a debatable lesson to all and for those who follow the state politics, just to be short and brief.

In a closing: What is eating up our community today, ladies and gentlemen, does not lie within the State National Security apparatus nor the people of the president as the cynics want their reader to believe them, but it is rather our very own —sons, who have, essentially, gone at length by betraying their own as the real enemies of the state progress and the ten folks, who are still languishing in state prison, and that those shall still have no reason to be saved from hungry jaws of Juba’s bedbugs up to this day.

This is logic, which and that must be unmasked by those who still search for answers in haste. But I am convinced that it is job seekers and position hunters who have used every mean at their disposal and in return, landing our people at Blue House in Juba. The question is: Can we entrust such a people with political position and guidance of our beloved community or even our homeland?

But this is the truth of the matter that has lost its meaning lately and which we shall not ignore at all, given that the moment of truth shall set in on every individual record.


The author, Matiop Alier, is a South Sudanese national living in the USA, and can be reached via his email:

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