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Malong Gen. Paul Malong being received in Yirol by Gov. Bor Philip of Eastern Lakes State on May 10, 2017, a day after he was sacked by President Kiir in Juba.

For South Sudan, what has already come around will always come around in order to go around. I mean, the same lobbying group that trooped between Nairobi and Yei in the case of Garang and Kiir in 2004 is now doing so between Juba and Yirol on similar fallout between Malong and Kiir. Here we go…!

But before we go, allow me to warn us. This is May, the month of rebellions in Africa, the month during which Kerubino, Garang, Kiir, Malong, Kuol, Ajongo, and most of us violently broke up with Nimeiri and Jallaba. Our war of liberation started in the military barracks, like that of December 15. God, please, forbid it…because Kiir won’t, will he?

So I am…

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How Salva Kiir is pawning South Sudan for his throne

Posted: November 4, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan



By Gai Mayen Luk

Time and time again, the president has blatantly betrayed the devil in him but he has always been ignored, supported and to a little extent given a lukewarm backlash, depending on the side of the political divide we fall in. It would be trivial to delve into all his past obscenities that undercut most of his public utterances and whose nature ranges from spewing divisive sentiments to controverting the sovereignty of our country. Let us specifically talk about the issue that is trending and its far-reaching implications; his recent statement which he made in Khartoum to wit;

“We have no any other better choices. The fact that innu South Sudan broke away from the Sudan was not really the most choice of everybody. But innu the majority what they decide in a democratic situation people have to go with it. Again innu whatever problems that…

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How South Sudanese Ruling Elites Bankrupted the “Young” Nation

Posted: November 4, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Economy, History, Junub Sudan

How South Sudan’s elite looted its foreign reserves
EXCLUSIVE: Leaked audit report shows how family and friends of top government officials benefited from letters of credit scam.


From rags to riches: the amazing transition of the South Sudanese Minister

The looting of South Sudan

We all know, intuitively, that there is a powerful link between war and money. When the bullets fly, someone dies; meanwhile, someone else is getting rich.

In South Sudan, we know who is dying. At least 50 000 people, mostly civilians, in nearly four years of fighting. That figure is probably a gross underestimate. Another four million – a third of the population – have been forcibly displaced from their homes, fleeing to squalid refugee camps in neighbouring countries or trying to make a new life in dangerous, unfamiliar conditions somewhere else in the country. Families have been torn asunder, livelihoods abandoned, future generations sacrificed in the near-complete absence of education and basic healthcare.

Now we also know who is getting rich. Simona Foltyn’s painstaking investigation into how South Sudan’s ruling elite have stolen and squandered the country’s reserves of foreign currency is an extraordinary insight into the mechanics of looting on a grand, almost unimaginable scale. Nearly a billion dollars cannot be adequately accounted for, according to a report produced by the state’s own auditor-general – a report which, for obvious reasons, the state has been reluctant to make public.

Implicated in the scam are close friends and family of South Sudan’s most senior officials, including figures aligned to both the government and the rebels. It’s clear there are no good guys leading this war – only the rich and powerful trying to get richer and more powerful, casually risking the lives and futures of South Sudan’s people to do so. – Simon Allison

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