Why president Kiir should take lion’s heart and makes hard decision

Posted: November 5, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

Why president Kiir should take lion’s heart and makes hard decision for the sake of the nation and her inhabitants

By Dut Kuot Akok, Juba, South Sudan


Deputy speaker of the national assembly Gen. Awet Akot, Vice President Wani Igga, President Kiir, Defense Minister Gen. Kuol Manyang and Chief of Staff Gen. Ajongo Mawut

November 5, 2017 (SSB) — South Sudan has been engulfed by what our politicians called as a senseless and objective-less war and still they don’t want to bring it to a complete end. This war has no objectives other than the fulfillment of individual interests and cementation of their positions. It started as a power wrangling within the ruling party which thereafter exploded and subjected the innocent citizens who have nothing to do with politics into pervasive and humiliating abject poverty they didn’t experience since the creation of Adam and Eve.

It is a war that is characterized by wild and crazy destruction of properties, brother killing another brother and inhuman raping of elderly people including men. This current war of interests and positions is not in the good interest of our people since it has subjected them to the unbearable life of miser-ability and beggar-hood in the middle of abundant resources such as, oil, minerals, fertile land that can germinate mental, forest and reservoir water to mention but just a few. This SPLM catastrophe cannot and will never be won by either side to the conflicts.

It only needs compromise from the conflicting parties and in particular our president since he was elected by the very people who are loitering miserably without food, shelter and clean drinking water. He (president) should borrow lion’s heart and makes the hard and absolute decision that seems impossible in our Africans politics.  He should put the interest of the people above the interest of these morons and frivolous gossipers turned politicians in the current Government of national unity.

Sincerely speaking, the real problem of South Sudan is not president Kiir, but the big monsters that have deceived the president in the name of pieces of advice until they driven the destitute into the endless abyss are the problem and a threat to peace and tranquility restoration in the Republic of South Sudan. They don’t want to depart the current paradise and honeymoon they are living in, they are ready to sacrifice our lives, resources, and sovereignty if it could ensure their prolonged stay in the status quo.

They have no peace in their mouth other than war in whatever they do; they don’t care nor pity the suffering people are going through such as, crazy sky-rocking of everything in the market, lack of medical services, random killing and lack of access to the schools due to the increased in school fees.

And since we all know the legacy and achievements of president Kiir during the struggle, his prowess during the struggle has achieved him fame and unforgettable legacies, the first president of the republic, the father of the nation and the only surviving hero among the founding fathers of the historical movement (SPLM/A) of 1983-2005.

But as a matter of facts, his positive achievements and legacies will remain in our living memory if he acts intellectually to rescue the dying masses from current life-threatening abject poverty otherwise, his achievements and legacy could merely be overclouded by the current failures under his stewardship.

It is true that he has been let down by those he trusts most but who is to be blamed for all that is unfolding? Absolutely he is to blame because he has left his door open to gossipers who camouflaged as politicians. Take, for instance, our civil servants including organized forces have not received their salaries for more than seven months and we are getting millions of Dollars from oil exportation, taxes from Nimule, airports, and markets in the whole country. Just let him asks himself where they are pocketing them to since there no any initiated developmental activities since the outbreak of December 2013 crisis.

The answer is always, they are fuelling their stomachs and accounts with their kids and kin. The good example of this was the mission-less and fruitless trip of presidential mouthpiece and South Sudan youth president some weeks back, instead of going to Salva Dagas and Bashir Malesh camps in Sudan where the poverty displaced citizens of Mading Aweil are living in order to brief them about the so-called national dialogue which is a national project realistically and see their living conditions, laughable, they decided to Go to Egypt where 95% of Aweilians  who went there was due to educational factor.

Without exaggeration, Salva Kiir shared a lot of things in common with Nelson Mandela if we compare their dedications and sacrifices for the sake of liberty to the people but what comes after the attainment of liberty is what makes far-reaching differences between the two.

Realistically and as a matter of facts, the now stagnant so-called national dialogue nor the recently proposed revitalization of the agreement are not solutions to the current devastating SPLM war. Here, I will not dwell much on the already abused and contradicting initiative (National dialogue). It is impossible and illogical to expect positive outcomes when others are unconstitutionally confined at home, no participation of Riek, Johnson Ulony, Thomas Cirillo and Joseph Bagazi. Hence, we are simply dialoguing within the government of national unity if I am not mistaken.

And concerning the revitalization of the agreement, in my own perspective is the revitalization of war in Juba and South Sudan as a whole. I said so because, to revitalize the agreement, first, you need to know that Riek will be back to the current government. And his coming back will possibly demote the current first vice president either to where he came from or to the position of vice president. But if it happens like the former, then the question is; will Taban accept to be weaned from this paradise and honeymoon and go home in peace and quiet?

Absolutely no, because it is illogical to expect him to surrender the position in peace and quiet since he does have men that could probably fight for him. And if it turned to be a moving backward process, then will Wani accept to be sacrificed for the third time? Absolutely no, perhaps it would be the straw that will break camel his back. To be honest, Wani is the only patriotic leader who loves peace to prevail but this continues humiliation will force him to break his silence.

Moreover, assume that they are all accommodated in their respective designed positions including the position of prime minister, but another question that arises is; will they work with zeal and patriotic spirit to prosper our country or back us to another cycle of war? Absolutely it is another compulsory prayer beneath our beds for the third time in waiting. And to my worry and caution to both side, all these time, you were playing your two half without referee of which you used to played unlawfully and end the match before full time with o-o drawn followed by physical fight and leave innocent supporters in loggerhead to bloodbath themselves inhumanly for no tangible reason.

It was a continuous occurrence since 2013-2016 until you reached extra time. This time, the match will be overseen by unknowingly brought international referee sugarcoated as regional referee. Again, there will be no drawn from both sides, it is either you won in extra time or in the penalty shootout but, I doubt the neutrality of the referee. And if he favors one side then the end of the match will be another destruction of properties and lives which seems like another Somalization and Warlordism in waiting.

Therefore, to avoid the aforementioned negatives predictions, I do like to put the below recommendations on the table of his Excellency as follows:

First, Dissolution and Prohibition of SPLM not to be Name by any political party in South Sudan. This suggestion will not go down well with the yesterday self-proclaimed to be a diehard SPLM cadres who are purely NCP in blood, thinking and action. They argued that SPLM is not the problem, but for their information, SPLM was cursed since its inception. Many people died because of power struggle dating back to its inception in 1983. It was nurtured in bloody and brutal environment, people like Benjamin Bol Akok, Gai Tut, Akuot Atem, Joseph Oduhu, Kerbino Kuayin, William Nyoun and many others died innocently because of power struggle, Followed by 1991 Bor massacred and the subsequent target killing of soldiers who happened to be from Machar’s tribesmen and lastly, the inhuman killing of December 2013 and dogfight of 2016.

Hence, SPLM is a curse and a killer of our people, and as such, it is better to discard the said cursed acronym and let them form their own parties using different acronym rather than to continues dividing themselves into many parties and maintain the same acronym since they perceived that SPLM is the steppingstone to political paradise in South Sudan. These contradicting and laughable SPLM factions were formed with that perception, for example, SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO, SPLM-IO-IG, SPLM-FDS-IO, SPLM-FDS-IG, SPLM-NASIR, SPLM-TORIT, SPLM-DC and SPLM without of these hijackers who up to now do not know how to sing our national anthem.

Secondly, Reveal the Names of seventy-five officials who were accused of embezzling four billion Dollars. Revealing their names, in my opinion, can solve 75% of our problems for the reason that, 95% of self-enforced candidates who are eyeing top seat are possibly believed to be in top ten of the embezzlers. Hence, exposing their corrupt activities will enable our civil population to know who embezzled their resources in order to let them weed the candidates and vote to the most transparent and incorruptible candidate come 2018. Also, it will be a good retaliation to those who work against the success of the government of president Kiir so as to enable them to ascend to the presidency.

Last but not least, Nelson Mandela is being held with deep respect by the people of South Africa because of his dedications and sacrifices he did to free them from the apartheid rule of white. He was jailed for 27 years, and overcame it and confronts the apartheid government diplomatically until he brought absolute liberty to the blacks of which he was elected democratically as the first black president in the history of South Africa. During his time in office as a president, he worked whole heartily to improve the economy, land reform, living standard and health services to the people.

He served his people from 1994-1999, but to the surprised of the world and African dictators, in particular, he declined the second election and threw back the ball to the people because he wanted to be exemplary since he was regarded as an icon of democracy and social justice. He received 250 awards including Novel peace prize not because he stayed a lot in power but it was because of what he did to the people of South Africa.

Henceforth, legacy is not determined by the prolonging of lifespan in power according to perceptions of some Africans heads of states, but it is cemented via positive achievements you did for the prosperity of your country and her inhabitants economically, socially and politically.

And finally, in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi set up himself on fire as a protest to the government failures to provide jobs opportunities on 17-12-2011. That incident led to the peaceful demonstration in his hometown which later spread to other major cities. And in response, Zine El Abedin Ben Ali left Tunisia to Saudi Arabic not because he was afraid to confront civilian military that his intellectual decision was to avoid foreign intervention in their internal affairs in the Name of democracy.

Always, we are the one who invites foreigners into our internal affairs due to our rigid attitudes and miscalculation of the would-be negative and positive outcomes of our action. Perhaps, his intelligent and humble action had saved Tunisia from going down the fate of Libya.

Both silent and truth kill in South Sudan, so it is up to you to choose the best alternative of your choice. Truth is bitter and liberating as well.

Dut Kuot Akok, the writer, has Honors Degree in Rural Development from the University of Juba, South Sudan and can be reached via his Email address: dutkuot8@gmail.com.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address, city and the country you are writing from.

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