Government Refuses Gen. Paul Malong’s Request to Relocate to the UNMISS PoC

Posted: November 9, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in History, Junub Sudan, Press Release

President Kiir refused to grant Gen. Paul Malong’s request to be allowed to relocate to UNMISS PoC camps together with his bodyguards

Malong statement1Malong statement2

Remarks from President Kiir in his meeting with Aweil Youth and Community Elders in Juba, South Sudan

1) Malong is not a political figure or leader in NBeG, but a military officer of the national army under the order of the president, so he has to comply with the orders.

2) I, President Kiir, recognizes the influence of the people and youth of NBeG, and I am not starting a fight with them. They should not attack those of Warrap (Kiir’s home territory)

3) Since it is a military issue, I, as the president of South Sudan, cannot retract my order, or let Malong leave the country. He (Malong) must be disciplined and he must obey the orders from his commander in chief, period.

4) Malong must submit to discipline, and eventually, he can become “like those of Mamur” …Mamur is the NSS Minister who was arrested and jailed for a time before independence.

5) The reason that Malong must be disciplined in the first place is due to the fact that he “disturbed” the presidency by attempting to take power during a time of crisis. The presidency should be left alone until there is some peace, then he can “join those of Machar, and whoever wants to run for president.”

6) The youth leaders should return to Aweil and calm the situation there.

  1. Daniel Ajaang Yuot says:

    Even though it has taken very long time to release Gen. Malong Awan.; I am very please for his release if it is true. Gen. Awan is the best person who don’t like problems to continue within South Sudan. In reality Awan is a man of peace, who like peace to come for any south Sudanese person.
    Welcome to your freedom Gen. Awan. I am your fan.
    Thank be to AlmightyGod, Amen.
    Daniel Ajaang Yuot


  2. Akol Akol says:

    Kiir, A useless idiotic figure in the country.
    A dog would have said thank you to Malong on the brave show he put in an attempt to defending Kiir in the name of constitution.

    I do not understand why the rest in the government do not read the ubiquitous signs in relation to Malong’s situation. The signs that one day anybody could be betrayed by this de facto president in the name of Salva Kiir. They should read those signs and then revolt as early as now.

    To all Awiel’s sons, the justification that Malong is a military officer who is indiscipline and for which to detain and kill him ( as in the plan ) are rubbish. Take up arms and die before Malong is dead.

    Pissed off!


  3. Daniel Ajaang Yuot says:

    I wonder how Gen. Malong is claimed by South Sudan Government to be still a soldier. Has Gen. Malong been given another position in the army now? or is it because Gen. Malong was previously a soldier? Is he not been dismissed from his position of being Chief of General Staff?.
    How can someone be disciplined while no longer in the job? If Gen. Malong was wrong in something, has any court been formed and looked into what Gen. Malong has done wrong, or is the president the judge for Gen. Malong?
    What I know is that if a person want to take someone to court, the person must catch him/her red handed, but not just assume that he may do such and such. Is going to hometown became a crime in South Sudan? So, if the president or any minister is no loner a president or a minister, he/she won’t go to his/her hometown. Then, put that into law, such that to be known and respected by anyone who want to contest for presidency or ministry.
    If really both of them (Gen. Malong and President Kiir) have reached an agreement, then I hope Malong is now a free citizen and can move about freely in South Sudan without any restrictions.
    Thank you.


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