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Energy Africa Conference 2017

Denver- Colorado, November 9, 2017

Remarks by David Mayen Dengdit, Press Secretary- Office of the Vice President

Republic of South Sudan

Title: Energy Security in South Sudan

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November 12, 2017 (SSB) — I am honored to be part of this important gathering, Energy Africa Conference 2017. It would have been even more special if I attended and participated physically, not least because it is held in the beautiful city of Denver where my family and I spent more than two memorable years of our lives. Indeed, it is special because it allows me to speak about my country South Sudan and the potential it holds in terms of energy resources and challenges therein.

Like most sub-Saharan countries, South Sudan is a country rich in energy resources such as oil, hydropower, and solar. Around these resources, the country’s range of energy security issues may not be so different from its continental neighbors’, yet peculiarities would control the shape of solutions and predicted costs involved.


Makeer Kuol Koriom, Melbourne, Australia


November 11, 2017 (SSB) — From December 2013, South Sudan had not witnessed peace. Political instability has become a ‘new normal’. Hatred is so stoked up. Consequently, unnecessary killings had intensified as tribes and sections of tribes find it plausible to mobilize against the other.

There has been an increase in criminal activities. Cattle rustlings, lootings, and robberies in cities and along high ways and killing of innocent passengers have become so impervious that they are often ignored by authorities. This was never the case before 2013 crisis descended onto the country.

Also, the war had crippled the nascent economy. All major economic activities that were functioning since the government was incepted in 2005 are halted. Shortage of hard currency, which resulted from the hostile business environment have curtailed normal business operations. Other worst aspects of the war include, but not limited to, displacement of civil population.