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Here are the top South Sudanese students in Kenya who scored above 400 marks for the 2017 KCPE results. Nine (9) girls to eight (8) boys. GIRL POWER in action.



  1. Jonathan Kiri Lomole (M) scored 435 out of 500
  2. Abuk Nyang Deng (F) scored 431 out of 500
  3. Winnie Arek Garang (F) scored 429 out of 500
  4. Ngor Deng Ngor (M) scored 428 out 500.
  5. Samuel Chirbek Manyang (M) scored 428 out of 500
  6. Nyankiir Ezra Majok Chol (F) scored 424 out of 500
  7. Nyanut Maluach Kuot (F) scored 421 out of 500.
  8. Stephen Lotiam (M) scored 418 out of 500
  9. Abuk Gabriel Jok Riak (F) scored 417 out of 500.
  10. Abuk Jeremiah Deng Akol (F) scored 416 out of 500.
  11. Adut Philip Aguer Panyang (F) scored 415 out of 500
  12. Nyanwut Lem Chan (F) scored 413 out of 500
  13. Rhoda Kwong Dhanier (F) scored 413 out of 500
  14. Magot Thuch Ayii (M) scored 413 out of 500.
  15. Wei John Thokwath (M) scored 412 out of 500.
  16. Gieu Yiik Ajak (M) scored 412 out of 500
  17. Liol Madhang Majok (M) scored 410 out of 500


Abuk Nyang Deng

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By Lucy Ayak Malek, Nairobi, Kenya

Malong in exile1

Gen. Paul Malong arriving in Nairobi, Kenya

November 23, 2017 (SSB) — For a woman used to living a simple private life, the situation of the past few months has really pushed me into a position where I have been confronted by very powerful people who operated in my husband’s world. When my husband was released last week, I hoped to get back to my quiet life with my family, but once again I find myself being forced to issue a public statement.

First, I was compelled to write a public appeal to the President to plead for my husband’s release, an appeal that shed light into the secrecy of my husband’s house arrest, initially prompting denials from people within government, until it became undeniable. Upon realizing that it was in the open, they resorted to escalating the situation, to the extent of deploying troops to surround our home, hoping to provoke my husband into a fight so they can kill him.

Thank God Gen. Malong saw through their evil plots and remained calm. Much as I had initially lost hope in the President for letting those around him drive the situation to that extent that was out of a wife’s desperation. I now wish to especially extend my sincere gratitude to Your Excellency for seeing the truth and standing up to the haters of peace when you successfully deescalated the situation through your directive to the Committee of the Concerned Citizens for Peace.


Brought Down by His Wife, President Mugabe

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By Taban Abel Aguek, Yirol, South Sudan

Hurt by his wife, Grace

King Robert has nothing more to brace;

He fell from grace to one Grace to grass

Just like a little feeble lass.

King Robert is now all but disgraced,

His legacy is all but deeply defaced,

He has shifted away from hero.

Now he is reading zero.