List of 42 People Killed in Duk Payuel County, Jonglei State, by Murle Raiders

Posted: November 30, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

List of Victims of Duk Payuel County Massacre of 27th November 2017


  1. Deng Yuol Ader – Chief
  2. Lual Machuk Nhial – Chief.
  3. Nyandeng Nyakan Malek – Child.
  4. Jok Mayul Reath – Child.
  5. Nyuon Chol Nhial. Child.
  6. Lueth Ket Rabang – Child.
  7. Akech Atem – Child.
  8. Deng Leek Deng – Soldier.
  9. Duot Deng Duot – CRS.
  10. Diing Deng Monybeer – CRS.
  11. Ajah Chol Ajack.
  12. Nyagach Bayak Diu.
  13. Mayen Mapur Kuai.
  14. Adut Rou Pajok.
  15. Maker Anyang Ayom.
  16. Abul Yhen Bol.
  17. Kuthin Deng Dut.
  18. Riak Kuir Koyor.
  19. Adau Deng Duot.
  20. Achol Manyik Yai.
  21. Ajah Malok Deng.
  22. Abuk Bol Ater.
  23. Nyandeng Thon Ayuel.
  24. Ayul Kok Deng.
  25. Yany Lam.
  26. Mageu Riak Aleer.
  27. Chol Nyot Lual.
  28. Kuai Lul Guet.
  29. Nyaker Tut Tong.
  30. Achol Yuol Ader.
  31. Makuei Atem Goch. Soldier
  32. Apiir Machut Akech.
  33. Nyawai Nuer.
  34. Achok Manyok Puot.
  35. Dr. Biar Chagai Biar.
  36. Aweek Mayek Aleer.
  37. Juma Pitia John.
  38. Ajah Mayul Reath.
  39. Magai Bang Deng.
  40. Nyamot Kanjai.
  41. Nyapayuel Mayul.
  42. A Driver of John Dau Foundation.

May their Souls Rest in Peace (R.I.P)


Chol Deng De Manyok, November 28 at 8:30pm, Disaster of Duk Payuel County

It is so sad today and traumatized me, we buried people in the mass grave for Payuel attacked 4-8 people in one grave. Others families lost all members. It still in my eye seeing the mass grave, guys pray for us and families of the victims. Our bro whom we work together and love him lost his children being abducted and the wife gets killed, he survived because he was on workplace with us.Over 43 children, women, old people were killed in the attack, 60 children and women abducted and 13 wounded. It very sad dear friends, relatives. In this attacked 6 humanitarian aid workers lost their lives. We did not know to do in South Sudan. Ohhhhh!!!! My people, is it the way you are going to finished, my LORD, my LORD see your people, their blood is irrigating pasture to be grazed and browsed by unknown animals.

Taban summon the governor of Jonglei and Boma states

  1. Thank you for remembering their names to us.


  2. Gai Riak says:

    it is not the first time you fools ,hypocrites, ruthless leaders are seeing this , you and keep quiet when it’s attacked but when dinkas attacking you tend to react fast like last time ,Mr unlearned president said”it is a national a threat ” when dinkas when to attack murle and threatened to send his soldiers to fight Boor ,why then when dinkas are killed you keep quiet , you Barkazels, your stupidity and selfish policy to eliminate Boor is known but without Boor ,you wouldn’t be leaders, Gai Riak Thuch , Bweyale- Kiryandongo,Uganda


  3. leeksamdukpayuelgmailcom says:

    Let’s leave this because it’s already gone. worst revenge must happen to Murle. It will be heard in history that there was a tribe call “Murle” after revenge from Duk to Murle land. No living thing will remain after that revenge.


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