Local Governments must institute tougher laws on cattle rustling, child abduction

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Local Governments must come up with tougher laws on cattle rustling, children and women abduction

Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


December 5, 2017 (SSB) — Raiding and abduction have contributed to the considerable loss of social respect and dignity among various communities in South Sudan, the practices has been one of the major cause of conflict, death, and poverty across the land of South Sudan particularly to the cattle keeping communities, it has led to enmity and much social oddness.

Rustling and abduction are the latest part of social and economic injustice that is being carried out by criminals either in organized groups or in a number.

There have been some disturbances and high tensions that have been associated with such practices in South Sudan, for the normalization of communities’ relationship and social justice cattle rustling, women and child abduction need to be criminalized in South Sudan by introducing toughest laws that will deactivate the devilish practices.

Those laws will not spare the chiefs and communities leaders hence; putting them under the hook of wrongdoing, that step alone can exert the pressure of answerability on them, therefore; chances of criminal’s exposure and identification will be unlocked without hindrance.

There is nowhere on earth where one’s children can sneak out of the compound without guardian knowledge and action in-waiting when the children return with some stolen properties, a principled parent will shower them with many questions of where and whys?

Accountability is the tethering cord for social justice, identification of criminals can be effortless if their leadership is accounted for any evilest activities carries out by their subjects in case they fail to identify them.

In an example, if I am the sub-chief of my location and it happens that a mysterious number of cattle and abducted children enter my locality I will never pass my blessing to such bloody belongings such that I reserve the community dignity and leadership oath.

If the chief fear criminals’ bloody hearts and hands then he can secretly inform the law enforcing organs in his location about any devilish activities.

Cattle rustling and child abduction have been the greatest loss of lives and properties in South Sudan leading to disorganization of the social fabric; local governments in South Sudan must, therefore, frame tougher laws on rustling and child abduction.

Dear chiefs, the title chief is both a noble and accountable title, to be called a chief is an oath driven mandate that makes one responsible for all the behaviors and practices of the subjects within the territory of control.

 In any rural form of settlements poor harvests due to laziness, rudeness in the community, hostility, and crimes are connected to feeble guidance from the chiefs. Chiefs must always be responsible for the tricks and negative behaviors of their subjects.

Youths, women, and children bad deals cannot escape the watching and glaring eyes of the chiefs, as such the 33 chiefs of States and Abyei have to manifest to the people of South Sudan the aim and objective of the council by engaging the chiefs of South Sudan on how to denounce bad practices and dishonesty.

And if the Chiefs fail to educate and control the issue of child abduction, cattle raiding and killings, in that case, the state governments must every time holds the chiefs accountable if they fail to hand over the suspected wrongdoers.

The issue of cattle raiding and child abduction needs to be carefully looked into by the chiefs of South Sudan. Child abduction and cattle raiding should not be allowed as an economic activity within the Republic South Sudan; people of South Sudan have been fighting many liberation wars because of marginalization, resources thievery, and rightful identity.

Dear Attackers, it is never a blessing to kill, raid or abduct children. The fate of wrong ownership is punishable in any way possible, you can kill today but tomorrow be killed, you can raid cattle today but can be raided tomorrow, and you can abduct a child today but the falsehood of living with someone blood can never be a lineage blessing.

Attackers you have committed numerous destructions for a number of years, you have closed some families’ lineages during your inhuman hunt for cattle and children.

Your merciless activities have resulted in a multitude of orphans, widows, and widowers and heartlessly you have made many aging youths wifeless because of your inhuman practices.

Attackers, how will you feel if your grandfather’s longtime acquired wealth is possessed by a stranger in an hour attacks? Attackers, how will you feel if your own blood child is abducted and your wife, father, mother, grandfather, and grandmother mercilessly killed in a cold blood?

Attackers, how will you feel if your households are burned down under no specific enmity? Attackers, you should change your merciless act because the time of slavery has long gone, why are you filling up your compounds with children of different wombs and blood?

Attackers will the DNA of the numerous kids you have stolen match your DNA tests?

Can Abductors swear by the blood of their fathers and forefathers, attackers and abductors the best part about it all is that you can also be killed but why can you be killed?

Dear victims of greediness attacks, plainly you have been made orphans, widows, and widowers and probably poorer by the attackers and appallingly some of you have no one to call a relative because of massive and merciless killings by the attackers who had killed and have taken enough of your belongings, the Lord who is the giver of the human soul and the provider of belongings is closely following the attackers and their blood and souls will never be spared.

Conducts of mankind are portrayed according to how one was brought up by his parents and community during his infancy, childhood, adolescent and finally to adulthood.

It is because of various ideologies that every nation comes up with the constitution in order to frame the thoughts and plans of the citizens, as it is said an eye for an eye can make the whole nation blind, it is, therefore, very important if one maintains a conscientious status of not being involved in senseless killings, cattle raiding and cruel children abductions.

It is also wise to ask constitutional privilege and be seated under the shadow of rule by not forgetting an antelope that has stuck in the water with its own effort and God mercy can never be a prey to an angry crocodile.

Attackers and abductors in the Republic of South Sudan should closely be linked to their chiefs and localities, such move will strengthen communal laws and level of behavior.

Cattle rustling, child, and women abduction are the greatest roots of social evil

Awuol Gabriel Arok, a Writer and a Poet, has a Bachelor Degree in Social and Developmental Studies from the University of Juba, South Sudan, he is the author of unpublished book ‘‘The Wisdom Horn’’ and an Initiator of ‘‘Your Tribe is My Tribe’’ and ‘‘Giving Heart Foundation’’ initiatives. He can be reached via his email Address: jjmkamzeearokson@yahoo.com

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