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By Hon. Barnaba Okony Gilo, Juba, South Sudan

Murle dancing

December 5, 2017 (SSB) — Compatriots, the simultaneous attack of Murle to innocents’ citizens of Duk of Dinka Bor and Tedo (Daktek) in the Anyuak kingdom and other places in Bong Nuer areas shouldn’t be tolerated. Murle is the most aggressive primitive people. They went far to abduct kids from Ethiopia. That behavior is not acceptable in the Republic of South Sudan.

This is the appropriate time for greater Jonglei people to come together and address the crimes against humanity being practiced by Murle community. The Murle community leaders, stakeholders, and youth have tremendously failed to administer, govern and control themselves.

They continue violating all agreements between Boma state and Jonglei State for our beloved people including Murle to live in peace and harmony. But rude criminals continuously abduct children, women, and killing innocent people.


By Zack Mayul, Kampala, Uganda


December 5, 2017 (SSB) — Last week I walked myself to downtown (Kampala City Center) – to my usual boutique where I have been buying clothes for the last three years since I become a resident in this country.  Christmas is coming in soon and I need few some clothes to cover myself since I have been investing my mergers on other things. Unfortunately, I found the place was under a new management, and the people I found there were dealing only ladies outfits.

Before shifting, I have known some few faces: two gentlemen that I have been interacting; they both speak Swahili and one lady who happened to be an alumna of the college.  In the process, I have been very reluctant to ask their names and business contacts and applied the ideology that customer is the king. I have been assuming in fact that it is the sole responsibility of the seller to attract customers in all ways possible.


By Sunday de John, Juba, South Sudan

Hope RSS


December 5, 2017 (SSB) — South Sudanese, of all walks of life, locally here and abroad are people of one identity. They are a society so homogenous in many physical aspects except for a few social disimilarities.

Despite this consonance and of recent, the society once described as stable and solidly one has seen a drastic drop from that point of anchorage in just four years.

The conflict is the bane of our harmony. We are no more a compact society. We have been disintegrated by hate into bitter sections, we have seen family against itself this is much a disheartening unforetold flop.


Local Governments must come up with tougher laws on cattle rustling, children and women abduction

Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


December 5, 2017 (SSB) — Raiding and abduction have contributed to the considerable loss of social respect and dignity among various communities in South Sudan, the practices has been one of the major cause of conflict, death, and poverty across the land of South Sudan particularly to the cattle keeping communities, it has led to enmity and much social oddness.

Rustling and abduction are the latest part of social and economic injustice that is being carried out by criminals either in organized groups or in a number.

There have been some disturbances and high tensions that have been associated with such practices in South Sudan, for the normalization of communities’ relationship and social justice cattle rustling, women and child abduction need to be criminalized in South Sudan by introducing toughest laws that will deactivate the devilish practices.


National Dialogue Steering Committee: Sub-committee on Refugees & International Outreach

Media Briefing on consultations in Uganda and Kenya

Juba International Airport

2:40 PM / December 05th, 2017

Press Release

Good after Noon ladies and gentlemen of the press

National Dialogue, concept reflictions by Mading Deng

“In this polarized and polarizing conflict, perceptions can overshadow reality, and whatever the equation of the power structures, the Dinka are being seen as having replaced the Arabs as the rulers in an ethnically unjust system. As the various ethnic groups converge against what they perceive as Dinka domination, the Dinka in turn begin to perceive themselves as targeted and paradoxically as in imminent danger of a genocidal onslaught. They therefore strive to mobilize themselves in self-defense.” – Dr Francis Mading Deng – SOUTH SUDAN NATIONAL DIALOGUE; Conceptual Reflections page 43

December 05, 2017 (SSB) — The leadership of the National Dialogue’s Subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach would wish to extend its gratitude and appreciations to the media for the good coverage of the consultations in the Republics of Uganda and Kenya. We equally thank and acknowledge the keen interests of our public and listeners, viewers, or readers of various media; electronic, broadcast and print.

We have returned today from Uganda and Kenya after more than three weeks of consultations with our citizens living in those two countries. Our mission started on November 13/11 2017 in Kampala, Uganda for seven days where we met representatives of the stakeholders and consult with them for three days at Royale Imperial Hotel and we had consulted differently staff members of our diplomatic mission to the Republic of Uganda.