The Atemporal Vibrancy of Hon. Victor Atem Atem as Governor of Gogrial State

Posted: December 8, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Wunkuel, South Sudan

Gogrial state

December 8, 2017 (SSB) — Most of the problems manufactured by men can equally be resolved by men if it is not a curse or taboo in human living. Any persistent conflict can be solved by God too. So let us be hopeful and agree that any other catastrophe engineered by men can get a solution if not by humans, then with the help of God or by nature.

There is no place on earth where the armed civilians can be stronger than the national army and government unless the perceived unwillingness or ignorance to stop the escalation of violence between fighting communities in South Sudan has a pointing finger of blame on individual or group conspiracies.

This idea of people are not the same is slowly entering into our rigid brains that even brothers/sisters of one woman-one man can be different in thinking and control measures when it comes to public concerns. Even the helter-skelter gubernatorial predecessor of Hon. Atem Atem has admitted and acknowledged that his tenure had insinuated a wider leadership vacuum and partisanism in the State.

For those who look at things in their selfish dimensions undermining the general perspective, still, have another golden opportunity to learn how to draw conclusions from the wider area rather than the squeezed bureaucratic summary and the almighty God would not hesitate to shift them from ideologies of pessimism to philosophy optimism.

With the return of calm and lawfulness in the State, Hon. Victor Atem Atem and his team deserve to be advanced with congratulatory messages for having quickly abated what is believe in other camps as of no win-win theory.

The appointment of the new governor together with the declaration of the State of Emergency and the army intervention from Division Three to disarm the fighting civilians in the State, can also be evaluated and recommended for use to also quell down violence in Western Lake State and Boma-Jonglei States where the similar pattern of conflict cycles remain a terrifying stake.

These seasonal civilian confrontations have now for many years fully suited detrimental to the local economic activities, movement of people, grazing of domestic animals and insecurity along commercial routes and centers in the areas within or between the affected States. Unless justice prevails in those avenues, to have the culprits accounted for or even punished if found guilty of any atrocities committed during the course of the conflict in the local court of laws.

Despite the recent spread of cohesiveness, disarmament, and calm among communities in Gogrial, Hon. Atem and his government still have on the table series of conflict-generated challenges that need immediate attention.

Among the top priorities, is the food insecurity in the areas highly affected by the fighting over the period of sectional unrest on the spotlights and the other remaining challenges in hierarchy, include the rebuilding of social fabric and trust among the people and the call for humanitarian aids to reach the conflict-affected population before the arrival of the next year rainy season which could in one way or another jeopardize the relief deliverables in the intended locations.

The Presidential decree for free movement of NGOs and UN agencies with no security hindrances is another added advantage to the vulnerable group and quick delivery of whatever services the UN agencies and NGOs wanted to inject.

I hope the governor would immediately implement the organizations’ free movement and access to the volatiles areas for basic needs supply and imminent hunger counter plan. The fear of disgruntled elements and political gamblers in Juba who use community conflict for position gains might stage a threat to the tenure of Hon. Governor Atem Atem in the black business of undermining his immediate success realized so far so good.

Who do you think is so green about the master-minders of community conflicts across South Sudan? It is politically motivated, it is an interest-based ploy and it is generated by either desperation of job loss or gain in and outside of Juba. It could also be regarded in a wider analysis as a blatant scheme of retaining power wherever it exists so that unwanted elections remain to be the push on grounds of insecurity situation.

So People in the position of power must now realize that blood of the women and children ruthlessly killed in these conflicts will count one day if not now maybe in the future when things turn around.

Let it be a concern for all of us to courageously advocate for everlasting peace from the remote villages to the towns of South Sudan as part of peace efforts on the table right now to stop the horrific intended killings of our brothers and sisters on roads being announced to have been killed by an unknown gunman. So this author appreciates the leadership style and control of the State affairs by Hon. Governor, Victor Atem Atem.

However, these writings are driven by the subsiding gun violence in Gogrial State, the acknowledgement of others’ success and matter of truth in case anyone view it through different lenses as a lobby stuff for kickbacks, I am not interested and this writer had never, ever condoned such a kind of things in reference to my previous articulations on political events and crisis.

The governor of Gogrial State, Hon. Atem Atem should just concentrate on tackling the security situation, hunger, and lawlessness wherever it exists in his compassionate spirit and mechanism he has shown in few months.

The sound minded groups shall always remain in support of leaders who uphold justice, security, development, and prosperity as we also closely watch the others who are warmongering, corrupting and killings-up to the time they would plead guilty to the long arms of justice.

With these profound compliments on your ensued return of calm in the State, I request your strength to continue in the same spirit and be vigilant on those who might want to prolong the existence of violence in your State and avoid misleading advice especially those that suggest the recurrence of the conflict cycles. You are an ideal man and keep it up!

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  1. Wol Thiik says:

    Atleast, everybody is calm now in the state and government should bring the criminals to justice!


  2. Makoi Marial says:

    You people of Gogrial tell the president kiir to remove Matur Chuut and help the people of western lake also!


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