Who is to blame for the woes facing the Directorate of Nationality, Passport & Immigration

Posted: December 15, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

The Directorate of Nationality, Passport & Immigration in Imminent Danger of Collapsing- The Principal To Blame!

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

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December 15, 2017 (SSB) — President Salva Kiir’s intransigence to cease from his unlimited appointments of corrupt and illiterate officials to head technical institutions has now yielded into a complete collapsed of the institutions and might equally result to insignificance of the government for the people they claimed to be working for as the repercussions of that malfunctioning bounce back to his presidency with prevailing power struggle.

The rule of law and respect for the system and its bylaws is the driving force for good governance and Directorate of Nationality, Passport, and Immigration which has abandoned its yellow books is not exceptional in this case.

As the only institution in the country entrusted for immigration control and production of identity documents, it was pre-maturely accorded the recognition of success over the last five years since inception under Majak’s exalted predecessor.

The DNPI under the stewardship of Gen. Majak Akec is now sophisticated and infested with dysfunction and systemic corruption ranging from the mismanagement of public funds, non efficiency of the system, selective promotion, deployment of technical know who and not technical know-how, as the existing conflict of interest override the limits with the squandered amount of money siphoned by hooks and crooks through the hard-eye cruelty continues.(Survival for the fitters-Scientist Charles Darwin).

Gen. Majak Akec Malok who rose from the rank of lieutenant colonel to lieutenant general in less than three months stands tall like a moving cyclone in the desert or a smoke of the wild fire in the savannah and had nothing to respect in any systematic process except his God father-Gen. Achuil Tito Madut who acted for him like benevolent spirit when he was an acting minister of interior and caused ranking disorder in the institution he once built.

Now bribery and shortcuts for positions and ranks is the order of the day and the only standing perplexity and experience he and his inner junior sycophants can undoubtedly claim to the current achievements and what might come for the future. He himself on SSBC talk show welcomed the critics and publically claimed Migration Academy in Luri as one of his own concrete achievement, is it true? I doubt!

Rumors had it that he is rehearsing to bribe his way for the Governorship of Western Lake State since he is not interested in IGP and Presidency, he was quoted as saying, if Matur Chuut can do why not him yet both of them are of the same caliber- My prayers for the people of Western Lake State.

So Maj. Gen. Simon Majur Pabek had no choice between resignation and keeping the keys of the administration just because the junior who was reporting to him in 2015 is now the senior he should also report to and game became the hide and seek or much more similar to tit for tat or an eye for an eye.

The disrespect for the system has wildly attributed to desperation Maj. Gen. Charles with the vexing question of why the system had to treat him that way. The cruelty over the rightful prospects of others with no reasonable ground to consume them for their own is at the appalling rate as per now.

The unprolific illusion has consequently victimized a bunch of respectful, educated and active workforce who lacks a back up for deployment, promotion, and even access to allowances due to the influence emanating from the corridor of powers. The alleged mistreatment of the workforce is conspicuously identified on the faces of those victimized officers by the persistent conflict of personalizing public funds at the top management level.

The distinctive atmosphere of the directorate is now surrounded by the imminent aura of the failure and the imminent collapse of it looming on high-speed in-and-out of the institution if not urgently rescued from the claws of the beasts.

That is why it has always been hard for a semi-literate to manage success in any institution once administered by a learnt character. We just assume here in South Sudan that if one owns a car, he/she equates him/herself to the level of an academic professor or knows everything- ooh No!

It will take a significant time for our laymen-laywomen to understand the essence of education and the imperativeness of it in public/private Offices, especially with South Sudanese para-academics.

The phenomenon endangering this institution to the current collateral damage is in itself artificial, an administrative short-comings, and human error and greediness altogether. And to agree or disagree with me on this note, the collapse is clearly justifiable if anyone has ever gone for services in recent days and when you hear of how people fight their ways for foreign training just to gain hard-currencies DSA.

And as for the battle of lucrative positions internally or externally, the deployment is a tug of war. The majority of the workforce got frustrated by Gen. Majak and arbitrary arrest of juniors by NSS which is not lawfully abated and it is a disguise of big fishes in the shallow water.

The Inferiority and superiority complexes in between them are experiencing no end despite the earlier community intervention. So views and plans to take directorate to another level have remained contrary and conflict over the last one year or so and this has brought down the DNPI into its final knees.

By the end of 2017 towards 2018 if no change is exerted, would be second to another technical government institution collapsing after South Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission whose name has gone AWOL and rare to hear the mention of it publically. It was affected by the same fate of malfunctioning.

The department of ICT which is the core mechanism of the directorate’s survival stands on one leg and might not reach the midst of 2018 alive. The author is an opinion writer and an independent system researcher ariechemmanuel2015@gmail.com.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from, plus a concise biography of yourself.

  1. Marial Mading says:

    I lost a relative who was suffering from hepatitis B due to travel to Cairo but three weeks of no working system and died monday this week.


  2. Marial Mading says:

    Western lake State lost 150 people fews days ago and does deserve another likes of Matur Chuut Dhuol. We in Lakes State know who can control us from these revenge killings but the president is not willing to listen to our calls.


  3. Makoi Gabriel says:

    Western lake State lost 150 people fews days ago and does deserve another likes of Matur Chuut Dhuol. We in Lakes State know who can control us from these revenge killings but the president is not willing to listen to our calls.


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