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By Mabil Manyok Nhial, Gweru, Zimbabwe

students' union in Uganda

Student Union’s Executives with Patron Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, the of Minister of Petroleum and Mining

January 12, 2018 (SSB) — Every South Sudanese student was thrown in a tightly woven wave of disquietude when it was first aired out that all South Sudanese students studying in Zimbabwe would be taken back to South Sudan.

This came out after some students from National University of Science and Technology shut down the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Harare. These students have been suffering in silence as there has never been anything given to them for their upkeep.

As time drifted by, there was uneasiness as some worrisome apprehensions of what was being discussed by the Council of Ministers, filled the air. Hearing such as going back after wasting a good number of three years without getting anything was so tantalizing. Everyone strained his/her ears to hear any good tidings from the meeting in Juba.


For Immediate Release

James Kueth Chol, commissioner of Jekou

James Kueth Chol, commissioner of Jekou

January 12, 2018 (SSB) — Today 12 January 2018, I abandoned Riek Machar and his negative forces and joined the legitimate SPLM/SPLA-IO under the leadership of His Excellency General Taban Deng Gai, First Vice President, Chairman and Commander in Chief of the SPLM/SPLA (IO).

We have suffered for too long under visionless, confused and disorganized Riek Machar and his negative forces. Enough is enough! We cannot be fighting an endless bloody war that only killed and displaced our people in 1991, 2013 and 2016, the Nuer people in particular and South Sudanese in general, and destroyed their properties because Riek Machar wants to be President or First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan.