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By Adol Akuei, Eldoret, Kenya

Adol Akuei

Adol Akuei

There comes a voice from the distant faraway hills,

From the serene silence of abandoned mountain grills,

A voice of thunder,

A voice of abundance,

A voice of fruitfulness,

A voice of success;

Besides, before the voice become intensified,

Something white like a snow appeareth,

Before him;

It had an old, white and grey hair,

Had a long unshaved beard like that of a He-goat,

Had a wrinkled face with eyes deep in their sockets,

Had a number of dental formulas missing in the buccal cavity;

As he stood aghast,

Transfixed on the ground,

In the silence cemetery of Kumasi;

An unknown creature that appeared, moved stealthily to the very spot he was standing upright,

The eyes of that “anonymous creature” were dazzling like a gold exposed to the bright sunlight,

The creature has skin only on the head,

With all the structures and organs well-structured like that of a “living human being”,

The limbs were just skeletons!

Just skeletons!

What a funny creature which is incomplete!

Should be a Lucifer!

Before he could uttered out any syllable,

Before the grotesque sight in front of him;

(A song from an anonymous singer came from another direction beyond his spot)


“That is your father,

Do not run away,

Do not fear

Do not stumble in agony,

For you’re standing on the Holy ground,

In presence of your long deceased earthly dad,

Who has heard your cries for a very long period of time,

And toils on the life issues,

You were born to fight,

Stand still and face him,

And listen to him with all your wits!”

(The sound siren of the song that was sung by an anonymous creature in the deserted cemetery of Kumasi went down instantly and finally disappeared.)

After the song descended,

He stood still,

Mastering courage,

But has all his nerves broken loose!

Like a thunder,

Another voice called out,

Much more; about his whereabouts,

Clear like a white crystal of a broken glass,

(Here goes the voice of hope from a second an anonymous person to him, a confused soul, transfixed and perturbed on the graveyard that seemed to have opened up and splashed out a hell-bound miracle)

“You boy,

You were born to fight,

Take to yourself less grief,

For the bright light that has shone on you is of a new dawn,

Do not question yourself much,

You were wonderfully and fearfully made,

To face the bivouac of life,

With your strife;

(Again went was the voice, followed by a severe silence and again, with a rattling force, the anonymous creature opened up, with the skeletons of the limbs shining and eyes shining too in the darkest night like car indicators. The creature then cocked his voice and spoke out 😉


“That is my son,

He has this one last dream to fulfill,

To be a successful man who is ready to impact change on life and in the society as I once did,

With the heart of humanity,

Is the dream left for him to ponder over,

And fortune will follow him,

All days of his life to fulfill this task he is left to do!”

(He recognized the voice which was his dad’s, who had just woke him up from his deep sleep, walked him to the graveyard and get a lecture from his father in a sleep at the cemetery of Kumasi.)

The voice continued;

“This my son, with whom I am pleased,

Look at him,

He stands tall,

He stands proud though beaten by life,

In a foreign country,

Among the foreign crowd,

Searching for manna to fulfill his one last dream.


You were born to fight;

You left your mother and siblings,

You left your mother-land,

To fight for the rights, obligations and dreams not achieved in our clan,

A new land you’ll roam,

Fight a good fight, son.


You agreed to sacrifice yourself dearly,

For your country and your God,

All that you know,

With barely a nod,

Just barely a nod,

Fight a good fight, son.


You withstood the scorching heat from the hot sun,

Death and despair,

So that others may carry on,

With a little care,

Fight a good fight, son.


Your days are long,

Your responsibilities many,

But when asked what you need,

Say “I don’t need any”,

And you’ll be good; to,

Fight a good fight, son.

(He came closer to his son who was standing right in front of him and with his voice lowering and becoming more empathetic, his shining eyes slowly diminishing and his shining skeletons lessening up, he spoke out these words to him.)



When all the doors shut in your face,

Have faith and continue to praise and press on,

For you may not know when your cup of suffering will end,


When you can’t bear the thought of

Yesterday and dread tomorrow,

Carry on with the amazing grace.


If you’re the last man running the race,

Don’t look back or slow your pace,

Run swift like that eagle on the sky if you’re to be trace,


Keep moving forward and forward,

Disregard the pain and arches and agony of the past toward,

Your one last dream!


I know life is difficult,

With many demons to chase away,

But cling on to your God for strength and prosperity, not human beings who can easily sway!


The world has become a bitter place,

Don’t become disgraced.


When life pushes you face down,

Rise up and pray,

The judge is upstairs keeping track,

Of what you’re carrying on your slate.


Live life in peace,

But not in pieces,

And consume no hate; in any humanity of late.


Get up,

From your desperate bed of sorrows,

And climb up your ladder of success,

With courage,

To fulfill your,

One last dream!

Remember that,

You were born-to-fight,

Born to fight, son”.

(As he stretched out his hands to pick up the skeleton hands of his long deceased dad, he fell down with a thud as a big lump of mucus fell on his forehead from the skeleton sight of his dad in front of him.)



There fell a “big lump of mucus”,

(The grotesque sight of his dad disappeared immediately the big lump of mucus fell on his forehead and after a couple of minutes; a song came in a different voice that enlightened him.)


“From now and forever,

You will become a mustard seed,

From now and forever,

You will become the voice of voiceless,

From now and forever,

You will become an epitome of decorum in your family hood,

From now and forever,

You will pass with ease, life examinations and no dust shall get into your eyes,

Today is the hallmark of your life,

Get wisdom!

Get wisdom!

Get success!

Get success!

Today is the hallmark of your life,

Serve wholeheartedly!

Serve wholeheartedly!

Realize your one last dream!

Realize your one last dream!”

(And as the song ends there, simultaneously, he was woken up out of his bed from his deep sleep by the loud ringing tone of his phone that had rung 😉

It goes,

“God will make a way,

Where there seems to be no way,

He works in a way,

We cannot see,

He will make a way for me,

He will be my guide….”


(He uttered out these words out of confusion from the sleep, call it dream, before he pick up the phone call in the early and chilly morning 😉


“Surely God will make a way,

On my way,

To fulfill,

My one last dream!”

(A new 2018 draft of my writings)

(ADOL AKUEI, the author of the above poem is a student at Moi University, College of health sciences, school of medicine, Eldoret, Kenya. He is the current secretary general of the Moi University South Sudanese Students Association, (MUSSSA). He was the former vice chairman of the Greater Bor South Sudanese Association in Bungoma, Kenya. He is the author of the poem “Pangs of Sorrow” published at African World Books website. He is a motivational speaker and a student counselor. You can reach out unto him through his email;

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article, commentary or news analysis, please email it to PaanLuel Wël website (SSB) do reserve the right to edit or reject material before publication. Please include your full name, a short biography, email address, city and the country you are writing from.

  1. Adol it’s encouraging…..2018 is a”birth” year… All the “pregnancy” received in 2017,are going to be bored….


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