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By Sunday de John, Yirol, South Sudan



Governor Bor Wutchok with Gen. Paul Malong in Yirol, Eastern Lake state


January 29, 2018 (SSB) — Dear my immediate ex-governor, despite the fact that I have been stopped by my brothers not to actively participate in writing until later dates, I can’t withhold penning something as you exit Eastern Lakes state and so my apologies to them.

Dear Sir, when you were appointed, I was in Kampala, Uganda. While there, I wrote a short piece in this same space expressing my gratitude and a few words of advice to you. The key words in my then piece were, “murder no one, loot no one” and listen to all before you decide. Exactly you responded to my few words in a manner devoid of arrogance.

Indeed, you are a listener, am proud of you. I don’t regret having supported you for these bountiful virtues and hence I will always support you. You have no victim. You only have happy subjects. You have looted nobody, you were not establishing a monolithic kingdom. You served with revered respect for all. You are not an oppressor and you dictated nobody.


By Deng Akok Muoradid, Juba, South Sudan

tribalism in rss

January 29, 2018 (SSB) — The suffering of my fellow youth in the hand of an impudent commissioner Mr. Santino Amuol Majok has compelled me to write this article in order to enlighten the national government on his unconstitutional and inhumane activities in Turalei County, Twic State.

The unfolding clashes and misunderstanding between the commissioner and youth was instigated by the commissioner’s interference in the youth affairs. It would be better for me to arrange all the events that triggered the misunderstanding into their proper context in order for my readers to understand how the commissioner Hon. Santino Amuol Majok incited the violence.

It was in November 2017, when the high executive body of Amuol Youth Association was requested by the state youth electoral committee to nominate 7 representatives who would go to participate in the state youth elections at Mayen Abun.In response to the request, the chairman of Amuol Youth Association in Turalei Hon. Madhieu Mathiang called for an urgent meeting so as to collect the views of the general assembly on whether they would appoint the 7 representatives to the state youth elections.