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By the southern Sudanese communist leader, Joseph Garang

Joseph Garang

The southern Sudanese communist leader, Joseph Garang


February 19, 2018 (SSB) — This pamphlet was written in 1961 and present the development of the views of the author up to that time. It appeared as a series of the articles in the underground paper, the Southern, which was then being published by a number of southern communities. The object was to offer to the Southern people an alternative course of action leading to the solution of their problems. In other words a tactical line of alliance with the Northern democratic movement against imperialism and for progress.

It is clear that many points did not receive sufficient treatment. South-North relations in the past still requires a thorough examination including the exact extent of the exploitation of the Southern people by Northern merchants. Owing to difficulties caused by police persecution at that time, the author was unable to complete the pamphlet and so the question on page 14, namely the Communist view as to the solution of the Southern problem, could not answered. It was only after October 1964 that the author was able to put out in greater details his views on regional autonomy. These appeared in Advance newspaper early 1965.

The author believes that the course of events since 1961 has confirmed the correctness of the tactical line suggested. Regional Autonomy is now official policy. It remains for all talented Sudanese to examine the solution in a creative way and suggest methods of practical execution in a creative way and suggest methods of practical execution. Despite all the short-comings in the pamphlet, the author believes that it should be published as a historical document without any alterations.


By Philip Thon Aleu, Juba, South Sudan

food poisoning in Bor1food poisoning in Bor2


By Apioth Mayom Apioth, North Dakota, USA



February 19, 2018 (SSB) — The opposition representatives and the majority of South Sudanese populace want Kiir and his deputies to pack up and leave the leadership mantle once and for good. There is no denying the evidently-seen crisis that is commonplace all over the country. Millions of South Sudanese have been reported to be food insecure for the second year in a row. Another two million people are taking refuge in our neighboring countries. It is only two percent that receives tape water in the capital Juba. The only remarkable road in the land is the Juba – Nimule Highway. What Salva Kiir has been great at for the past twelve years is to issue decrees week in and week out without presenting any factual rational to back up for why he sacked Mr. or Mrs. so and so.

In the just-concluded second round of the Revitalization Forum, IGAD proposed a 36-month transition period for both the government and opposition to iron things out and form one unity government. Even though we have seen numerous shortcomings of Kiir and his entourage, we would be better off for him to lead us to the next phase of governmental formation. The three-year transitional period would give us a window of opportunity to see who is better suited for the top seat in the land comes election time. None of this progression could happen without a lenient thinking on Kiir’s part.


A timely piece of advice from a war hero to his son 

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By Chol Michael Maker, Juba, South Sudan


Chiefs Michael Maker Deng (tall one behind) with his fellow Bor County chiefs posing for a picture at Freedom Hotel in Bor, 8 April 2016, after intra-communal Peace conference in Bor picture by Mach Samuel Peter

February 19, 2018 (SSB) — this is a timely piece of pieces of advice offered by a war veteran, Gen. Chol Michael Maker, to his son.

Listen to me son and take my advice wholeheartedly,
Look straight into my eyes lest you miss a point and answer every question handsomely,
Lie to me not son for I am your father who raised you singlehandedly.

You have to learn son that word patriotism is not mentioned in the Bible,
Yell and scream son, but betrayal is what you always get abundantly,

Youth that my life was robbed of and all I gained is regret painfully,
Years have gone by and I have no qualms with he who lynched me spiritually.


By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

Makwei and Lam

Information Minister Michael Makwei Lueth, being chatty with opposition leader, Lam Akol Ajawin, a the Adis Ababa Revitalization Forum

February 19, 2018 (SSB) — Hon. Minister Michael Makuei the Minister of Information, Communication Technology and Postal Services in his Ministerial Order of 30/01/2018 directed to Telecom Operators has illustrated what an Independent nation can go for in search of systematic functioning and progress.

From the condominium rule to the Independent of Sudan in 1956, many agreements, contracts, and treaties have been signed some implemented and others not.

Southern Sudan as it was previously known until the Independent have gone through many evolutionary phases from Southern Sudan during the condominium era to Southern region during the Khartoum various regimes, Southern Sudan/ New Sudan during the SPLM/A bush wars to Southern Sudan after the 2005 CPA and finally to the Republic of South Sudan after the Independent of July 9, 2011.


I will always be there for YOU!!!!

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By Benjamin Guarken Chiman, Juba, South Sudan

For you, I will be!

Though you continue killing yourselves,

Though you continue to hate yourselves,

Though you badly betray yourselves and bruise yourselves,

Though you deadly divide yourselves, based on tribal sentiment, I will always be there!


For you I will be!

I will be there for you,

Though you have filled my face with your blood,

Though you have misused my resources for you,

I will be there for you though you kill yourselves, I am your mother.