South Sudan: We cannot blame others for our failures

Posted: February 28, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

We cannot blame others for our failure: The solution lies in our hands and at our own disposal

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Wunkuel, South Sudan

“It is only when a mosquito landed on your testicles you realize there is always a way to solve problem without violence –Lao Tzu, the Great Chinese thinker” So you can slap other parts but not the testicles!

February 28, 2018 (SSB) — The great thinkers who superhumanly predicted the on-going political blundering and its divined panacea, were initially branded as barking dogs by the scoopers from national coffers who lavishly lashed out and confessed that they have combated hunger with Kim Jong Un intercontinental ballistic missiles and will have no financial problems for generations. Now there is no even pistol bullets to shot the rockets resistant hunger.

The audience heard it with disbelieve and that was in 2014, however, some of those inner circles braggers have now become frustrated drunkards, frequent ritual performers and turned to political bickering of more self-esteemed than the general atmosphere. To them, the former US President Obama was better compared this “America first” President Donald J.Trump.

Nobody talks about China in the recent hyper-inflated economy because their Yuan is not operational in our hotel receptions, restaurants, bars, and rooms. Yuan size is unfit for our wallets and its colour notwithstanding. The e-conman is booming in Juba and anyone in disgruntled category does not need a rocket science interpretation to understand the jargon of dishonesty and delinquency. I need POUNDS-DOLLARS, so to you Mr. X and Y, not China RICE!

The 2018 is a year of peace, elections in our January clamorous claims but a catastrophic year worth praying for -both South Sudan and DRC declared by Pope Francis in February 23rd. And may be, it could be a year of Pope’s visit to South Sudan after his anticipated clergy visit got apparently adjourned in 2017 despite his arrival to Egypt and Uganda.

Our Syrian-like wielding men and Mexican tycoons in juba have bitterly condemned the resignation of Ethiopian Prime Minister- Hailemariam Desalegn as being coward but to Desalegn himself, holding on to a deplorable political uprising not his top choice. Some of his Juba Nationals hailed him as a true son who loves them and quitted the office to spare life.

When a kindhearted driver Juba lifted a collapsing mother with her only son for unclear cause, she and her son were later prescribed as hungry and not healthily sick in anyway by the doctor. As soon as they were injected with energy giving drifts, the doctor in the hospital discharged them with recovery advice to eat enough food. So hunger is the most painful instinct in human living.

As the story surfaced, thirsty-hungry soldier captured in the battle pleaded to his enemies that let them give him water and food first to drink and eat before killing him. And when the captive was given, he drank, ate and drank, thanked his food providers and signaled them to determine his fate. His enemies decided to spare his life.

So here u can contrast this agony with others and its stern natural severity for behavioral change! This author believes in portions forming a mass not a mass petitioning into particles! We are really good citizens as acknowledged by the whole world! Be consoled and join Pope Francis in prayers! Stay tuned to our latest rhetoric.  “Water is the softest substance yet the hardest to resistLao Tzu”.

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