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R.I.P Gen. Andrew Makur Thou: The Revolutionary Freedom Fighter of Anyanya One War of Liberation

Greater Yirol Youth Union


March 13, 2018 (SSB) — We received with deepest shock the departure of our capable man Gen. Makur Thou, which occurred early this morning in Khartoum, Sudan.

Gen. Makur was a dedicated Freedom Fighter and a proud son of Yirol who was there from the beginning of struggle and was amongst the few liberators God blessed to witness the birth of our new nation.

The Greater Yirol Youth Union -Kenya Chapter wishes to express its deepest sympathies to the family, the people of Yirol, and South Sudan at large for this devastating lost.

A hero and liberator, his massive contributions to the attainment of Independence will not be forgotten in the history of our country.

Makur was a nationalist and peace lover; the best way for South Sudanese to mourn the demise of a hero of his caliber is to embrace peace and unity among ourselves.

May our condolences bring comfort and ease pains for the family at this time of grief.

Sincerely yours

Makoi Majak,

Acting Chairperson and

Sec. General.


By Atem Yaak Atem, Sydney, Australia

Pioocku Thuongjang

Pioocku Thuongjang: The Elementary Modern Standard Dinka (May 2011), by Makwei Mabioor Deng (Author)

March 13, 2018 (SSB) — I have one of my precious collections, a copy of the manual- in Dinka language- for use by the congregation of what used to be Anglican Church in Sudan, later to become Episcopal Church of the Sudan after the enthronement in 1976 of its first native archbishop, the Right Rev Elanana Ngalamu.

The book which is the subject of this article carries the title: KITAP DE DUƆR. First, let me present the physical outlook of this antique kind of a book. It is a pocket size hardcover 327-page book. The white lettering is within two rectangular and concentric boxes on a rose background. The spine is broken. It was in recent days when my wife- who has realised the importance of the item- that she reattached the broken part with a glue that the book now looks more useable.

It’s first two pages and corners are not as elegant as they used to be during their youthful days; they have become an eyesore with yellow smudges. That the book has passed through several hands or overused by its first and last owner (I got this book in 2012 from a member of the Emmanuel Jiëëng Parish Church, Juba.  I have since forgotten how I came to be the owner of this treasure, only that I recall, a few if any, saw any value in what appeared to be a junk).

The title deserves a brief, if a passing, comment. Kitap de Duɔr in Dinka1 means Worship book, “kitap” being a loan Arabic word for kitaab or book and “duɔr” is Dinka for “worship”. The loan word should have been the Dinka possessive “kitam de” or “the book of” while “duɔr” is Dinka for worship. Again, something here is not right with the spelling of this word which should have a long /ɔɔ/ instead of short /ɔ/. Since the book is a product of the days before the marking of “breathy vowels” had been introduced by Summer Institute of Linguistics, SIL, in late 1970s- an orthography that helps the reader with pronunciation and meaning- today Dinka word for “worship” is written “duɔ̈ɔ̈r”.


Governor Philip Agwer appoints two women ministers in Jonglei state

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