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Duplicitous Duality: Policies That Have Hampered South Sudan’s Transition to Statehood

By Peter Adwok Nyaba, Nairobi, Kenya

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March 24, 2018 (SSB) — I define socio-political duplicity as the attitudes, behaviours and psychological syndromes that emerge from severe conditions of power asymmetry, which play out in political chicanery, backtracking on promises, political exclusion, economic marginalisation and social discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, language or gender, as well as in inferiority and superiority complexes. The socio-political duplicity of the South Sudanese political elite plays out these days as a dichotomised identity that underpins South Sudan’s traumatising predicament.

The Republic of South Sudan became independent, or seceded from the rest of the Sudan, in July 2011 after nearly two centuries of common problematic history. To bring the reader to the same level of understanding, it is imperative to shed some light on the history of the Sudan, which started with the Turco-Egyptian invasion and occupation of northern Sudan in 1821. The Turco-Egyptian state in the Sudan, popularly known as Turkiya, thrived on extraction and plunder of its natural resources, such as gold, elephant tusks, ebony, ostrich feathers and African slaves drawn mainly from southern, central and western Sudan.

The regime was very corrupt and oppressive to both Muslims and non-Muslims. This provoked and united the Sudanese across racial and ethnic lines in a nationalist revolution led by a Muslim cleric called Mohammed Ahmed el Mahdi. This revolution started at Abba Island on the Nile south of Khartoum in 1881 and garnered support from parts of the Sudan, especially Kordofan, Dar Fur, Upper Nile and northern Bahr el Ghazal in the south. The Mahdist forces captured Khartoum in 1885.


By Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda

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March 24, 2018 (SSB) — It has been a while without having written something in respect to social evils in our society.  This is because I have been engaged in an activity that demands a lot of concentration and attention.

However, it has reached a point where it has become necessary to write something about the activities of VSF Germany in Gok State. VSF Germany is an International German Organization that promotes a holistic approach, integrating human, animal and environmental health, and pursues humanitarian, development, scientific, educational and advocacy objectives. VSF Germany believes that healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy environment are essential for a prosperous future for all of us. In order to promote its objectives, VSF Germany has offices in various countries in the world and in Africa in Particular.

Thus, VSF Germany is currently present in Eastern and Horn of Africa. Its regional office is in Nairobi and field offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. Its present in these countries is with purpose. The purpose of VSF Germany is to support pastoralist communities in developing their main source of food and income through animal health and livestock production, which explains the main reason for VSF Germany being currently in Gok State.


By Simon Yel Yel, Kampala, Uganda

Mayen Wol Jong

Mayen Wol Jong, former chief administrator in the office of the president who was sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly using the seal of the president to steal millions of dollars from Central bank, with other accomplices

March 24, 2018 (SSB) — If the emergence of Hon. Mayen Wol Jong from within the President’s inner circle immediately after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement has taught us anything, it is that President Kiir chooses people who can do work expeditiously and efficaciously irrespective of their blood relation with him, where they hail from, and whether they were or not in the bush with him during the liberation days.

His emergence and climb to the inner circles of the Presidential Palace has been unique, however it is only matched by the collimate emergence of Dr. Riek Gai Kok. As somebody born into unschooled family but went for Laws at the prestigious Sudanese University of Khartoum and who has no blood relations with the President, didn’t join the SPLA, it’s difficult to infer how he sailed to the top as one of the most trusted administrative aide-de-camp of the President.

Such a climb would only be inferred as a trending madness of a workaholic. Indeed, his passion for work, competency clad with administrative skills for a strong and synergistic work output are apparent desired traits and thus had propelled and won him the President’s firm trust. He is a committed personality who judiciously aspires for excellence and especially on matters pertaining nation building.


The Generation Too Deprived to Reason for Their Own Good: The case of the “Seed of Nation, Terap, Jesh el Hamer of the [South] Sudan”

By Reuben G. Panchol, Juba, South Sudan

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March 24, 2018 (SSB) — Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt. Please, chillax and enjoy the ride and don’t forget to leave your comments at end of this piece, after reading it thoroughly; not only by scanning through it, Thanks.

The objective of the article is to wake up my fellow Seeds of the Nation to think critically about the salvation of South Sudan’s innocent children and mothers who are displaced from their homes and are now living in displaced camps inside South Sudan or in neighboring countries as refugees.  Just take a minute and reflect to our olden days! If it pains you like it does me as well, then it is time to think strategically on how to save and shape the image of the South Sudan around globe. Wake up!  Gone are the days when we used to burry our agemates in solidarity.

A doom or failed nation is a nation where young generation are being deceived and misled; South Sudan is no exception. Therefore, it is up to young leaders and followers to open their eyes and avoid a trap set forth by those few egocentric elites, who have copied and pasted a system which they had fought against for last 60 years. It is right time to find a sea to chase them (those elites) into! whether they are in J1 or in the bush/foreign lands; they all deserve a sea (courtesy of Dr. John G. Mabior – RIP). Wake up! Gone are the days when we were forced by some of those elites to erect their fences and fetch water for them in the hot equatorial sun.