The True “Lazarus” are the Children of South Sudan in the Refugee and IDP Camps

Posted: March 26, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Malith Alier

By Malith Alier, Perth, Western Australia

constructive discurse

March 26, 2018 (SSB) — The two writings by Gordon Buay and Simon Yel in defence of Hon. Mayen Wol Jong, the former Chief Administrator (CA) in the Office of the President (OP) which appeared on sudantribune and panluelwel on March 21 and 24 respectively should not go unchallenged.

One regrets that Gordon Buay, a secretary made Charge de’Affaires for South Sudan embassy in Washington would put too much energy in Juba affairs in expense of his duties in the USA. The Trump administration has recently ramped up sanctions on the regime in the presence of the learnt ambassador.

The circumstances under which Mayen and the Kenyans were released have not been made clear as cited by both authors of the said articles. John Agou continues to languish in jail for unknown cause after the emancipation of the co-accused. This seemed to have escaped the conscience of the supporters of Mayen.

Both writers are trying to feed the country with the cow poo that the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court acquitted Mayen in November 2017 (reappointed 4 months later) and therefore, should be rewarded for honesty or for not suing the government for wrongful detention.

The Deputy Chief Justice acquittal of Mayen for your information is a “secret intervention” by the forces currently ruining the country politically, economically and socially. It cannot escape our attention that because of the determination and expediency by those forces, the case was fast tracked from High Court to the Supreme Court. A case decided in the High Court cannot jump over the Court of Appeal because of Hierarchy. Therefore, no one should be fooled that justice has been served.

Second, John Gatwich as a judge and a former Anticorruption Commission Chairperson has no shred of credibility for us to believe in. despite being long service justice, John managed and ruined corruption eradication since his appointment. In effect, no single corruption charge instituted against anyone despite graft being a norm rather than exception in the country. Cases of graft are abounding and I do not wish to cite them.

The case against Mayen was a very strong one because money laundry was not just a once in a blue moon affair in the OP. The safe where he kept hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese Pounds along with US Dollars was broken in and then the insatiable syndicate went all the way to the country’s central bank in disguise of the president. This saga should have not happened over several months in the squintful eyes of the chief administrator.

The only defence Mayen is entitled to make is the Alzheimer’s or insanity. If Mayen is not guilty legally he is guilty administratively and this is how shallow our thinking as South Sudanese is.

What were the duties of Chief Administrator in the OP? I believe taking care of resources is among his duties. The (CA) regularly signs cheques as confided by one of his aides.
It also appears dumb to accept that Mayen is a lawyer. Being a lawyer, the four corners rule should have been applied on Mayen and as such it is inconceivable that he escapes to resurrect before our naked eyes back to his throne!

Mayen should not claim Lazarus’s state because he had never been in such a state. He is a rich man who tormented, mistreated and stole from the people of the South Sudan who are the true Lazarus.

The new appointment has come to pass thanks to our cyclical system. I leave you with Sudd Institute Agustino Ting Mayai’s view that the appointment of Mayen Wol Jong as Undersecretary in the Petroleum Ministry is a “terrible case of public expectation management.”

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