Why the Government Shutdown Vivacell Mobile Operator

Posted: March 28, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Reposted from The Bell: Vivacell shutdown: Reasons!


According to NCA, Vivacell was shut down because it refused to comply with the National communication Act, 2012 which stipulated that all the telecom operators must obtain a new operating license from the Government of the Republic of South Sudan.

Secondly, Vivacell is currently operating with the license of the Network of the World (NOW) which belongs to SPLM on the condition that they will pay SPLM 7.5 M USD in 2007 and SPLM will have 25 percent shares. Vivacell paid 0nly 1.5 M USD while the SPLM fulfilled its obligations by giving them free land and exemptions for 10 years.

Now the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services is trying to implement the National Communication Act, 2012.

To cut the story short. Vivacell is refusing to run its international voice traffic through the Government’s International Gateway where the Government would be monitoring all the voice traffics passing through the Gateway and be able to collect its share of revenue directly without asking Vivacell…

Vivacell is also refusing to pay SPLM its balance of 6 M. USD and register to obtain the new operating license according to the law. So the Government is losing 66 M. USD for the operating license that should be paid once + 2 million minutes × 0.34 cents × 12 =7.2 M USD.( for the voice traffics annually) + 6 M for the SPLM license + 25 percent shares.

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