Why Gok State Information Minister is a Threat to the vision of Governor Madhang

Posted: March 29, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Awet Maker, Junub Sudan

Ministry for information in Gok State will one day paralyzed the political vision of H.E. Madhang Majok Men

By Awet Benjamin Maker, Nanjing, China

28 governors swearing in ceremony in Juba

The swearing-in ceremony of 28 governors in Juba, South Sudan, 29 Dec 2015

March 29, 2018 (SSB) — It has come to my attention on several notices that this is the third time in third reshuffling in the cabinet of governor Madhang Majok Men he is giving the information seat to people of Abiriu County. Any honest person would wonder about his recycling mechanism whether it’s difficult in other eight counties for our able governor to find someone who can perfect this job rather than those of Abiriu community beats my understanding. Or is it just a move aimed at draining of his recent dug lagoons, protecting and maintaining his political vapor off from exposure to the public or is it either dwsmisat designed for this particular county in his regime I still cannot figure out the substance in it.

Ministry for information is one of the finest branch of any cabinet which is the headquarters of government secrecy and media affiliation that is not bad for this county to be honored with it trusted productive management but is rather not healthy politically to switched the seat between people of the same county for it might be posed a huge conspiracy and wrangles between them. I’m writing about it because the government seems to be lacking strategies in the formation of the cabinet.

Since HE. Madhang Majok became the governor, on his first formation, he gave this ministry to Hon. John Madol Panther, a few months later he brought in D/G Abraham Mayek Panther the same from Abiriu that should’ve not gone the same way in my opinion due to accountability and transparency in the ministry, DG should’ve come from another county. He made reshuffling and sacked John Madol Panther and brought in Hon. Malek Machut Padai. A few months again later, he brought in Moses Malok Mabeny as a D/G and sacked Abraham Mayek Panther.

Surprisingly, yesterday I heard of new ministers appointed with a second chance given to Hon. John Madol Panther retaining his former office but am yet to know the fate of D/G in shaking since that is how the office has been rotated despite the increment and expansion of ministries which is hoped by the people of Abiriu county to get a new post rather than the usual ministry.

Ironically, one would agree with my writing that, a lot has been said & many of dissatisfaction has been witnessed when the boss sacked this two ministers in this post which created political loopholes. None of them left the office in good faith with the governor. One naked thing which is certain in politics though am not one of them is that trust and loyalty quickly shifted once you’re removed in bad faith.

On top of that, trust and relationship are also built the base on mutual understanding and respect for one another which wasn’t the case here. Our two ministers served terrible weather in prison cell when they left this office that belittled their political reputations. It’s was inappropriate for the governor to give back this position to the same county if he had at all seen disloyalty which led to their humiliation to that extent.

I believe there are other capable politicians in other counties who can also manage this position better than Abiriu sons, hence governor should know that the seat should be rotational, not stationary and that Abiriu county is blessed with number of technocrats and professionals among others destined to serve in other seats than the usual old-fashioned of information ministry.

Sometimes, “things which are not said are things which divide us” and not all your loyal friends or those whom you think love you more will tell you the truth, but he who read and write base on the feelings others might be said the truth. I believe in fearlessness and openness when things are not going right even if it means giving or nodding the right that belongs to my enemy, I will let justice and tranquility take its course.

I have to be honest with you that the information ministry has become monotonous and doing more harms than good in our social relations as a county. Not only that, it is slowly laying your political spots or ambush in the heart of this community. You cannot be denied this natural fact that “giving the same food to a child is not only a denial to his/her diet but also will be caused him the loss of appetite in your dishes”.

I know that you are a very good man your excellency’ giving our recent engagement on some concerns of Gok State development issues, I came to confession that you are ambitious leader who would want to be democrat and fair enough in your governance and decision making intertwined on social-economic and political equality irrespective of our gender affiliation and community backgrounds, unfortunately little did I know that some ragtag politicians or advisers around you are playing a rattling game on your ears. They’re not projecting your political compass in the right direction equated with future.

I have to tell you that I don’t believe in this saying “what is mean to be, will be” instead, it should be “what you want to be, will be” never allow people around you to inject hatred of others base on their feelings to your political vision. Scientifically, from Newton’s 3rd law which said that for “every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction” there is a growing reaction of distrust base on your actions in relation to people of Abiriu and the way you talk about them in meetings according to sources of my hearing.

have to dispute from you that meeting such a weak or vision-less politicians in the area don’t necessarily equates them or branded the whole community of incompetence or incapable to display their vast knowledge and skills in another part of the state cabinet. Never allow those that I know very well to behave like Hon. Telar Ring Deng those days around our president Kiir with intentions of acting his political vengeance to his foe which landed us in this severely felt crisis the nation is facing now. If you’re not careful and flexible enough, they’ll ultimately be drawn you into political deadlock in some communities of Gok State.

I will conclude my article by congratulating the newly appointed ministers and wish them good luck in their endeavors to help you in achieving peace and development in our beloved state. May God bless you all!!

The writer can be reached through Email: <awetbenjamin.maker@yahoo.com>

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