1st Lt. Lual Akeen Akeen: An Open Letter to the President, Gen Salva Kiir Mayaardit

Posted: April 4, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in History, Junub Sudan, Letters

An Open Letter to the President of the Republic of South Sudan, His Excellency General Salva Kiir Mayardit

By 1st LT Lual Akeen Akeen, Nairobi, Kenya


April 4, 2018 (SSB) —- Mr. President, we were engaged and working for the liberation of South Sudan, some of us for decades, as soldiers in the SPLA. Today, however, we are deeply worried about the current state of affairs in South Sudan. We are worried of the lack of credible progress for the future.

The cost of the war is now beyond the words but there seems to be no change as things keep on deteriorating every hour. This situation is not sustainable in the long run. In addition, human sufferings and loss of life is increasing all the times. Over fifty thousand citizens have died since the beginning of the war. Soldiers who sacrificed their lives to defend your post are not considered once they are gone.

However, what appears to be clear despite the suffering of the people is the fact that some of those who are tasked with keeping the security of the people of South Sudan are using the power to achieve their own personal political goals. To be specific, I am talking of the National Security (ISB)and its Director General, Akol Koor.

Mr. President, the security crisis of the so-called “unknown gunmen” you always hear of and visibly see its effect today around you, is organized by Gen Akol Koor. Akol Koor has political interests or ambition beyond the call of National Security. It is for this reason that Akol Koor is targeting every strong person in the government whom he perceives to be a potential candidate for leadership in the SPLM and South Sudan in general.

Mr. President, General Malong was targeted by Akol Koor because of this very reason. Therefore, I am writing this open letter to you to highlight the following issues. You need to address them before things get out of your hand. The things that need your attention and solution are:

First of all, Mr. President, you have allowed Akol Koor to misuse the National Security (ISB)for his personal benefits. Consequently, he is misusing national security selfishly and he ended up dismantling the Unity of the Dinka that you have been relying on to survive in power.

In fact, due to the misuse of the National Security, Akol Koor has forced many Dinka people he believes to be supporters of Malong into the Bush or into exile. He has done this by forming the unknown gunmen units which have now killed more than one hundred citizens, mostly Dinka people. Why are you allowing Akol Koor to run a parallel government without accountability?

Paul Malong Awan

King Paul Malong Awan with 1st Lt. Lual Akeen Akeen

Second, Mr. President, after successfully portraying General Malong as a rebel against the Government, Gen Akol Koor is now targeting all the supporters of General Malong and those who are opposing him throughout the country using Unknown Gunmen Units. Akol Kor has formed this organization to target the people that he views to be against him and supporters of General Malong. They are being killed at the pleasure of Akol Koor, and some are being imprisoned without being subjected to due process while others are being tortured in prisons throughout the country.

Third, Mr. President, to make matters worse, Akol Koor and your private secretary, Mr. Bona Gong are feeding you with lies. He does not tell you the truth. He just intends these lies as a way of covering up his crimes against the people of South Sudan and Dinka people in particular.

In actual sense Mr. President, Akol Koor has made up the whole thing against General Malong by writing a report that General Malong has rebelled against the government yet it is not in the programme of General Malong to rebel against you. After successfully persuading you that Malong has rebelled, he is now using that pretext to deal with the supporters of General Malong without accountability.

The questions that I need you to reflect on are the following: do you think General Malong is a rebel? Would things be normal for you and your government if Malong were to rebel against you and your government today? As you know very well Malong is a popular General supported by a good section of South Sudanese community, what will happen if he were to rebel today? Think Mr. President!

Fourth Mr. President, all the Dinka people have been hated by other tribes because of you and now you turn your back to them by allowing Akol Koor to destroy them. This is a serious betrayal. There is a need for you to do something.

Fifth and finally Mr. President, we are being treated like criminals. My passport and those of my colleagues have been canceled while some of us are on leave. This is not fair. If you have not understood the move behind this action I must tell you that some elements who are working in National Security have personal interests and in order to achieve it, they are trying to collide you with as many people as they can to ensure that you are hated and become unpopular with the citizens. You need to do something Mr. President.

Please Mr. President, I implore you to read the above questions and think twice before relying on what Akol Koor tells you because if you continue relying on his information you will find yourself in a dangerous situation that you will be remembering with bitter memory for the rest of your life.

Mr. President, Akol Koor and your Private Secretary, Bona Gong Nyiny are the causes of all troubles facing National security and if you want to save the country and yourself you need to remove them. Otherwise, if you don’t, you will one day look back and regret by saying that “I wished I knew” which will be too late.

In summary, Mr. President, Akol Koor and your Private Secretary Bona Gong Nginy are the cause as they are the ones masterminding all the security problems facing the country and the only solution is to remove them.

Yours Respectfully,

1st LT Lual Akeen Akeen,

The former Presidential Guard to the President, Tigger Division

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